Lets continue the difference between racism and prejudice. Under RACISM I can check the numbers and see what demographic does crack cocaine and which does cocaine then maneuver the laws to punish which demographic of people I want, even though its the SAME damn drug. Then the group that identifies as being white, instead of punishing them I will give them REHAB instead of jail time which they are presently doing with white folks on heroin. Under RACISM they devastated the black community with crack, this is well documented by a reporter named Gary Webb, a reporter in San Jose. A movie called ‘Kill the Messenger” was made of the whole ordeal. Where this stinking government, that you and I pay our goddamn taxes to, flooded the black community with crack cocaine and guns then no good damn president Ronald devil Reagan said he is planning a WAR ON DRUGS, which meant a WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE! This is RACISM…ITS THE POWER to implement your devilish plans. Under RACISM, which is power PLUS prejudice,  I can warehouse your men and boys for crimes that I give probation for the other side. Under RACISM white cops can shoot black people in the fucking back and say  “I feared for my life”, but black cops can ONLY police black neighborhoods and kill black people but they are never allowed to police white neighborhoods and arrest a white youth and damn sure not KILL a white youth in an all white neighborhood. A black police officer is under the EFFECTS of RACISM so he knows his place in this concrete system called RACISM. Under RACISM I can give you the illusion of the vote but I can again check the demographics of a county then REDLINE and GERRYMANDER to dilute black vote to basically make your vote useless. Under RACISM since I am the dominate culture in America I control the educational system so I can teach in ALL the schools that George Washington never told a lie (which is a fucking lie) and that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, which is another damnable lie. I can teach that the white man went all over the world civilizing darker people on the planet with Christianity. Since I provide you with the BOOKS and you don’t have your OWN schools, then you cant refute what I say. Under RACISM this beast can be so fucking petty that he will take the ticket sells from a black movie and change them to a white movie just so the proceeds wont go to the black movie and to give the white movie a false number in those that attended. All this is RACISM, nothing I mentioned can black people do, NONE OF IT can black people do and why?  Because we don’t have the fucking POWER to do it, we don’t have the POWER to change the realities of the white man, but this is due to our DIVISION among self which keeps us from changing HIS reality and especially OURS! Now what is PREJUDICE? this is going to be short. We have been among the Caucasian for over 2000 yrs, we know him very well. There is no skewed view of this man, we have concrete, empirical evidence. 2000 years of evidence, so we are very versed in his history, condition and treatment of African people. Many of us have developed AMNESIA , but despite our mental condition on remembering the evidence, it is still present. The EVIDENCE is in the fucking soil of the earth due to the slaughter by his hands of literally MILLIONS OF AFRICAN PEOPLE! So with all that being said….African people cant even be PREJUDICE, because we are not PREJUDGING this man, the HISTORY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. We have been victims of RACISM AND PREJUDICE which we need to make come to a permanent end with our NATIONALISM AND PAN AFRICANISM!    Power to the goddamn people….ASE’