Dr. Amos Wilson said everyone should have a “good theory”.  By the way, if you don’t know who the Ancestor Dr. Amos Wilson is, it would benefit you to find out about him.  But anyway he said one should have a good theory.  If your theory is rooted on a good foundation, it can withstand criticism, rebuke and make sense, even though it is a THEORY.  Now this god theory if we take a look at it, it should withstand criticism, rebuke and make some damn sense.  Now this supernatural being that created the Sun, Moon and milky way, in an infinite universe but has an INTIMATE relationship with only a FEW people on the earth.

Now just imagine for a second there are some highly intelligent beings on the Moon or Mars, and you give them a Bible or Quran and tell them some white man named Jesus died for their sins.  Can you imagine these intelligent beings accepting such bullshit?  But for some reason, intelligent beings on Earth do believe this….without question!  That there was an omnipresent god, omniscient god who sent ONE BOOK for Christians and Jews and ONE BOOK for Muslims.  But this ALL KNOWING and ALL LOVING god is a known bigot, because he is ONLY interested in those who believe in THEIR BOOK!  So if you are not a Jew, you are NOT gods chosen.  If you do not believe Jesus is the son of god, you burn in hell.  If you do not believe in the Quran you burn in hell.  Tell me, does this sound like a GOOD THEORY?  Does this sound like something that is above criticism, rebuke and makes damn sense from an ALL KNOWING  being?

Now this same god is called on by so called intelligent people to do all kinds of duties from,  god please help my team win this game, god please don’t let my husband beat my ass tonight, god please let me get this job, please god let me make this green light, please god let her call back tonight, please god don’t let my son die in this hospital, please god help me pay my rent.  A system called RELIGION that has produced a bunch of damn beggars!  Constantly having their hands out asking for assistance.  There are 7.5 Billion people on the planet, how does this god keep ALL their prayers in order?  Some of them have to go unanswered, I am sure the shit can be overwhelming for the god.

So if some prayers don’t get answered, how does god keep the human in place and in a constant subservient position?  ITS FEAR!  As a matter of fact, in the Bible it says ‘The BEGINNING OF WISDOM, is the FEAR of god”!  So one cant hope to be wise until you FEAR god.  Read that shit again and ask yourself why does an all knowing god need to inculcate fear in his creation, unless its a lonely, insecure and immature god.  So the TOOL is eternal damnation in hell, fire and brimstone…all physical attributes in a so called SPIRIT DOMAIN!  What woman {in her right mind} would tolerate a man saying to her ” You can ONLY be with me, and if you don’t I will kill you!”  Pimps use this same bullshit to keep their women in line and trusting ONLY them.  So god is like a fucking pimp or abusive man who RULES thru fear!

For African people it has been especially destructive,  for the god that we call on for all things mundane or in crisis, looks like our 500 year oppressor.  Just think on this type of mind fuck, the GOD you are calling on, looks like the one that has his foot on your neck!This type of psychosis will burn to the fucking SOUL,  if not totally erased from the mind to the goddamn DNA!  Solutions, we must have a solution!  There is no need for some elaborate long drawn out thesis for this problem.  What were your Ancestors doing before the arrival of the European?  Think on that….. they didn’t have no damn religion called Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.  It was a unification with NATURE and their Ancestors!  How to do this,  is up to the individual.  That journey is exclusively YOURS!

Like a winding river, the journey will take you in different directions….BUT IT IS SUPPOSED TO!  That is how you confirm to SELF, by trial and error.  This is how you find a GOOD THEORY!          RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE!