The very words incites fear in most black people. WHY?  They have been so thoroughly indoctrinated with religion and MOVIES that to say voodoo incites fear, backwardness, darkness, evil and anti god. The list of descriptive negative adjectives can go on and on due to our ignorance that has been fed to us by our enemy. But voodoo is part of our heritage, culture and practice and we unconsciously do it without knowing. Upstairs in my home I have a small place where I have pictures of ancestors, posters of SO-CALLED demonic gods, African relics, candles and incense. If you didn’t know me and you wandered up stairs one would probably think this nigga got a body hidden somewhere.  You FEAR what you don’t know.  My mother collects rooster clay fixtures and there is a deity in voodoo that has an affinity for chickens or roosters, so I asked her for a couple of them and of course she inquired and I told her why. She immediately had a programmed response of voodoo is evil, malevolent, dark etc. I said “who told you that?” she said you seen the MOVIES! I know that was coming, I said “momma you cant rely on a white man who gave you a white Jesus, to NOW give you thru a movie a PROPER representation of something OUTSIDE of Christianity. You are going to let the white man tell you what to believe in and what to stay AWAY FROM, NOT ME!  Believe me when I say this, I am not trying to tell black people to leave white Jesus for voodoo, shit that is a loss cause. I am just letting you know what you brother is fucking with and you keep doing you. I am still a novice with this and still learning, so I will give a general overview to give you a better understanding of voodoo despite what the devil has taught you. Voodoo is using African deities to intervene on the livings behalf, certain African deities have certain attributes and energies. So depending on what you need or are going thru, you can ask for assistance from that particular deity. Now how the fuck did that BECOME EVIL? Ohhhh, its because you didn’t call on Jesus precious name! So he has vilified anything African but you do the same goddamn thing I just mentioned except you call on Jesus. You USED TO CALL ON AFRICAN GODS for assistance and help, now you cant name ONE AFRICAN GOD…NOT ONE, NOT ONE! What has happened to you family? These African deities that you call on are ONLY YOUR OWN ENERGY COMING FROM SELF, the African relics are only REMINDERS of that which is in you! You say how can these African relics have any POWER? How the fuck does a CROSS AROUND YOUR FUCKING NECK HAVE POWER? That’s  a Christian relic that you say has power.  This devil has mind fucked you and you are still laying on your back….close your legs and get out of the devils bed African people! I know what you say, well I don’t believe in white Jesus, I believe in Allah. So now you twirl prayer beads in your hand to remember Allah, is their POWER in them fucking beads? Brother once told me “never put the Quran on the floor”.  Why?  is Allah going to get me if I do?  Fuck outta here!  Why is what you do that’s African ALWAYS considered backwards but you can see where everyone gets their shit from and MAKES YOU honor it.  I want to know EVERY  FACET of African spirituality, from ancient Kemet, to voodoo, to Yoruba.  I know what you say ” but in voodoo they sacrifice a chicken or a lamb”. You goddamn hypocrite! In your religion your precious god sent down his son to be sacrificed! His own goddamn son as a sacrifice.  Abraham was instructed by god to sacrifice his own fucking son just to proof to this gangster god that he was totally down with him, so get off your righteous pedestal about animal sacrifice. In the fucking church you have a ritual where you EAT THE BODY AND DRINK THE BLOOD of Jesus! What kind of maniacal shit is this? All just excuses not to leave WHITE Jesus! But for me and I can only speak for SELF, before I go back to ANY religion, I will go to the backyard and pick up a fucking ROCK and worship that before I go back to religion.  POWER TO THE GODDAMN PEOPLE    ASE’