I have been told on numerous occasions that I have been to harsh on religion. I have been told that my DELIVERY does not have to be so blunt. To be honest I will agree that I have been pretty rough on the topic of religion, but I honestly believe that that THE TIME dictates this harshness. With this post I will ATTEMPT to be a little more diplomatic. So, back to the title at hand…WHY ARE WE HERE? In the Christian or ANY religious system, if this question is posed to a religious member “WHY AM I HERE ON EARTH?” most religious people would simply answer…”TO PRAISE HIS NAME?” again most religious people would answer this question that ” I am here on Gods green earth to praise his name!” Of course there would be slight deviations but the gist would be that vein. Now that answer sounds nice, and it sounds noble. But for me it STILL LACKS SUBSTANCE AND DEPTH. To say you are here to praise his name is just to damn superficial for my mind to deal with. What the fuck does that mean anyway? Praise his name, again my mind needs something more substantive that resonates with my SOUL. If that question is posed TO ME, then I have to answer as an African. So my answer would be….”My purpose or reason why I am on this earth is to ATTAIN maximum CONSCIOUSNESS and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, To attain that knowledge EVERYDAY OF EVERY YEAR to benefit SELF, FAMILY, COMMINITY AND WORLD.” That would be my answer of why I am here. I can only speak of me, so someone else will have ANOTHER answer to the same question. But as you can see my answer is VOID of a god. My answer is independent of a god, the RESPONSIBILITY relies on SELF to GO OUT AND SEEK AND FIND what consciousness is and what knowledge is…EVERY FUCKING DAY OF EVERY FUCKING YEAR! That knowledge SHOULD benefit self, family, community and world. If it isn’t , then you need to continue seeking. There is NO PRASING HIS NAME… a particular deity. My answer is ALL about the RESURRECTION OF SELF, FOR THE BENEFIT OF SELF THEN THE FAMILY AND THEN THE REST OF THE HUMANITY. Elijah Muhammad the great ancestor, always taught that the FIRST LAW OF NATURE IS THE PRESERVATION OF THE SELF! If you notice I never went into DETAIL what exactly consciousness or knowledge is…. because it will ALWAYS BE PERSONAL. What is conscious or wisdom is what resonates with self. You say what if I think a particular religion is wisdom? ANYTHING OR ANYONE THAT TEACHES THAT GOD IS OUT THERE INSTEAD OF COMING FROM THE SELF IS A CHARLATAN, that’s how you distinguish what is true and what is false. No one can dictate to you what is right or wrong or what is moral, that is for the SELF to determine. Consciousness and knowledge must be for the resurrection OF SELF, but what TYPE is up to and MUST RESONATE with each individual. May the ancestors help lead you to your DESTINY. RA for life and MAAT for balance!