All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to our Elders, those who will read this, and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings, yet to be born.


David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den. ALL fictional characters. There was NO ONE in history named David who had a damn battle with some damn giant named Goliath. Grow the fuck up and stop believing in fairy tales! ALSO, there NEVER was a person in history named Daniel that was locked in a damn cage with a bunch of lions that never harmed him. If so, then YOU who are Christian should be able to do the SAME thing. So, go to your nearest zoo, jump your crazy ass in the cage full of lions and see if your Space Ghost God will protect you like he protected Daniel. Certainly, if God did it for Daniel, he will do it for you. And make sure you have it on video, so I can eat some popcorn while the lions eat your monkey ass up!


Now that is out of the way, let us apply some metaphysics to these stories and have more of an adult understanding. YOU are both David and Goliath. But they are YOU at different levels of understanding. David represents the REAL you. The human in all of our frailties. The human Self that must conquer our frailties. That part of us that is not as strong as we think we are. David represents the weak part of the Self, that must conquer the Goliath that lives inside of ALL of us. Now who and what is Goliath? This giant that resides inside ALL of us represents Ego, Arrogance, Gluttony, Selfishness and Greed. And he is a fucking giant compared to the real David of Self.


Now David hurled rocks at Goliath to slay him. It only took one shot to the HEAD…why the Head? There is a verse in the Quran that says, “I hurl TRUTH at falsehood, till it knocks out its brains”. So, falsehood has intelligence, until it comes up against the stone of truth! And in the bible Jesus says, “On this rock I build my church”. Jesus was speaking of Peter as the rock that he was going to build his church on.

So, in the Quran to hurl truth at falsehood is the SPIRIT, and in the bible, Jesus needs a BODY like Peter’s to build his church on. One is not more important than the other. BOTH body and spirit work in tandem for the benefit of the other. To many times in this Western world with the invent of social media, to many of us want to concentrate on the Body and push this is as the real person. This is Goliath, the false sense of the Self, and someone needs to throw a rock at your ass! At the opposite perspective, we have people who present themselves as some damn mental and spiritual savior for the world and have the actual bat-phone to God! Both are representatives of the Goliath mentality and need to be slayed.

Now to this Daniel and the Lion’s den. Again, this is a metaphysical story and can’t be taken literal. YOU are the real Daniel, and the Lion represents your internal fears. We ALL have our own unique fears that plague us. Everyone is different, and everyone have fears that are specific to the Self. These fears represent the Lion, and the fears are internal, so we are locked in an internal cage with the Lion. It is natural to have fear if you find yourself locked in a cage with a lion. But again, Daniel and the Lion BOTH represent the Self! We as Daniel must turn and face our Lions, where we can be in the cage and no longer have fear to be in the cage with them. If we don’t face our own unique and individual fears, then they will devour us eventually.

Both bible and Quran are good books if read in a proper and adult understanding. But if read in a literal and childish understanding, they are slave makers!

May we as Individuals and as a People, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…Fear, Ignorance and Poverty.

And may we as Individuals and as a People, embrace our 3 greatest strengths…our African Culture, Nationalism and an unwavering commitment to Self- Preservation!


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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born!

Sometimes when I write shit and look back over the months or years later to re-read it again, I say to myself…”I know I didn’t write this shit on my own”. At that moment I know the Ancestors work in and through me! I know that I am not that intelligent to write some of the things I have, so they come from another source other than the Self!

The Unseen working through the Seen. This is the inspiration of this post. I am sure many of us have seen the picture of “White” Jesus carrying a body through the sand, the name of the picture is called “Footprints in the sand”. In the caption it says something to the effect of….”When you were going through tough times and was unable to walk any further…that is when Jesus was carrying you”. A nice nostalgic picture of “White” Jesus carrying you through a sandy beach. You a grown ass man, and you have this image in your damn mind of another man carrying your black ass along a beach! Do you know you are crazy as hell?

Religion produces soft niggas!

Now let’s contrast this narrative with Spirituality. In Spirituality, the Ancestors walk with you during your times of trial. They don’t carry your ass! They accompany you during trial and assure you that they are always with you, but YOU will have to endure the trial personally. In African spirituality, HELL is meant for purification, not some shit that you are to avoid! It is part of the resurrection process. If Jesus is always carrying your ass during times of trouble, how does one learn or build up the fortitude to endure through times of trial if Jesus is doing all the damn work? And you know some of you are big as hell, I am sure Jesus would be saying…”Listen I can’t carry your big ass, you are going to have to walk some, my damn back hurt!”

In religion you ask God to Take the wheel and drive Jesus. In Spirituality YOU DRIVE, and the Ancestors stay with you and make sure your ass stay awake. In religion you GIVE IT ALL to God, and in Spirituality YOU must do the work, and the Ancestors are guides for the path. The point I am making here is NO ONE is doing the work for you! This world is a world of the living, and the living have to put in the work to change their reality. Trial and error have to be manifest for one to grow and learn in order to ascend to higher heights. If you are conditioned to have “Space Ghost” do all the damn work, you will produce a human being that is unproductive, ill prepared and non-industrious. And these characteristics will be bequeathed to their offspring.

This is why this type of SLAVE teaching was so appealing for a slave to hear. To be brutally beating, raped, killed, hunted and scared and then taught that in heaven there will be NO MORE pain, would be most appealing to hear and follow. Tolerate the intolerable, and your reward will be waiting for you when you DIE! What fucking beast would teach this to a vulnerable people?


The singer “Sade” has a song where in the verse she says…”Don’t lay around at night and worry about your problems”. Very spiritual song, in every facet of your life your Ancestors are with you, but to waste time at night worrying about your problems is unproductive. Sleep at night knowing that the doors will be made open, the answer to the problem and question is near, but the trial we will have to walk through… but NOT ALONE! And after some time when you look back over that era in your life, you will look back and see the scar has healed, but you damn sure went through it!

The story of Michael Jordan is a prime example of trial used to inspire instead of used as an excuse. In the 9th grade he was cut from the basketball team. Now go back in time and remember the last time when you were in high school and cut from a team or lost a position or job. How did it make you feel? Did you fall apart, or did it inspire you? What about a boyfriend or girlfriend cutting you loose out of nowhere, what did that do to your psyche? Did you really need Jesus to carry your ass through the sand? But your ass got through it didn’t you? After you look back over the years, you see just how strong you actually were.

This is why there is NO SUCH thing as evil and good spirits, this is religious constructs. There is only energy, just like an electric socket, there is positive and negative energy, and this is what produces light. What you do with energy is up to you. But Michael Jordan used that energy of getting cut from the team as motivation, he didn’t need Jesus to carry his ass! But imagine if he NEVER got cut from the team, would he be the SAME player he was when he played? NO!… he would have been just another player on the team, but that which was considered a negative was the HELL he needed to change the paradigm of his MIND and remake himself.


You have flow and Ebb, you have mountains valleys. This is Life, this is NOT the devil making life bad for you. When you are in the Ebb or valley of life, this is where transformation happens! Not on top of the mountain, but when you are on TOP of the mountain…this is where you must be appreciative and thankful! The fact you have seasons of hurricanes and winter are only SIGNS of life! Everything has its season. There will be times you have to take your ass down from the mountain and go into the valley, there is nothing wrong with this. Handle your business down in the valley, then get your ass back up the mountain!

May we as Individuals and a People overcome our three greatest impediments…Fear, Ignorance and Poverty.

And may we as Individuals and a People embrace our three greatest strengths… Our African Culture, Nationalism and an unwavering commitment to Self-Preservation!


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