Hip hop is as much different from rap as spirituality is from religion. There is a direct correlation in the analogy. In hip hop you have a culture and in the culture you have rules. In rap there are no rules and no culture. In hip hop under the culture came a certain dialect or verbal communication. So I could tell where you were from based on your slang and choice of words. If niggas used SON a lot, “what’s up SON “? I  know they were most likely from New York. If they used FADE ME ,  “You cant FADE ME”, most likely they were from California. Under the same culture there was a dress code, niggas in NY wore jeans and TIMS, while in California they wore Chucks. Atlanta and Miami had there own dress code as well, so I could tell where you were from based on your dress code also. Under hip hop culture you had graffiti, you had break dancing, you had B-BOYS, you had a D-JAY. The D-JAY was just as crucial as the M.C.  Terminator X for Public Enemy,  Jam Master J for RUN DMC,  Evil E for ICE -T,  DR.DRE for NWA, Eric B for RAKIM. Everyone had their OWN NITCH,  no one sounded or looked the SAME. Had everything from consciousness to pimp to revolutionary. Only one TUPAC, only one PUBLIC ENEMY, only one ICE T, only one BRAND NUBIAN, only one XCLAN, only one KRS ONE, only one MC HAMMER. Now you have RAP,  got rid of the D-JAY, got rid of break dancing, niggas all DRESS ALIKE. Goddamn videos all the same, lyrics all the same…how many women, how much money, what I am drinking. No originality, slang all the same, no more graffiti, break dancing gone…except in Japan, its revived there. THE GODDAMN DEVIL has taken away WOMEN hip hop artist to make you in a SUBCONSCIOUS WAY admire the MEN. The subconscious CANNOT tell the difference. We had EN VOGUE, QUEEN LATIFA, MC LYTE, LAUREN HILL, SALT AND PEPPA, YO YO. Look at the diversity, now you have NICKI MINAGE, one dimensional. Now you see why you got niggas in RAP actually putting on fucking dresses. Now compare this to SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION. Under SPIRITUALITY  like HIP HOP you have a culture, so under spirituality, I could tell what part of the world it originated from. You had gods or deity’s that were germane to that form of spirituality. Shit wasn’t ALL THE SAME. You had a verbal base that was associated with it. There was even a certain DRESS CODE that came with the  geographical area and spiritual system. Under spirituality ALL THE GODS ARE NOT MALE LIKE IN RELIGION. ALL THE SAGES ARE NOT MALE. But in RELIGION LIKE RAP, all the shit is the same. Somebody in space coming to save your black ass, all the gods are MALE, cant lead SELF, someone who is CLOSER to god than you has to be your LEADER. Like RAP, the rapper like the PASTOR OR IMAM is driving well, dressed well, lots of money and lot of women around them. Religion like Rap has no originality, the premise is the same… YOU ARE WICKED AS HELL AND YOU ARE GOING TO HELL UNLESS SOMEONE INTERVENES ON YOUR BEHALF. I love SOME rap but wish it would go back to the originality of hip hop so it can have life again…. I came up in religion but now embrace SPIRITUALITY so I may have LIFE AGAIN, AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY!   RA FOR LIFE…..POWER TO THE GODDAMN PEOPLE!