The seed is NOT the tree. What do I mean? It is the tree that produces the fruit not the seed. The seed is your potential, but the tree is your reality of who you really are. You have all the potential in the world, but eventually who you really are will produce itself eventually. I remember Malcolm saying when he was in school his White teacher asked him what he wanted to be [potential] when Malcolm replied that he wanted to be a lawyer [potential] his teacher said to him…”Oh Malcolm, you could never be a lawyer, MY people would never support you and your OWN people would never patron you. You should instead be a plumber, something more reasonable“. From that moment on he decided to leave school and become a criminal, so right away the seed or potential of who he could become was not put in fertile soil to grow into a tree, until he met Elijah Muhammad where he had an abundance of water and good soil.

I can have a seed in my hand, but I don’t know what type of tree the seed will produce because I lack that type of knowledge. Now a farmer can look at the same seed and tell you what kind of tree will come from the seed. Now when I say farmer I am not talking about a human being, the real farmer I speak of is NATURE! It is nature that can identify what the seed is and what it will produce. There are seeds that actually look good on the outside, but once they are put in the soil, there was something about the seed that kept it from producing.

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Now where exactly am I going with all this? WHO ARE YOU? Right now in your development are you the seed or the tree? Many of us have a whole bunch of fucking potential, but we are not producing shit! You ever hear someone TALK about what they are going to do? How much money they are going to make. What type of woman they are going to have. What type of house they are going to have. These are a bunch of seeds talking! Where are the trees where I can see the fruit they have produced?

When I was in the Nation of Islam, you had to pass some questions that was asked to you 100% correctly, and your conduct and participation in the Nation of Islam had to be exemplary in order for you to get your “X”. This is how Malcolm got his, and how I got mine. But when you get your X, that is like you being a seed. The X in mathematics means the unknown…you are now Richard X, but we don’t really know who you are until we see you produce some fruit!

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By them giving me my “X” they were saying “You have potential, but you are still in the seed state until we can see and watch you over a period of time to see what comes out from all that so-called potential”. When I finally left the Nation of Islam, I got into a heated argument with someone that was still in the Nation, it was over a social media comment and we battled over the sagacity of Religion and Islam in particular. He finally left the argument with a comment that has stayed with me to this very day. He said to me…”Brother if you have the real deal and what you believe has substance…then show and prove”! So basically what he was saying, all I hear from you is a bunch a fucking seed talk! You talking all this shit about the potential of African Spirituality, but I don’t see any fucking fruit! You have yet to develop into a tree where I can see some fruit of what you say is real about African Spirituality.

From that moment to now, I have been attempting to move from seed potential to Tree Reality. I can write all I want on the sagacity and reality of African Spirituality, but unless I can show through my OWN development and reality that this shit is real…I need to shut the fuck up! I will be successful, I will be productive in my endeavor to showcase the reality of African Spirituality, not in an egoic way to show “Look what I have done”, but to show to African people in particular and the rest of humanity in general that African Spirituality is viable and has something to offer African people where religion cannot!

Now with that said, I expect through my endeavors to show this to the world, I expect assistance from the Ancestors to help me with this endeavor. I cannot do this alone or with my OWN hands, I will need some super natural assistance to be successful! Just like your Jesus of the bible who expected God to assist him with his ascension, I expect the Ancestors to help me with my endeavor to show humanity the reality of their power! Now if the Ancestors are unwilling or unable to assist me, then I may as well take my ass back to church and back to sleep! But I believe them to be with me and dwell in me, and because of this my dedication to them will never wane!



Power to the goddamn People!

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Ezekiel 17:8 “It was planted in GOOD SOIL beside abundant waters, that it might yield branches and bear fruit and become a splendid vine”. This is heavy scripture from the bible. In order for this tree described in the bible to yield branches and bear fruit, the prerequisite was for it to be planted in GOOD SOIL and near abundant waters. Why use the adjective GOOD soil to describe the quality of the soil? Why not just say soil? Because the quality and condition of the soil has to be in such order to produce the proper results! And why does it need to be near an abundant amount of water and does this water represent something else? As long as you don’t read the bible like a goddamn slave, you can find some jewels in the book.

Lets deal with the Soil first. The soil represents the MIND. The condition of the mind or soil of the masses is in such a terrible state that nothing of substance comes from that soil or mind. The mind of the masses is barren so it bears no branches or fruit. Just listen to the conversation of the people and you can see the soil is barren and does not have the ability to produce fruit.

The reason the soil is barren is because it has not been near any abundant water. The water represents knowledge or wisdom, and the soil of the masses has been far away from any source of water or knowledge. Now for African people in particular, water or knowledge has been purposely kept far from us, so OUR soil is in terrible condition. Now why do I say for African people in particular? Ever since we stepped onto this soil called North America, it has been a concerted effort by European people to keep us far from abundant water so that OUR soil stays in a condition that it would never produce fruit.

Henry Berry in 1832 said before the Virginia House of Delegates these words…”If WE could extinguish the capacity to see the light, OUR work will be complete. THEY would be on the level of the Beast of the fields and we then should be safe”. Now you read that shit again and tell me what IS IN a people to purposely do this to another human being because you want to rule over them? Then you think of what kind of SOIL comes from such a people where you can THINK on this level with the impunity of any empathy for another human being! And lastly to have the comfortability to say this language in front of other Europeans and not be afraid of rebuff, tells you the SOIL of him and those in his company.

THIS is the reason the soil of African people is so far away from abundant water! So I am sure some of you after reading this will say…”Well it happen SO LONG ago, lets just move on”. It happened SO LONG ago? You mean like yesterday? Because yesterday the police shot a black man in the back. Yesterday we got 50 years for the SAME crime you gave your brother probation. Yesterday you gave very little sedation for a surgery because you think we handle pain better than white people. Yesterday you said you had no Apartment vacancy when you actually did. Yesterday you denied a business loan for us when we were qualified. Yesterday you said we were over and under qualified for a job position. So what the fuck are you talking about it happened SO LONG ago? You mean like yesterday?

You tell me what was the YEAR this type of thinking stopped? What YEAR was it? Was it 1832? Was it 1960 when we had Separate but Equal? Was it 1980 when Reagan sold drugs and guns in OUR neighborhood to fund a war? What year was it when this all stopped? Was it in the 1990’s when Clinton did 3 strikes out that was purposely focused on black people in order to get the white conservative vote? What was the fucking year that this type of racist thinking stopped that was aimed at the total destruction of African people?

What about NOW in 2021 where the Republicans know that the white middle class male is a dying breed, so NOW they are purposely going around America trying to target Black voting districts to dilute our vote by targeting certain voting habits that WE do to make it harder for us to vote. Whether its early voting, Sunday voting, gerrymandering or having a driver license. You scientifically go around and collect data to find out OUR voting habits then based on OUR voting habits you MAKE LAWS that target US like a laser, then say we are doing this to make sure we have voting integrity, because this is euphemism language to HIDE your real purpose because you cant say this is really the NEW NIGGA LAW! These are REAL fucking Devils that use their power in a wicked way….but this is not my fucking subject so let us continue….

So the bible also says…”You can tell the tree by the fruit it bears”. So just look at a person and what they have done with their lives as it relates to the upliftment of the Minds of the ignorant masses, and THIS is their fruit! The problem with the European is that he has changed the paradigm of what “bearing fruit” really means. So if you have lot of money and 20K church members, or you are Bill Gates and overtly act like you are a philanthropist, you have fruit on your tree! But this is his yardstick which he has manufactured as the yardstick of success, so this is what the world uses today.

But this is not what the bible is speaking of and the reason I confidently say this is because you don’t get anything even remote to this form of success coming from the mouth of Jesus or the lifestyle he had. It is the impact that one made in the world as it relates to the raised consciousness of those that walked in gross darkness.

Compare the machinations of Muhammad Ali up against Joel Osteen and you tell me who’s tree bore the most fruit. Its not about how many people follow you or how much money and influence you have on the populace, its about your intent and your example that motivated the people to do better in their actions and conduct.


If it was about money and influence then Donald Trump would be an example for mental elevation and resurrection, but he is a demonic example that elevated the worse in human beings and their conduct. The European will say…”Well neither did Malcolm X, he was a demagogue”. Well one persons Freedom Fighter is another persons terrorist. Any black man who promotes SELF DEFENSE against the European will always be considered an enemy! But the difference between Malcolm and Trump, you can look at the Tree, after 60 years Malcom’s tree STILL bears fruit, even after his death his tree is not barren. Six months after devil Trump is dead, lets see if his name will be reverberated by the masses.

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Luke 13:9….”And if it bears fruit next year fine; but if not cut it down”! All of us have to look at ourselves and ask…”Is there any fruit on OUR tree”? What have you been doing with and in your life? Do you have GOOD SOIL and has it been near an abundance of water? If not and your tree is not bearing any fruit, then your life has not had any substance in it and through your OWN actions and conduct, it will soon be cut down! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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