I have said this many times and will continue to say it…THE ONLY CREATOR YOU WILL EVER KNOW IS THE WOMAN!  We all have our PERSONAL creator, she is called mother.  I don’t give a damn about what you BELIEVE, you can prove nothing about a creator in the SKY, it is only a BELIEVE!  But your mother is the ONLY creator you and I know of.  As I said in part one, before the male deities came into fruition the indigenous peoples all believed in a female creator.. Hathor, Lilleth, Nut, Auset, Kali even Mary.  But as you lost power in the ancient world and you allowed the Greek and Caucasian into your spiritual systems you adopted their anti-nature ways.  The old saying ” what came first, the chicken or the egg?” On the surface it seems elementary but when you look at it again it has wisdom. The EGG couldn’t have come first because WHAT PRODUCED IT? The chicken had to be here first because you NEED the chicken to produce an egg.  So how did the chicken get here?  No one knows, not even Reverend Toenail.  The same analogy is so with the first human, who was here first MAN or WOMAN?  Stop telling me about a goddamn Adam here first, the man doesn’t have the TOOLS to produce life but the woman does.  She has the womb… SHE IS FIRST BORN, SHE IS THE REAL SUPER HUMAN!  She has the womb so she HAD TO BE HERE FIRST TO PRODUCE THE MAN!  With her being here first there was no CEILING OF THOUGHT that would convince her that she cant do the IMPOSSIBLE!  Since the MIND AND WOMB are connected, her MIND told her what she wanted and the WOMB brought it into fruition.  So the next obvious question is.. ” So who created woman?”  That is the great mystery, we only know that she has ALWAYS BEEN HERE.  In PART ONE, I mentioned there is a rising of the feminine energy. It is no coincidence that Beyoncé is the TOP artist in music, male or female.  Even though the goddamn devil Hilary didn’t win, you saw all the feminine energy behind her to push her as the top candidate.  At one time the Catholic church in an attempt to suppress the feminine energy, they made it a SIN if the woman was on TOP during sex, what fucking madness!  The reason there is so much drama in the relationships between the black woman and man, is we are trying to SUBDUE this natural warrior. So its one warrior (the black man) trying to subdue another warrior( the black woman).  Like the Ying Yang symbol it was all about energy and complimenting one another.  Now that you are under a foreign culture that hates his woman, you are at ODDS with your own fucking SOUL…THE BLACK WOMAN!  It doesn’t mean the black woman wont listen or even allow you to lead (at times) but this is not fucking religion, there is no need for a LEADER.  You two are a TEAM, A UNIT.  There is no need of ” I am the man of the house, you listen to what I say”.  That is European, when you know who you are and she knows self, you both will work cohesively.  But this new feminine energy that is rising, we as men cant control or suppress it or we will constantly be at odds with OUR SOUL.  I am not asking men to be submissive or to be punks to women, just recognize who she is and water the flower that’s before you and she will bring forth fruit that will bring peace and solace to our lives.   The Black woman is GOD, she is the CREATOR, that takes nothing away from us as men to SAY AND COMPREHEND THIS!   ASE’