There is something called THE GREAT YEAR or it may be called the PRECESSION,  it is how long it takes the SUN or RA to move thru each Zodiac sign.  It takes about 2100 years per zodiac sign or 26000 years for the total, that would be called the Great Year.  We have been in Pisces for the LAST 2000 years which looks like a FISH which is supposed to represent Jesus,  this is why you have been waiting on this mythological creature for the last 2000 years.  We will soon be entering in the zodiac of Aquarius which is the Water Bearer,  Water represents KNOWLEDGE and NEW KNOWLEDGE is being poured onto the planet.  This new knowledge will NOT be religion,  because ALL religions  particularly the WESTERN religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been declining in converts,  this is not an accident.  Poor people in mass have been victims of this  blasphemous concept of waiting on an entity from space that will come back and make everyone feel HIGH!

Christ means consciousness,  one who has been ANOINTED!  Anointed with what?  Somebody putting some fucking Olive Oil on your forehead doesn’t make you anointed.  To come into CONSCIOUSNESS OF SELF is to be Anointed!  The Book says that we are WAITING on Christs RETURN……RETURN!  Where the fuck did he go?  He is UP THERE.  Where is UP THERE?  THINK  for a damn second….UP THERE is where Consciousness resides.  Christ has ALWAYS been UP THERE,  but not in fucking space.  DOWN THERE is where HELL is,  living and performing on a LOWER LEVEL is HELL!  But an ENEMY has told you they are ACTUAL AND LITERAL places of abode,  this is why it has been imperative that you WAIT ON CHRIST RETURN,  no goddamnit you BECOME CHRIST!

The SON is the SUN and the 12 Disciples are the 12 Zodiacs,  everything OUT THERE is in you,  AS ABOVE SO BELOW,  he has not returned because you are looking UP,  you are not even READY for his return because an enemy has made him EXTERNAL,  look within and THERE you will find him.  There is a POWER that is BEYOND the enemies bullets and armies.  Beyond the goddamn chem trails,  nuclear weapons, lead water, wicked police and the rest of his demonic work.  The evil one is going to do what he does,  this should NOT DELAY your resurrection.  The world of MIND MAGIK and the Occult { which by the way the word OCCULT only means HIDDEN,  which is what AMEN means}  the Law of Attraction,  the power of the UNSEEN,  which is the Ancestral World…..ALL are accessible to the SELF.  You can protect the Self from his weapons,  you can produce money where there is none,  you can know his plans while they are STILL IN THE CONCEPTION of his damnable mind.

All this power is WITHIN,  but you must SEEK to find how to produce it for SELF,  but you cant be fucking scared of it or you will never access it.  I have yet to introduce this SERPENT AND DRAGON,  that will be in part two.


Power to the Goddamn People!



This is part two of the rise of Ausar,  please read part one to connect both together mentally.  99% of the Black family here in North America have come up in the church,  my Christian family who may be reading this I want to show you the ancient African tie that Mary has with Auset,  the only thing is Auset pre-dates Mary by thousands of years.  So why honor the COPY when you have the ORIGINAL from your ancient family.  Whether it  is Mary or Auset,  our resurrection as men and as a NATION is directly related to and proportional to the resurrected woman.  In Christian mythology Mary{ and she was a MYTH} just like Ausar,  Mary finds Jesus laying dead on a slab,  but in the European story the woman HAS TO BE MARGINALIZED.  So when Mary gets there to see the body,  the MALE GOD has already resurrected,  he has resurrected HIMSELF without the help of Mary.  Beside the bullshit of a story,  let me show you the subtleties of the POWER of the woman.

When Mary goes to his tomb,  she goes there for the SOLE  purpose to wash his body,  put incense and oils on the body to hide his stench.  Now at the SAME time these 12 lazy niggas  who were supposed to be his closest friends and disciples are HIDING from the Romans.  When Jesus is getting crucified,  the ONLY ones at the crucifixion are the WOMEN!  When the Romans got a hold of Peter and asked him 3x do you know this man Jesus?  Peter said  ‘ I don’t know that nigga!’  Within 3 days they have all forgotten and moved the fuck on from the SON OF GOD,  but not the WOMEN!  In European mythology the MAN is the savior,  in Snow White THE WOMAN is laying on the slab waiting on the man to resurrect her.  In Cinderella,  the man is looking for the damsel in distress,  it is ALWAYS the man as the center piece.  In African mythology the Goddess Seshat is the one that gives the newly crowned pharaoh the fruit of WISDOM,  which the European demonized and changed the shit to a SNAKE beguiling Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.  It is the Goddess Nut who sustains and births RA as he moves thru the night sky of her BLACK melanated body.  The Goddess Nu in her FIRST creation is Atum, while the Biblical MALE GOD’S first creation is Adam,  which again is just plagiarized shit from a much older African story.

So just like Ausar,  WE Black men are dead and laying in a CULTURAL TOMB.  The way that WE conduct ourselves in public and on T.V. is evident that we are dead,  so we are waiting on OUR MARY to come to OUR TOMB to anoint us with oils and wash our filthy bodies.  The enemy has the Black man on a CULTURAL CROSS and we need Black  Mary to come and weep for us and take us down from our cross.  Sisters the European has us on a Cold Cultural Slab like Ausar and we are UNABLE to REMEMBER our loss mental faculties that have been cut up into pieces.  So Black woman turn yourself into a BIRD and float over our GOLDEN PENIS that represents the Pineal Gland and breath life BACK into our lifeless body.   ASE’  ASE’ ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



The story of a resurrected Christ is a very old story.  There is a book called  “The 16 Crucified Christs” by Kersey Graves {very good book}  In the book he talks about 16 Christ figures that PRE DATE this Jesus fella, in fact Jesus is the LAST of the 16!  You ONLY know of the crucified Jesus because you have been in a CLOSED closet of knowledge, so come out of the goddamn closet!  The Kemetic story of Ausar pre dates Jesus by about seven thousand years.  He was killed by his evil brother Set out of jealousy {which by the way is where you get your Cain and Abel story from} religion has just plagiarized and stole all kinds of shit.  But in the Ausar story,  he is resurrected by his DIVINE WIFE!  He is cut up into 14 pieces, his wife Auset {Isis} REMEMBERS him and thru an immaculate conception,  she produces Heru.  Now of course this is all mythology,  but this mythology is about the HUMAN CONDITION!

Now as I have said on many occasions, the mythology has to be on a PERSONAL level or else it is of no use,  I am going to relate this story to African people,  but anyone with the power of perception can dissect the story and make it relate to SELF.  The African man here in North America,  abroad or on the continent has been CUT UP into pieces and totally dismantled,  but the African woman is the KEY to our resurrection.  The PROPER UNION of the two will resurrect a once dead man into a living perpendicular.  So for the enemy, it is an absolute necessity to keep this union of the Black man and Woman in total chaos and disunion, this will perpetuate the CONTINUAL dead state of the two, particular the dead state of Ausar. [the Black man]  So mass incarceration,  Welfare { where the man cant be present}  homosexuality,  religion { where ANOTHER MAN is seen as HER savior}  keeps them apart and the Blackman on a dead level.

Then you introduce this Christ propaganda,  where you tell the people thru religion that someone in the sky is IMMINENTLY on the way to SAVE YOU!  This has to be on a CONTINUAL  LOOP that Christ is coming,  not a coincidence that the HOLY DAY is EVERY week,  because if there is NO CHRIST coming back, the WHOLE HOUSE of cards totally collapses.  Now Black woman you are so divine,  now like Tupac said ” I am not trying to gas your head up” but our resurrection as men is in a divine nexus with you,  but look at the CONDITION of our Black women.  The ancestor Elijah Muhammad said 85% of us are deaf, dumb and blind.  When I see our women on T.V. or their conduct in public,  our nation is in trouble.  I know many sisters will read this and say “Well what about these trifle ass brothers?”  I agree, many of US are trifle,  but all of our teachers have told us….When you teach a man,  you teach an INDIVIDUAL,  but when you teach a woman you teach a NATION.  The woman is so important,  that most of the weight is put on her shoulders.  I don’t say that as if men don’t have no damn responsibilities,  but you are our FIRST NURSE,  you are our FIRST TEACHER,  you are our FIRST SUSTAINER.  When we FIRST open our eyes, we see the face of GOD for the FIRST time!

So lets go into the mythology,  in ancient Kemet Ausar lays DEAD and its IMPOSSIBLE for him to get up by his OWN power,  ONLY Auset can resurrect him.  I think when we read this story,  we don’t really delve into the importance of this particular part.  If not for Auset,  Ausar NEVER gets up!  The world is in disorder and STAYS that way until SHE produces a product that will bring ORDER,  and that is Heru.  I can see a male reading that last paragraph and saying ” Well if Auset was all that, why didn’t SHE bring order to where there was disorder?”  You know sometimes when you are sick or in DIS-EASE,  its ok to see a doctor instead of YOU trying to figure the shit out.  We will go back into the mythology and tie everything together in part two.  ASE’


Power to the goddamn people!





The definition of a Veil is piece of material worn by WOMEN to protect or conceal the face.  Why do women wear the veil and what does it represent?  I don’t want to deal with the cultural or religious reasons why women wear the veil,  I want to deal with the SPIRITUAL component of what it means.  First it is WOMEN who wear the veil, not men,  because she is the prize or the God head.  So she presents herself to the man with the face COVERED,  that presentation is saying to the man “Are you WORTHY TO LIFT this veil”?  Now during the marriage ceremony the woman is all done up,  she looks amazing and when the man lifts the veil,  everyone says how beautiful she looks.  But that is on the base level,  it has nothing to do with the spiritual component of what the veil means.

When the man lifts the veil,  he automatically focuses on her eyes,  right behind the eyes is the Pineal Gland,  so the veil conceals the Brain, the Pineal Gland, the Mind!  Before you lift and peel back this veil,  are you sure you can handle what it conceals?  This is the God head that you are unveiling,  the man is saying I have PASSED all the required tests,  I have removed all the barriers that lay before this relationship and I have answered all the riddles correctly.  I have exhausted all my MAJIK and she, the God head has said “Well done, you may now enter into my paradise”, and that act is consummated by the lifting of the veil.  The woman should always have a Veil to herself, meaning she should keep some mystery about herself and to the man.  Now I didn’t say KEEP SECRETS,  I said be a mystery.  The woman should never be a open book to a man,  make the man read every goddamn page and paragraph until he has read the WHOLE book, then when you think he is ready, tell him there is a SECOND EDTION that will come out soon…lol.  That is what the veil represents,  I deem you worthy to raise my veil and know the INNER secrets that make me the woman I AM!

But you notice in a marriage ceremony they are not ONE until AFTER he lifts the veil,  now you are one with the God!  Her face is COVERED for a reason,  as she is walking down the aisle and EVERYONE IS WAITING ON HER….NOT THE MAN,  but her face is covered to the crowd and she reveals herself only to the man that she deemed worthy.  On another level, everything that has a Spiritual component has a PHYSICAL one.  The Veil also represents the VAGINA!  The VEIL that covers it is the HAIR of the vagina,  again like the pineal gland,  the vagina is sacred,  and there is a NATURAL veil that covers it.  The pubic hair covers or VEILS the vagina and ANY  man shouldn’t be able to UNVEIL and have access to the CROWN or the vagina.  Now of course in this new age,  many woman have completely shaved off ALL hair and the Crown is totally unveiled.  This has been pushed by the European MALE because in his MIND he wants to see something that represents a PUBESCENT OR ADOLESCENT….A CHILD!  This is his HISTORY, even as far back as the Roman and Greek era.

He has ALWAYS seen the woman as a threat,  something that needs to be controlled at ALL TIME,  and a pubescent girl can be controlled.  Now on a personal level,  I am not saying have the Crown totally covered like a goddamn Indiana Jones scene where you have to go in search for it,  but a nice THIN Veil will do…lol.  But again,  I as a man have to find and prove myself WORTHY to lift and have access to the VEIL!   ASE”




This is part two of the 42 laws of Maat, please go read part one for a general overview of what the laws mean {from my perspective} and go look up what the ACTUAL 42 are,  and as an African do what your ancestors did in antiquity and be aware and mentally cognizant of them every hour and every day to keep a moral compass in this wicked world of the WEST, where spiritually RA does not shine.  So part two will be more on a level and concept that is contemporary and practical,  so I am trying to get my thoughts together so I have the elder Stevie Wonder playing in the background and incense piercing my nostrils… let us begin.

The recitation of the 42 laws 5 times a day is only one facet of the Maatian Law,  there is another concept that is more on a personal and spiritual level.  In ancient mythology,  when one dies and is lead by Heru to be judged by his father Ausar {which also was plagiarized by the Christian when it was put in the words of Jesus “None come to the father but thru me”}  But in the mythology when one dies,  before your meeting with Ausar you must GO THRU 42 DOORS,  and each door has its OWN lock and key.  You must ask the right questions and know the exact answer to get thru the door,  and as I said you have 42 DOORS before you MEET WITH GOD!

I have said on many occasions the BEAUTY of African spirituality is that its basis is in MYTHOLOGY!  So you cant read the mythology and take it as verbatim,  the aspirant must DELVE into the mythology and EXTRACT the deeper meaning.  Each of us will extract out of the mythology DIFFERENT meanings on different levels and unlike religion,  NO ONE has the ONLY way to look at mythology.  But you must make the mythology PERSONAL for you,  it must relate to the SELF,  if not what the fuck use is it?  So back to the 42 laws, these 42 laws represent 42 DOORS that you must PASS THRU TO MEET GOD!  Not Ausar,  but the god of SELF!  This is the God you are trying to meet.  The God that is buried, the God that is covered up,  the God that is HIDDEN!  This is what Amen- RA means,  AMEN means Hidden and RA means the God….the Hidden God!  This God will STAY hidden following some bullshit religion.

Because in religion SOMEONE ELSE is always the divine one, the golden child, but its never you.  Its Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Noah or some damn pastor or minister but NEVER YOU!  Someone else has the Bat Phone to God and you just have to BELIEVE that they are more proximal to God than you are,  all religions have this same bullshit concept.  Sorry for my sidebar but I just abhor religion and sometimes I go on tangents,  so back to the Laws.  These 42 DOORS represent 42 TESTS OR TRIALS that we all must encounter in life.  Each of us go thru our OWN 42 doors or trials in life that test our soul, mind and character.  However, many of us SEEK THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE,  and by doing this you will NEVER meet with Ausar or God.  God will stay hidden,  the God of SELF,  and will stay covered up, because you REFUSE to challenge SELF!

Each door presents a different challenge,  some will be physical, some spiritual and some mental or emotional.  Depending on where your development needs to be at THAT TIME AND MOMENT, that Door or Law will present itself to you.  You MUST go thru the door,  not around it or look for another door,  and once you get thru THAT DOOR,  sometime down the path of life another fucking door will present itself.  The mindset of  “Why me? or damn some more shit I have to DEAL with!”  is a HUMAN response and is understandable,  but we are trying to BECOME GOD….NOT HUMAN!  The MORE doors you breech,  the more UNVEILING of the HIDDEN GOD will be revealed to SELF,  and the God you have been looking for will be revealed IN AND THRU YOU!

This is how you make the mythology REAL!  But if you read it like some spooky shit,  about some Gods way back then and UP THERE….AMEN- RA, PTAH, AUSAR, and AUSET will always be something you read in a book and it will NEVER relate to the SELF,  and you will never have that MEETING WITH GOD where you can say to the SELF……WELL DONE!


Power to the goddamn people!