Sex with GOD


There is ALWAYS some trepidation dealing with a conscious woman.  The title of this piece may have generated some interest,  however I am not speaking of god from a religious aspect, my mind cant even entertain that madness but I will use religious analogies to drive my point home.  When I speak of GOD I am speaking of primarily the African woman but ALL women in general.  I say the African woman because NO OTHER woman pre-dates her, so she is the prototype of the god concept.  When I say a CONSCIOUS woman, I again am speaking of an African woman who knows herself AND HER CULTURE!  It is this knowledge that makes her conscious and aware of self, but ANY woman who is aware of self and power and  has the ability to think ABOVE a religious context is conscious in my “opinion”.

I had to lay out a foundation of why I mentioned trepidation and also explain who GOD really is before I  continued to explain my thesis.  With a conscious woman you innately know you just cant treat her like any woman and profound respect is due.  Now of course with ANY woman profound respect should be there, however with a conscious woman your mannerism, behavior and how you handle her will be mandated by the level of her consciousness.  I liken it to Moses going to the top of the mountain to speak to GOD, and god saying “take off your fucking shoes, you are on hallowed ground!”  When a man does not see the woman as god, that is an aberration in thinking.  He then sees HIMSELF as the creator and desires SELF.  When this mind set is taken to the extreme, the desire of self leads to seeing MEN as the apex of love, beauty, and sexual desire.  This is not to lambast homosexuality {though I do not condone that lifestyle} this is HISTORY!  In Rome and Greece the men had no respect for the woman and homosexuality was not a ALTERNATIVE lifestyle….IT WAS THE LIFESTYLE!

If a culture develops in making the woman a second class citizen and not seeing her in her proper light, it will lead to cataracts developing over the man’s eyes where he CANT see her as god and his treatment of her will manifest this.  In religion when you see god as a man…. Allah,  Jesus, Jehovah this aberration in the thinking is ANTI LIFE, only the woman has the WOMB!  This womb represents the Universe, where ALL life begins.  The male is burdened with his ego, this is mostly out of our insecurity.  So we produce an ego to hide the fact that we are insecure about something.  Ironically the woman is built to FREE the man from the ego, but it requires that he become vulnerable to her, and this most of us can not do.  The more a woman spends time around a man, the more she will be able to break that code that hides his insecurity that he attempts to guard so well.

There is a story about Auset who wanted to know the power of Ra.  She asked over and over again the source of his power but Ra refused to tell her.  One day she placed a poisonous snake in his daily path that he always took, it bit him and he began to get weak.  She said tell me your secrets and I will give you the anecdote to the poison.  He initially said no until he became weaker and weaker, so he recanted and told Auset the secrets to his power, she gave him the anecdote and Ra lived.  Some will say that Auset was evil for what she did, but one should never underestimate the will and depths of a woman when she is in pursuit of a goal!

Every woman on SOME LEVEL understands her sexuality.  However, a woman who is conscious understands the POWER of it.  An ignorant woman EXPLOITS her sexuality,  a conscious woman weaponizes it!  I say weaponizes it because she will force the man to use his IMAGINATION with her.  An ignorant woman will display her whole tool box and leave NO ROOM for the man’s imagination.  The woman KNOWS that everyone wants to fuck God!  Even Adam, who was the BIBLICAL GOD’S  first creation couldn’t deny the power of the woman.  God told Adam DIRECTLY not to fuck with that fruit, but that woman MORE POWERFUL than the biblical god convinced Adam to eat it.  Now I want you to THINK on this, God almighty told Adam FACE TO FACE don’t fuck with that tree or fruit, but that woman was equipped with something that God didn’t have where Adam said fuck that…PUT IT IN MY MOUTH! {If you only knew what the APPLE means from a sexual context}  Every man is vulnerable to a woman who is conscious and understands her sexuality, because everyone wants to FUCK GOD!

When Mary of the bible became pregnant with Jesus, she was put in the hands of Zachariah. He was to take care of her during the pregnancy, when Zachariah would bring Mary food, she would ALREADY have food there.  What does this mean?  When a woman is CONSCIOUS, she doesn’t need a man to FEED her {Mind}  she will find food [Knowledge} on her own.  Which by the way,  how did Mary get pregnant anyway?  Because even God wants to fuck GOD!

Power to the goddamn people…..RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE!

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