This is the conclusion of Behold the Pale Horseman, why religion cant save the European.  I heard a white man say how productive Western civilization has been to the world.  His examples were medicine, vaccines and technology, but he failed to mentioned that these so called inventions were the by product of the European malady.  You brought disease WITH YOU when you came in contact with the indigenous.  The common cold, influenza, syphilis, smallpox, measles, gonorrhea, mumps, rubella, polio,  even cancer all non existent among the indigenous people before the coming of the European, the indigenous people had NO NEED  to develop vaccines for these diseases because we never had them.  However, it was incumbent that the European and in HIS best interest to do so, also remember the great plague that ravished Europe was due to them not washing their ass and the infestation of rats in close proximity to them, meaning uncleanliness!

So the natural response to the above paragraph is “Well what about Ebola and Aids”?  There is a book by Michael Cooper called ‘Behold the Pale Horse’ in the book he actually shows the document where politicians asked congress for 10 million dollars in 1968 for the military so they can produce a VIRUS that would attack the immune system,  10 yrs later the AIDS virus pops up.  Now the first cases of AIDS was in the white male homosexual community EXCLUSIVELY,  how the hell did it turn into a now predominately black disease, almost unheard of among white people.  In Africa where homosexuality and needle sharing is not pervasive, how does it now ravage the continent?  An absolute insane narrative was concocted about Africans eating green monkeys was told around the world as the origin of AIDS, one it shows that the most deadly disease in the world started on the DARK CONTINENT and two it shows the primitive nature of black people, and intelligent people believed this bullshit that AIDS was started by black people eating green monkeys….fucking madness!

The Ebola virus, I have just one question,  you ever notice that this so called Ebola virus NEVER and I mean NEVER happens in some progressive African CITY,  it ALWAYS pops up in some fucking remote village among illiterate poor people, where some white scientist just happened to DISCOVER it!  It was supposed to be 100% FATAL until a white person contracted it, then all of a sudden SHAZAM… they had a CURE for it!  FUCK OUT OF HERE!  As far as technology, if religion could save the European then why would you use technology to create weapons that can destroy the Earth MANY times over?  What MIND would produce this?  Why would you weaponize disease that can depopulate the earth if RELIGION was such a transformative tool?  Even in Rome when they conquered an enemy, particular in Carthage Africa, they were so envious and hated the African General Hannibal, that when they finally beat him they would use salt as a CHEMICAL weapon to put into the soil of Carthage to taint the soil so it wouldn’t be fertile anymore, so this mindset goes back thousands of years.

When you look at this INVENTION called religion, the European used it as a behavioral deterrent to SCARE people to act correctly.  You don’t have this among indigenous spiritual systems.  In all 3 Western religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this God sees you when you are good or bad, and if you are a BAD PERSON he punishes you for eternity.  In Kemet, if your heart was “heavier” than a feather, your spirit was not allowed to enter into the hereafter, but there was no burning in Hell and tormented for eternity.  So the motivation to have a clean spirit was not based in FEAR of punishment, so it was purer.  Religion is like the policeman, it is for FAILED societies who cant control themselves, so punitive measures must be used to control the reckless society.

Since Religion has failed to corral the European MIND, now behavioral MEDICATION or now even ANIMALS must be used to curb the reckless behavior.  Animals are now allowed to accompany people to help them ACT appropriately.  They are called COMFORT animals,  so God is no longer SUFFICIENT to comfort them from their anxiety and fear, a chicken, a dog, a cat, a snake and so on MUST be with them to board a plane, to have a medical procedure, because the Religious guard rails have come COMPLETELY off and God has proven to be insufficient for the incorrigible mind.