final chapter to this very deep subject. so now the man does not have the tools necessary to produce life if he was here first on our planet. naturally the question is asked “well what about the woman here all by herself”? I think any intelligent person will agree that the womb of the woman and the mind of the woman are connected. even the white man knew this. during slavery the white man would get all pregnant afrikan women together and would single out one. he would cut them full belly open and let the baby fall to the ground and stomp the unborn fetus but he would make the women watch as he did this so that the FEAR  she had at seeing this would go right to the unborn child. so when the child was born at BIRTH he or she would have a natural inclination of fear for the beast. this is how powerful the woman is so it is so dangerous to mistreat a pregnant woman for u know not what u are producing. now imagine this black woman on the planet by herself. she desires companionship she needs security she needs help for maintenance of the planet. u and I under the auspices of the Caucasian have a very limited thought process of what the mind can achieve. after our 500 yr sojourn here in amerikkka we only know what he knows and u are talking about a man compared to the original people have a very short time of history on the planet. now this original woman she has no mental limits, her mind is full and she knows what’s and needs. the mind is a womb as well as her physical one and her mind is pregnant with possibilities. since they are both connected she pushes these newly conceived brain cells and tells her womb what she wants. her womb submits and this goddess impregnates self. now look at the science of what she produces. she needs security so she produces something bigger and stronger than her. she produced the man to protect the god to secure the god. she couldn’t produce something with the same physical attributes that’s unwise but because the man doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t know self, he uses his physical attributes to control and exploit instead of serve. the god is suppose  to be put on a pedestal and the man to serve and protect and in return she would bless us with peace and calm of mind. but look at us, self included. we got shit all turned around and upside down. now she don’t need a man and niggas are hanging out and spending most of their time with other niggas. goddamn jesus syndrome. man hanging with 12 other niggas no woman around. she is the god, there is no other. u can use any powerful telescope and u will find no other god in a white rob, sandals and a white long beard. so lets honor her, cherish her and even kill for her. our god of gods. hotep.



before I get into part two of the black woman being god, let me say I am not using this as a come up for black women or trying to blow up the heads of black women for some cheap applause. I truly and honestly do not recognize a god in the sky, space, universe, or wherever. because the woman has the womb which allows her to procreate she IS THE SUPREME BEING. I know many will disagree including women but that’s what spirituality is all about… it allows for self expression and no codified doctrine. not to bash but let me point out something. in the nation of islam teachings the question is asked “who is the original man?” the answer is ” he is the maker owner cream of the planet earth god of the universe”. the question is never asked who is the original woman? now if the man is the maker the owner of the earth and god of the fucking universe where the fuck is the woman at? these two mentalities cant co exist. one is god of the whole universe and the other is just here. definitely one is going to be exploited and as u can see the condition of women on the planet is due to religious indoctrination. black woman u have men telling u how u should dress in the church and the mosque. really sisters? u need a man to tell u how to dress? u are the child’s first teacher nurse disciplinarian but u cant dress self? u are an intelligent being u know what’s classy and what’s trashy. stop letting men tell u in order to be pious u must dress in this manner. now when we talk of god semantically speaking, something u cant life without and it gives life to all then this is the sun or RA. without the sun nothing exist. no trees no whales no human no bees not even earth itself. it all dies without the sun, so when u talk about the life giver to all then this is RA. every indigenous culture recognized this except the religious white man. he did it in a sneaky way, if u look at the pictures of jesus there is a SUN behind his head so he knew just didn’t recognize it. so RA is the true god semantically speaking but from a human perspective we only have one creator. everyone has a personal one she is named mother. everyone on the planet has a personal creator and she had a personal creator all the way back to the first mother. now this first mother had to be black because due to the law of dominate and recessive, the dominate can produce the recessive but the recessive cant produce the dominate. meaning white CANNOT produce the dominate yellow child. yellow CANNOT produce the dominate brown child and brown CANNOT produce the dominate black child. but black people CAN produce every color spectrum including albino who can have blond hair and blue eyes. now what came first the chicken or the egg? it couldn’t be the goddamn egg cause something had to produce and something had to happen in order to have an egg. the chicken produced the egg. I say that to say who came first the man or the woman? the man didn’t produce his damn self and save the bullshit about an invisible hand scooping up some dirt making a man, tell your children that story. my brother asked ” well who made the sun, moon and stars? the birds and trees? I know what pastor said but my answer is I DONT KNOW who made all that shit and don’t care. it was here long before I got here and will be here for a long time after. that was not my instructions by the ancestors to find out who made the sun, they gave me one in three words… KNOW THY SELF! it behooves the human being to know self instead of trying to find out who made the sun. knowledge of self is more rewarding. last part… part 3



there are 20 things that I am guilty of. I want to warn the reader that some may be offensive and may not agree with some of them but agree to disagree with your brother. here is the infamous list.

1. do not believe in, rely on, count on, ask for assistance from a or any god. guilty

2. rely on, ask for assistance, for protection, for guidance from afrikan ancestors. guilty

3. don’t believe revolutionaries have to be poor and have to run and hide from the goddamn police. guilty

4. believe afrikan people should be gun carries. guilty

5. believe amerikkka, Israel, and the united kingdom are the wickedest countries on the planet. guilty

6. believe women are the only true creators in the universe that we know of. guilty

7. believe homosexuality is a liability in the afrikan community. guilty

8. believe religion is the biggest slave maker ever created. guily

9. believe integration has not benefitted afrikan people as a whole but only a select few. since integration we are less educated, less entrepreneurial, have less morality, less love for self. guilty

10. believe no president from Abraham Lincoln, j. kennedy, bill Clinton, teddy Roosevelt, and including barack  Obama had black people as a whole in their interest but used them as political pawns to further their personal political agenda. guilty

11. believe that despite who is president if afrikan people had control of their own media, schools, banking institutions, regional politicians, neighborhoods, businesses, outlets where we spend our capital, our very minds there wouldn’t be a need for us to ask or need help from anyone. guilty

12. believe that other than being in the company of a beautiful queen, heaven is the practice and knowledge of self. guilty

13. believe no people in the annals of time have caught more hell for more time than afrikan people. guilty

14. believe no people that came to the continent of afrika and came in contact with our people whether it be the European, arab, or Asian gave a damn about them except to exploit. guilty

15. believe there will never be any relative peace on the earth until the devil is taken off the earth or corralled in a way were his power is mute. guilty

16. believe that the earth is such a beautiful place that if one would get out and explore the planet instead of being land locked in your own little neighborhood trying to get to heaven would be a moot point. guilty

17. believe that we have to change our mantra of thinking “find something to DIE for”. no change it to find something LIVE for”! guilty

18. believe self preservation is the first law of nature. guilty

19. believe NATIONALISM should be the only religion we practice. guilty

20 truly believe that if afrikan people are going to get themselves out of this wretched condition that we were purposely put in by our enemies we cannot rely on jesus coming out of the sky on a big white unicorn horse or Muhammad on a damn magical carpet or some goddamn spacehip that’s going to kill amerikkka it will be by the ingenious of our minds and the toil of our black hands as our ancestors guide us to our glorious future. hotep



BLACK WOMAN U GOD (part one)


before I get into the meat of my subject, let me lay a foundation for this supreme deity which is the black woman. before the Caucasians 3 western religions became dominant among afrikan people. the 3 I speak of are Judaism Christianity and islam, in ancient kemet dr.ben said before the worship of the deity ptah the afrikan worshipped the goddess hathor. there is a book by a merlin stone called “when god was a woman”. the woman being god is only foreign to u because we have all been indoctrinated with white male fear, masochistic, insecure, uncivilized behavior. the big problem with this psychosis is he has put this mentality in his religion. lets begin with Judaism. all the problems of this world begins with eve’s fuck up. she takes a bite from some so called fruit that we cant find and no one knows where we can find one, subsequently from that moment all hell breaks loose. it gets worse, adam was minding his business when eve beguiled him into eating the fruit. when god asked adam why did u eat this punk ass nigga said ” it was HER, she deceived me”. I wrote a whole story in defense of eve I may share at a later date but this story lays such a heavy burden on the strong shoulders of women. lets go to Christianity. jesus said man is the head of woman and god the head of man. now here god the all wise and all mighty has just set up a hierarchal system where the woman is on the bottom and man and god is standing on her back. in 2nd Corinthians god says in church woman is to keep her mouth shut and if she is to know something she can learn it from man. I know many u sisters that go to church probably didn’t read that part in the holy book. what woman is following this damn madness? believe me many. lets go to islam. in many Islamic countries the women cant drive cant own property have to dress like a goddamn ninja or a super hero where only her eyes show. if u die a martyr for allah u will receive 40 virgins in heaven. what does the woman receive if she dies a martyr? not a goddamn thing. in the nation of islam they will say “that is not islam that is arab culture”. ok lets go to the N.O.I. teaching, they teach when allah self created HIMSELF he saw there was a SECOND self this second self was woman. since allah does not have no associate or partners he had to create the woman a little less than him because nothing is equal to him. let me say as bluntly as I can, black woman u are second to no one and was not created less than anyone this is all religious bullshit! so as u can see in all three there is a hatred for womanhood. but as I said this comes out of the psychosis of the Caucasian. he just allowed his woman to vote in 1920. the church during its DARK AGES had tens of thousands of women murdered due to their so called insolence to the church. called them witches and outright murdered them with an all male jury. you may say well many black men have been murdered due to some disrespect or some rape charge by a white woman and in their defense white men killed black men. it was not in the defense of their “dainty” white women it was penis envy. the white man is so insecure of the black mans penis he feared that if sexual intercourse ever happened with the black man and his white woman that his women would leave in droves for her dream man TALL DARK and handsome that he had to instill fear in both to keep this from happening. the ironic thing to all this is that all 3 have a history of a consort or partner with their respective gods before the white man decided to fuck things up. in Judaism the god el or Yahweh had a consort named ashera. in Christianity in the book of MARY that didn’t make it in your holy bible(I wonder why) mary is Jesus’ main disciple above all the rest and also in the book gave jesus an open mouth kiss. now u now damn well they thru that book in the nigga pile. in islam the god allah was paired with the goddess allat and when Muhammad wanted to bring that only allah shit the kurish ran his ass out of mecca to medina. so now the black woman as god. I will continue this in PART TWO. HOTEP



my first post will be about the lack of respect for our afrikan ancestors. in religion particular Christianity, there is a lot a talk concerning what jesus has done for us. they run down a litany of things he has suffered and ultimately shed his blood for us. in particular having nails put through his hands and feet. being whipped a few times and pierced in his side. now certainly this is rough for a human being to go through but this is no remote way comes close to what our afrikan ancestors went through at the hands of some real live devils. let me paint a small picture of what they had to endure. imagine an afrikan woman with 4 children under the wicked auspices of slavery. two of her babies are sold off to another plantation and she knows not where they are. imagine the grief she is going through, now she has two more with her and she is doing all she can to cater to this devil owner not to sell anymore of her children. but instead of selling her children one is a boy and one a girl he is raping them daily. the boy is five and the girl 8. the mother every night is hearing her two babies crying for her and she can do nothing. imagine as a man u hear your babies calling out daddy while this beast is raping them and u cant even protect your babies because not only has he raped your two children he has raped your woman also. this behavior is not an isolated one this goes on for 300yrs for afrikan people. after awhile the mothers just for their own sanity start to distance themselves from their children. begin not to show love, does not hug or kiss them. shuns any kind of emotion so if they are sold they can try and keep their sanity. what has been the residual ramification today for a family that has not been able to form for 300yrs as we look at our current condition? and u have white folks who have the fucking audacity to say “look at these people and how they act”. you may say that is terrible but that is emotional, jesus went through physical torment.well imagine a black woman 9mo, pregnant and a white beast takes a machete  and cuts from vagina to sternum and lets the black child just fall to the dirt then take his black boot and crush the skull of the baby. imagine a black woman 9mo pregnant and having all four of her limbs tied to horses and making the horses go in four different directions and rip the baby from her full stomach. imagine a black man being boiled alive and taking the fat from the corpse and rubbing on their white body as a sexual stimulate. imagine cutting off the ears, penis, fingers, toes and keeping them as good luck charms. imagine setting a black man on fire while alive then taking a picture of the charred body and selling them as post cards. imagine whipping a slave until the flesh is mangled and hanging off then cutting the flesh and rubbing salt and hot pepper in the wounds then tying the slave to a post over an ant hill. imagine digging a hole and putting a slave in it where only his head is above ground then pouring molasses over is head and letting the ants eat him alive. no your jesus has not come close not even remotely close to suffering what our ancestors suffered. truly they have paid they price that I may live. they have carried the cross, been persecuted, and shed their blood. so much so that today I am covered by the blood of our ancestors. I will never forgive or forget. the daywalker