The word TUAT is a colloquialism for the word vagina or pussy. But the word TUAT came from the African word DUAT. The word DUAT is an African spiritual word for the UNDERWORLD!  What does the UNDERWORLD and the vagina have to do with one another?  Stay with me because I am about to go in deep on this subject by the time we finish part one and part two.  The white man turned DUAT into a negative connotation and called it TUAT, due to his hatred of his women.  The African deity of the UNDERWORLD was the God Ausar, who was called THE PERFECT BLACK!  He was also sometimes depicted in the color GREEN, which means NEW BIRTH and RESURRECTION.  But it was not until Auset, THE BLACK GODDESS that remembered his cut up body and put him together again did he have life.  So she is the God who puts the Black man together again whose body has been scattered throughout the diaspora. What does this have to do with pussy and the UNDERWORLD?  The womb of the woman is the PERFECT BLACK!  It also represents New Birth and Resurrection, because without the womb there is NO LIFE!  The is no HEREAFTER without the woman.  The womb provides the man his PROGENY.  The man is present NOW or HERE, but the WOMAN thru her WOMB gives him THE AFTER thru his progeny.  Its not about going to fucking space, THE HEREAFTER is thru the WOMAN, THE UNDERWORLD!  The womb, the pussy, the vagina, the yoni, the na-na or whatever you want to call it, is the KEY AND THE LOCK to it ALL!  The UNDERWORLD was synonymous in antiquity for HEAVEN.  The vagina is where heaven resides, its the TRUE UNDERWORLD, but because you and I are under the mindset of a Devil, the womb is marginalized and mocked as a thing to CONQUER!  To BEAT UP, TO SLAY, TO KNOCK OUT.  All terms that means to BATTLE the yoni instead of being in harmony and honoring it.  In Africa the God RA traveled the body of NUN, another African Goddess. He entered thru the Vagina traveled the length of the body, then came out of the MOUTH.  So RA died and was REBORN everyday.  In Christian theology, WHEN YOU DIE AND GO TO YOUR CREATOR,  you go to ANOTHER REALM, ANOTHER DIMENSION.  You open your eyes and SEE THE FACE OF GOD!  No more sickness, no more pain, a place of euphoria.  When the man EJACULATES in the UNDERWORLD,  what I just described is that place of EUPHORIA!  You are with YOUR CREATOR, for that moment…NO PAIN, NO SICKNESS and you are looking into the face of your CREATOR!  THIS IS THE DUAT, THE UNDERWORLD….THIS IS HEAVEN!     Part two soon.     ASE’