INCORRIGIBLE is the one word I would use to describe the mind of the European.  Cannot or just refuse to change his mindset as it relates to his relationship with the planet and the melanated people on it.  It has been exacerbated with the presidency of Trump;  he has peeled back the soft under belly of the overt racism in America.  However, Religion was created and given to him as a GUARDRAIL to keep him (somewhat in check) those guardrails have totally been broken off their tracks, and there is nothing that keeps him stabilized among the rest of the human family.

Religion and laws had to be implemented to keep him from killing every goddamn thing, for example,  Hunting SEASON, don’t jump off this bridge, don’t feed the animals.  At the zoo, cages are for the animals, but who the fuck are the fences for?  Who the fuck is climbing these fences to get into these cages with the animals?  The indigenous people NEVER needed a hunting SEASON, they hunted for necessity and nothing more, however, you need a season for a people who will kill unmitigatedly  unless you intervene.  He is totally instinctual and controlled by his lower self and religion cant hold him any longer.

African people are the originators of writing and books, but we never needed them for behavioral modifications, that is what the CULTURE is for!  In antiquity in Africa, there were no such thing as police, jail, orphanages, homes for the elderly, or mental institutions, all these were under the tutelages of the CULTURE (think on that).  When police are needed for a society and bullets are used as a deadly deterrent for erroneous behavior, that society is ALREADY in collapse and occasional riots are the physical manifestation of that collapsed society.  The very presence of indigenous people,  believe it or not,  is what keeps the European somewhat in a civilized state.  Why do I say that?  The European has had TWO WORLD WARS,  a Cold War where Russia and America were on the brink of total planet destruction via nuclear weapons.  The Crusades, the Holocaust, the Atom bombs on Japan, the genocide of the Native American, the African Slave Trade, the genocide of the Ab Originals of Australia, the TOTAL genocide of the Tasmanian people, the Russian killings under Stalin, I haven’t even mentioned India and Central America,  the bloodshed of human beings by the European is INNUMERABLE!  I already know the rebuttal,  ” Well Black people have done their fair share of killing also”,  done their FAIR SHARE of killing?  Not even remotely, not even in the fucking vicinity!  Go read that list again and re-think FAIR SHARE!  The negro will say ” All killing is bad”.  Of course negro, that doesn’t need to be said, the point I am making,  is for the small number of European people on the planet compared to the melanated people, his killing vastly outstrips the rest of the human family and that pernicious behavior needs to be put into question…..WHY?

For the most part the indigenous people have been used as the CHRIST FIGURE to be sacrificed to appease this wicked behavior.  So how do I create this narrative that ‘LIKE JESUS” the indigenous have been crucified?  The little brother on the corner who is snatching gold chains and purses is made into the caricature of what the REAL criminal looks like, however, it is the European with a suit and JFK haircut who steals gold and natural resources from COUNTRIES, but his image is sanitized.  The Mexican climbing the fence is bringing in drugs and diseases but the European went to WAR with China to MAKE them continue to produce opium for European consumption.  The most virulent and potent diseases are being manufactured in a laboratory by the European with Lab jackets and suits.  How many people have oxycontin killed?  MILLIONS!  Yet it is STILL being manufactured by big Pharma.    Part Two soon

Power to the goddamn people


Sex with GOD


There is ALWAYS some trepidation dealing with a conscious woman.  The title of this piece may have generated some interest,  however I am not speaking of god from a religious aspect, my mind cant even entertain that madness but I will use religious analogies to drive my point home.  When I speak of GOD I am speaking of primarily the African woman but ALL women in general.  I say the African woman because NO OTHER woman pre-dates her, so she is the prototype of the god concept.  When I say a CONSCIOUS woman, I again am speaking of an African woman who knows herself AND HER CULTURE!  It is this knowledge that makes her conscious and aware of self, but ANY woman who is aware of self and power and  has the ability to think ABOVE a religious context is conscious in my “opinion”.

I had to lay out a foundation of why I mentioned trepidation and also explain who GOD really is before I  continued to explain my thesis.  With a conscious woman you innately know you just cant treat her like any woman and profound respect is due.  Now of course with ANY woman profound respect should be there, however with a conscious woman your mannerism, behavior and how you handle her will be mandated by the level of her consciousness.  I liken it to Moses going to the top of the mountain to speak to GOD, and god saying “take off your fucking shoes, you are on hallowed ground!”  When a man does not see the woman as god, that is an aberration in thinking.  He then sees HIMSELF as the creator and desires SELF.  When this mind set is taken to the extreme, the desire of self leads to seeing MEN as the apex of love, beauty, and sexual desire.  This is not to lambast homosexuality {though I do not condone that lifestyle} this is HISTORY!  In Rome and Greece the men had no respect for the woman and homosexuality was not a ALTERNATIVE lifestyle….IT WAS THE LIFESTYLE!

If a culture develops in making the woman a second class citizen and not seeing her in her proper light, it will lead to cataracts developing over the man’s eyes where he CANT see her as god and his treatment of her will manifest this.  In religion when you see god as a man…. Allah,  Jesus, Jehovah this aberration in the thinking is ANTI LIFE, only the woman has the WOMB!  This womb represents the Universe, where ALL life begins.  The male is burdened with his ego, this is mostly out of our insecurity.  So we produce an ego to hide the fact that we are insecure about something.  Ironically the woman is built to FREE the man from the ego, but it requires that he become vulnerable to her, and this most of us can not do.  The more a woman spends time around a man, the more she will be able to break that code that hides his insecurity that he attempts to guard so well.

There is a story about Auset who wanted to know the power of Ra.  She asked over and over again the source of his power but Ra refused to tell her.  One day she placed a poisonous snake in his daily path that he always took, it bit him and he began to get weak.  She said tell me your secrets and I will give you the anecdote to the poison.  He initially said no until he became weaker and weaker, so he recanted and told Auset the secrets to his power, she gave him the anecdote and Ra lived.  Some will say that Auset was evil for what she did, but one should never underestimate the will and depths of a woman when she is in pursuit of a goal!

Every woman on SOME LEVEL understands her sexuality.  However, a woman who is conscious understands the POWER of it.  An ignorant woman EXPLOITS her sexuality,  a conscious woman weaponizes it!  I say weaponizes it because she will force the man to use his IMAGINATION with her.  An ignorant woman will display her whole tool box and leave NO ROOM for the man’s imagination.  The woman KNOWS that everyone wants to fuck God!  Even Adam, who was the BIBLICAL GOD’S  first creation couldn’t deny the power of the woman.  God told Adam DIRECTLY not to fuck with that fruit, but that woman MORE POWERFUL than the biblical god convinced Adam to eat it.  Now I want you to THINK on this, God almighty told Adam FACE TO FACE don’t fuck with that tree or fruit, but that woman was equipped with something that God didn’t have where Adam said fuck that…PUT IT IN MY MOUTH! {If you only knew what the APPLE means from a sexual context}  Every man is vulnerable to a woman who is conscious and understands her sexuality, because everyone wants to FUCK GOD!

When Mary of the bible became pregnant with Jesus, she was put in the hands of Zachariah. He was to take care of her during the pregnancy, when Zachariah would bring Mary food, she would ALREADY have food there.  What does this mean?  When a woman is CONSCIOUS, she doesn’t need a man to FEED her {Mind}  she will find food [Knowledge} on her own.  Which by the way,  how did Mary get pregnant anyway?  Because even God wants to fuck GOD!

Power to the goddamn people…..RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE!

Meditation from Heru…..SA-RA


This is a form of meditation that is styled for African people but it can be used for all people.  Like any form of meditation you must find a quiet place and some quiet time for at least 30 minutes.  For the man I prefer the position laying flat on the back and for the woman sitting in an upright position, these are preferences which I will explain the SIGNIFICANCE later.  No music no interruptions, however incense should be used.  The type of incense is not important, it should be the fragrance that resonates with your spirit.

We will start with the Mans meditation, again you are laying on your back, flat on your back.  Why?  You are visualizing that you are Ausar.  That you are laying on a coffin slab and that your Queen Auset has just found all the parts of your body that has been cut up and scattered across the earth.  I don’t have time to go over the Mythology of Ausar and Auset, if you are unfamiliar with this, then this would be great homework to research this African mythology which will help you have a deeper connection during the meditation.  So black man you are having this visual of you on the coffin slab, and if you are married, picture your WIFE as Auset standing over you getting ready to REMEMBER you back together.  If you are single no problem, picture some fine ass woman as your Auset.

Now before we go into the ritual, you have to prepare oneself for meditation.  You have to DEEP breath from the STOMACH, not the chest and lungs.  Not so deep that its uncomfortable or awkward but slow and deliberate.  In through the nose and out through the mouth, the same amount of time of inhalation is the same during exhalation, balance is the KEY!  I visualize myself in an elevator or laying flat over the ocean and see myself slowly going to the basement floor of the elevator or floating slowly to the floor of the ocean.  The further I go down the elevator or deeper down the ocean, I visualize myself getting deeper into my meditation.  I am simultaneously concentrating on my deep stomach breathing.  Once I get to the floor of the elevator or ocean, I start my ritual.

I am visualizing myself on the coffin slab, and over me is a fine ass woman with all the extras I like in a woman, she is my Auset.  Now again I am Ausar and I have been cut up into 14 pieces and she has to re-member each piece, the only piece that is missing is the phallus and my Queen has to re-member that part also, but we will go over that part later.  Now my Auset is over me and carefully putting the body back together, you have to visualize EACH PART, which will elongate the length of the mediation, each leg, each hand, the torso, the neck and so on.  Finally she is left with the last TWO parts, the Head and the Penis, she reconnects the head to the body, now she has to reconnect the penis.  Now of course in the mythology she never finds the penis, so she has to fashion it out of GOLD.  So visualize her fashioning an ERECT PENIS out of gold and reconnecting it to your body.  If you get aroused, there is nothing wrong with this, shit is normal!

Then visualize your wife or a beautiful woman turning herself into a dove and hovering over the GOLDEN PENIS, visualize the ENERGY going on between you and Auset….at and in this moment!  She is becoming pregnant with your seed and you feel the RISING of the kundalini energy from your base chakra to your pineal gland!  See her floating over you, see her WINGS expanding, see her angelic face. Visualize the WHOLE ROOM glowing with her transformation. Then she turns back to herself and you are a FULLY membered man who is ALIVE again!  As I said you may get aroused, this is normal but continue to concentrate on your breathing and visualization.  Now its time for the ASCENSION from your meditation.

You don’t come up fast and immediate, just like the SUN you come up in degrees.  You visualize yourself rising up each floor of the elevator or getting closer little by little to the surface of the ocean but slowly. At the bottom it was DARK but as you are coming up you can see it getting lighter and lighter.  You can start to see the sun as you come up from the ocean floor, you can see the top of the elevator floor as you rise.  Again you are still breathing correctly, never forget this.  As you reach the top of the elevator or the surface of the ocean you NOW can open your eyes.  This is the RITUAL for Ausar the MAN.  The ritual for Auset the Woman will be next.