Heaven is a place the mind cannot imagine or conceive. This is what the religious say, but they plant a picture with EARTHLY ATTRIBUTES. Gold streets, a mansion for each person. Fine silk robes, a place where you worship and praise god for eternity. Jesus speaking…”I go to prepare a place for you”. Now just think LOGICALLY for a damn minute!  why are there STREETS OF GOLD in heaven? If you are a damn GHOST or a spirit, why do you need a PLACE of refuge or shelter called a mansion? Do you have a bed too negro? a yard in front of your mansion that needs occasional cutting? When you get to heaven will you find auntie and grandma on Moses avenue or Abraham blvd? When one thinks of angels why are they always in slippers and white pajamas? If you are a SPIRIT why do you need clothes anyway? and what the fuck are the WINGS for, you are a fucking spirit! Why are they always clouds around when a picture of god is made? Clouds are in the EARTHS atmosphere, certainly HEAVEN is not that close because if I can see clouds I should be able to see heaven. So where EXACTLY is the ADDRESS of heaven? You and I have been SOLD a bill of goods that mentally should be indigestible! But we have scraped the plate and have asked for more for 400 goddamn years. The MODERN day concept of heaven comes from GREEK mythology of HADES!  In this mythology there were 3 places stacked one on top of the other. Heaven was on top for the goodie goodies, the next level was purgatory where those who wasn’t so bad would go with a possibility to get to heaven. Then the bottom level was where the BAD people went. Hades was in charge of hell, this is your MODERN DAY satan. The Christian, who everyone knows ADOPTED GREEK culture just threw away the middle portion purgatory and kept the heaven and hell concept. They said heaven is UP THERE and HELL is DOWN there. The shit is ALL MYTHOLOGY, but the GREEKS got all their mythology from kemetic teachings and just changed the fucking names, so it all still goes back to AFRICA! Well since it all comes from Africa then the negro just is not going to believe it so let me come from another level and use some damn logic!  So pastor piggly wiggly said heaven is UP THERE! There is an instrument called the Hubble telescope, it can see from 10-15 BILLION with a goddamn capital “B”  LIGHT YEARS AWAY!  Now that may seem somewhat ambiguous, so I am going to try and make this shit so goddamn crystal clear. 15 billion light years, what the fuck is a LIGHT YEAR?  A light year is the distance light TRAVLES in a year. So lets break it down some more, light travels 186,000 MILES IN ONE SECOND! IN ONE FUCKING SECOND. Light travels 11,160,000 miles in ONE MINUTE! In ONE HOUR, light travels 669,600,000. Now this is just a goddamn hour, can you fathom the distance in just ONE year let alone 15 billion fucking years. In a DAY light travels 16,070,400,000 MILES!  So what is my point? How far is this fucking heaven that you are talking about? If the Hubble telescope can see 15 BILLION LIGHT YEARS and I have given you a GLIMPSE of how far that is, then where the HELL is your heaven? And if Jesus floated to heaven on a damn CLOUD and the max speed of a cloud is approx. 55mph before it starts to break apart then his ass is still floating up to heaven, maybe that’s why is ass has not come back….he is still fucking floating! No matter what one presents to the ignorant, and when I say ignorant I just mean those unaware. They are not going to believe because there is no foundation mentally to stand on. Heaven and hell are STATES OF MIND, STATES OF BEING, not a damn PHYSICAL PLACE!  For once just once, use that on top of your fucking neck!  RA FOR LIFE!