By many it’s called “THE SIGN OF LIFE”. In it’s basic premise it does mean that, but it also means so much more.  In KEMET in many of the temples you will see many of the NETERS or (African God’s) and I have to say AFRICAN because the White man or the Arab does not have a damn thing to do with ancient Kemet. So back to the subject, many of the Neters (Gods) will be holding up the Ankh to the nostrils of the Pharaoh,  symbolizing…I AM GIVING YOU LIFE.  The White man plagerized this and put in HIS Bible ” And God  breathed into Man and he BECAME a living soul”.

So not until God breathed into Man was he alive, but only an empty vessel.  He BECAME a living soul. The word BECAME indicates EVOLUTION.  More on that in a SPIRITUAL context later.  Polarity is one of the laws of Tehuti (THE ORIGINAL MESSENGER OF GOD) the Ankh has dual meaning,  physical and spiritual.  Let’s deal with the physical first.

The Neters puts the sign of life to the NOSTRILS,  in the Bible God breaths into Man, so we are talking about AIR.  Without AIR you cannot BECOME a living soul.  As a baby in the womb of our CREATOR ( mother) we are breathing amniotic fluid but we can’t stay there. We cannot continue to breath that when we come out of the womb.  We must clear the Nostrils of the infant, so the infant can inhale the BREATH OF LIFE.  During meditation it is the BREATHING that allows you to go into different levels of consciousness. And when our time on this planet has expired, we will give out our LAST BREATH that will end our time on our beloved planet. So as an infant, we must take our FIRST BREATH to start our time on the planet, this is the PHYSICAL MEANING  of just ONE of the myriad meanings of the Ankh. The SPIRITUAL meaning in part two.    RA FOR LIFE AND MAAT FOR BALANCE!   ASE’