So I am watching the history channel and the topic is HELL…the devils domain. Black people who follow religion, just put on your thinking caps and lets work this thing out. So hell is supposed to be some 100 times hotter than the sun, first of all who the hell told them or how did they ascertain how HOT hell is? But lets go with the bullshit, so heaven is up there(wherever that is) and hell as we were told is DOWN there. Where? in the middle of the earth. Now the diameter of the earth is 7926 miles, meaning from one end to the opposite end. Half of that would be 3963, meaning the middle of the earth is 3963. With that said, that means if hell is down there, hell is some 4000 miles away. How can hell be 100 times hotter that the sun and less than 4000 miles away? The shit don’t add up. Also if the BAD people go to hell, meaning their SOULS, even if hell was that hot what does a physical heat like that going to do to a soul? The soul would not be affected by any heat no matter how hot it got. In the bible a rich man asked Abraham for some water, he was in hell and Abraham was in heaven. Abraham said he couldn’t give the rich man any water because there was a GULF between them. Does this make any goddamn sense? First how the fuck are they communicating with each other if one is in hell and the other in heaven? Second if they are BOTH SOULS why the fuck would the rich man need some water? and what the fuck is water doing in heaven where they are all souls? The shit is madness! In the bible it says for the wicked in hell there will be “burning of flesh and gnashing of teeth”. Again you supposedly will be a damn soul, you will have no flesh or any fucking teeth. Also there will be the constant SMELL OF SULFER. To smell you need nostrils and olfactory nerves to smell the sulfer, BUT AGAIN YOU WILL BE A FUCKING SOUL!  A real devil taught you this madness but we as African people simply must use so damn common sense. Heaven and hell are STATES AND CONDITION OF MIND. Depending on your state of mind you can either be in hell or you can be in heaven. All based on the way one thinks. The white man sold you a bill of goods that you have to DIE FIRST IN ORDER TO GET TO HEAVEN, but you can catch HELL RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW ON EARTH! Come home African people, come home to the real come home to sanity. RA for life