In part one we have distinguished the dichotomy between the African and the Caucasian based on the law of Mendel, that the Black can produce the White but the White can not produce the Black, this is due to the dominate and recessive laws.  If need be, read part one for a deeper and detailed analysis.  We as African people bring out something in them that other people can not, this is due to the law of opposites and duality.  But I question is there a PUPRPOSE for them on the planet and in the relationship with African people?  I cant answer the question WHERE they came from because it would be conjecture. Even to be honest, what is their PURPOSE? is trying to bring REASON for the insanity of the relationship between us, that after 500-2000 years we have been MORTAL enemies.

Recently there has been this drama of these confederate statues, they only became erected for the most part at two SPECIFIC times in history.  After the Reconstruction Era, when Black people were trying to create a reality after slavery, and during the Jim Crow Era, at the height of segregation.  They were to RE-ENFORCE to Black people, even though we loss the Civil War, you will always be a Nigga and second class citizens in OUR country!  The election of a Black man stripped away the thin veneer of civility of the Caucasian and you saw the OUTRIGHT HATRED of him and Black people during his election.

When Kaepernick took a knee for the ill treatment of Black people by the police department across this wicked nation, again abject hatred was uncovered by them. What is it about African people that MANIFEST in Caucasian people such evil toward us?  The 4 star General Kelly, who was supposed to be the LEVEL HEAD  and HONEST diplomat for the Trump administration, said he would NEVER apologize to a Black woman who is a congresswoman. He lied and spoke ill about her character, and he was supposed to be the HONEST broker in the Trump administration.  Mr. Kelly said referring to slavery, “that you cant judge TODAY so harshly what was COMMON yesterday”.  Meaning White folks didn’t know no goddamn better that SLAVERY WAS EVIL AND INHUMAN.  I am gradually building a case by these scenarios of a hypothetical reason of WHY AND WHAT PURPOSE they are here.

Can anyone please show me the time in ancient history when the ONLY PEOPLE on the planet was African people and during this epoch in time there were war after war amongst the people, mass murder and upheaval amongst the earths population.  Mass extinction of animals due to hunting and sport. Polluted air, water, soil.  The threat of total earth destruction due to weapons of mass destruction and a climate change due to overproduction of waste.  When did this happen prior to his arrival to our planet?

Elijah Muhammad said “He was the WEAKER PART of self”.  In ancient African mythology, SET was a wicked brother of AUSAR, SET killed AUSAR out of jealousy and chaos befell the earth…hmmm interesting.  HERU had to be born to SIT evil SET down and bring harmony back to the earth.  African people you represent HERU, which is harmony, order and peace.  You have to bring this SET type man(kind) to order and bring harmony and peace to the earth. He is a KIND OF MAN, not the original and since he not the original, he brings chaos everywhere he is. He is a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of the LOW SPIRIT OF SELF.  He was brought forth from your MIND, since ALL IS MIND,  we have to MENTALLY find a way to sit his ass down to stop this CHAOS that rules this planet that is in PHYSICAL FORM.

If the FIRST LAW of Tehuti is ALL IS MIND, and we collectively brought forth from our mind a weaker part of us, we don’t need to PHYSICALLY go to war ( though I am definitely not saying not to PHYSICALLY DEFEND SELF)  but what I am saying, that is a temporary solution, a permanent and absolute solution is what is needed.  The same way we produced him is the SAME way we sit him down.  With MIND MAGIK, thru the Law of Attraction, with the MIND WE CAN ATTRACT WHAT WE WANT!  You don’t need a bullet, you can make him disappear with the power of the mind…. MIND MAGIK!  Say he doesn’t exist,  see him not in existence,  believe he doesn’t exist.  One by one, generation after generation the womb will not re-produce such kind, and MANKIND will disappear without a bullet being fired and our beloved planet will IN TIME be without MASS CHAOS as it once was in the beginning.     ASE’  ASE’   ASE’