The chakras represent the human family.  There is a divine line from bottom to top when you look at the chakra system.  On the bottom is the ROOT CHAKRA.  This represents the Caucasian, this is the animal side of self.  It represents the reptilian self, the instinctual, the physical, the emotional, the chaotic, the undisciplined self.  He is the NEWEST of the human species and on the planet, so he is the MOST UNDERDEVELOPED, this is why he represents the root chakra.

The Second chakra is the Asian.  On a higher level than the Caucasian but still underdeveloped.  The Asian is emotionally not mature and NON EXPRESSIVE, but he has some melanin which gives him more of a spiritual nature than the Caucasian.  The THIRD CHAKRA is the Red man, more developed in the HEART.  He is a Hue Man but on a basic level.  You can sense more of his SOUL than the Asian.  As we go up the chakra system you are BECOMING MORE HUE MAN, the melanin is changing you and giving you more SPIRIT!

The next level of the chakra is the BROWN MAN,  he is highly developed but lacks certain SPIRITUAL FACULTIES that keeps him from being FULLY HUE MAN!  Now the RED and BROWN man can interchange up the chakra chain depending on the level of consciousness and human experience.  Of the HUE MAN family, these TWO are the ones have had the better relationship with the African due to their high melanin content.  So because they are the MOST HUE MAN out of the rest of the species we as African people have gotten along with them well.

At the TOP OF THE CHAKRA SYSTEM IS THE AFRICAN.  Their HIGH content of melanin gives them a spiritual component the rest of the chakras cant develop.  We are FULLY HUE MAN and you can sense it permeate from us more than the rest.  We have MORE HEART, MORE PATIENCE,  MORE TOLERANCE,  than the rest.  This is why when THEIR FAMILY is in a dilemma you find many of us fighting for THEIR agenda, but many times we cant find THEM on scenarios that are germane to African people.  We embrace religion more so than the rest.  Ironically due to our high tolerance to pain and suffering we as African people are the most oppressed.  We embody the CHRIST FIGURE,  we are the BUDDAH HEAD and for this reason we are at the TOP of the chakra system!