The masses of people think racism and prejudice are equivalent terms, but I assure you they are not. Now no one is above criticism including self. So after reading this I am sure some of you will disagree with your brother but that is fine, we can agree to disagree. But I am going to put this devil on blast despite what you say or think. Lets deal with RACISM first. When you are the DOMINATE culture, it is a MUST  that you make ALL other cultures SUBMIT to your culture. They must OBEY, they must ADOPT and relinquish their own. Anyone or any people who decides to continue their OWN culture will be ostracized seen as an enemy and non patriotic. What is unique about the Caucasian in forcing his culture on the GLOBE, he is the minority on the planet. It is essential that the melanated people obey because it is KEY to his GENETIC SURVIVAL. He must make the world think and believe that he is the SMARTEST, the OLDEST, the most BEAUTIFUL, the STRONGEST, the most COMPASSIONATE, the best RELIGION and the CLOSEST to god. If the melanated people figure out that he is not and don’t believe so, the con game is over and the house of cards collapses. But due to his barbaric acts against the melanated people he knows his time on earth could be at an end. So it is so essential to keep them divided and make them want to be like him in EVERY WAY. This is why the MASSES of black women’s hair is indistinguishable from the white woman’s hair. Black women have actually changed the NATURAL TEXTURE  of their hair to LOOK LIKE another woman. This is why in the 60’s it was so dangerous for the Caucasian to rule because African people’s consciousness was so HIGH that to look other than SELF made you stand out as a person who hated self. So what the fuck happened? Stringy hair that lays FLAT is a SICK, RECESSIVE and WEAK disorder. Its means it lacks KERATIN which is a form of protein so it lays flat. But because black people have lost their fucking MINDS,  the Caucasian has CLEVERLY turned what is weak and recessive into a beauty attribute. What does all this have to do with RACISM and PREJUDICE? give me a damn second, I’m getting there but I have to paint you a picture first. So if I am in fear of my genetic survival due to me being the TRUE MINORITY, I cant keep killing them because that may cause a backlash like it did with GARVEY, THE PANTHER MOVEMENT and the NATION OF ISLAM. So I have to get into THEIR MINDS, there I can kill them off and do it by their OWN HANDS!  So how to do it?  If I can convince them that god is white and looks like me and his son is white and looks like me. Their SUBCONSCIOUS will take over and they will, in a subtle way worship me and HATE SELF. When one thinks of this it definitely is a MASTER PLAN. Now what is RACISM?  RACISM is POWER PLUS PREJUDICE. Let me say this shit again, RACISM is POWER, POWER, POWER, POWER, POWER, POWER PLUS PREJUDICE.  When you have  SLANTED view toward someone or a people BUT you have the POWER to implement your slanted views…. THIS IS RACISM. If I am the dominate culture in amerikkka who has a COMPLEX  about my recessive nature and genetic annihilation, which promotes a paranoid mentality. This shit would be bad news for a people who find themselves under such a people. So since I have the POWER to implement my slanted mentality, if your hair doesn’t look like mine, I wont give you a job. This has been evident with black women in the airline business, in schools, and the media as newscasters. If your name is not anglo saxon like JOHNSON, ORIELLY, SMITH , JACKSON, BLUE, FOX you cant get a job. If your religion don’t have a white man with blond hair and blue eyes, I wont give you a loan. This is POWER, this is RACISM. I know a sister that had a coffee shop but it was competing with a white coffee shop, so they found a way to harass and make it hard for the sister to stay in business. This is POWER, this is RACISM. Part two on RACISM VS PREJUDICE soon. Power to the goddamn people.   RA FOR LIFE….MAAT FOR BALANCE.