I once said EVERYTHING is about race.  That may seem a bit hyperbolic but I want to just explain EXACTLY what I mean.  African people MUST remain on the bottom.  In every facet of life,  we must remain at the bottom.  And we must CONSTANTLY be reminded that we are not on the level of the Caucasian.  SUBVERSION IS EVERYTHING!  In Beauty the Caucasian woman must be in all the beauty commercials.  In the movie she must be the beautiful damsel in distress.  She must sell cars in a bathing suit.  The hair commercials must show her Golden hair flowing around in the wind.  In Education the Caucasian Male must have ALL the inventions, he must be the ORIGINATOR of philosophy and higher thinking.

They must show him clean shaven with a Lab coat or suit and a JFK haircut.  In finance he must talk about the POWER of the dollar and how great HIS economy is.  Because is is doing so well, he talks about how much CHARITY America gives around the world to these poor Black and Brown THIRD WORLD countries.  In Religion he is the MOST PIOUS,  the most forgiving.  The TV must show White people doing acts of altruism to Black and Brown strangers and also make movies of such acts.

While at the SAME TIME, show African people as Unattractive, Overweight, playing the clown, fearful, Ignorant, the sidekick in movies.  The Black woman as aggressive, loud, and single.  That we ADOPTED other religions and BECAME civilized by our proximity to the Caucasian.  The African NEEDS charity for survival, for without it we are doomed to be just above the animals of the field.  SUBVERSION IS EVERYTHING!  We are CONSTANTLY being bombarded with  superhero WHITE imagery and those of downtrodden negro ones, because REPETITION SCARS THE SUBCONSCIOUS!

To make what I am saying crystal clear, I want to talk about something that may seem mundane but is ROOTED in African subversion.  The Electoral College.  America is a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY.  Let me say that again, America is a REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY!  What I mean is this, in a Democracy  the PEOPLE AS A WHOLE rule and make the decisions for the country.  This is the reason why Hilary won the POPULAR VOTE but loss the election, even though the populace voted for her and not Trump.  But in a REPUBLIC, a FEW are nominated to RULE THE MASSES!  NO WHERE in the Constitution does it call this country a Democracy.  TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS( remember singing that shit) The devil….and you know who I speak of, didn’t want a MAJORITY RULE, they were afraid that someone would sway the masses and push them out of control.

So they formulated a scheme called a REPUBLIC.  Now to be honest, other societies have had something SIMILAR to a Republic, but the unique thing was that among the indigenous people it was INTERDEPENDENT, meaning the Chief of Leader ruled ONLY by what the PEOPLE wanted and he was ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE.  The European is INDEPENDENT, he rules independent of the people and the people are unable to make him/ her accountable, particular with a fraudulent Electoral College.

In the INFANCY of this country, most White folks lived in the North, Philadelphia and Boston.  In the South it was less populated with White folks, just farmers, laymen and slaves.  So the MORE people you had, the MORE REPRESENTATION.  Well the Devil’s in the South were upset because they knew when it came to voting and laws, the North would always win because they had more REPRESENTATIVES than the South.  So the Devil’s in the South said “We want to count OUR SLAVES to increase our numbers which would increase our REPRESENTION.  Well, the Devil’s in the North said ” You can’t count them niggas!” So they COMPROMISED, they BOTH agreed to make African people 3/5 of a human.  You can’t count that WHOLE NIGGA, because he/she ain’t FULLY HUMAN, so only 3/5th.  So the WHOLE ELECTORAL COLLEGE was based on SUBVERSION of African people, and it was a COLLABORATION of BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH White folks.   So this is the ORGIN of the Electoral College, remember EVERYTHING IS THE SUBVERSION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE!    RA FOR LIFE/ MAAT FOR BALANCE!   POWER TO THE GODDAMN PEOPLE!

The Power of SET


Before Christianity, Judaism, and Islam had their devils or evil one, the African ALREADY had this concept.  He was called SET{ its where you get the term Satan}  but in African spirituality it was NEVER to be an evil thing or person but ENERGY OR CHAOS!  It was the CONSTANT battle of SELF and or circumstances.  The constant battle of the HIGHER self and the LOWER self.  The constant Ebb and Flow of life.  Never some evil person that gets in you for being a bad person, that shit is just so comical.  In life you will face scenarios that will be difficult, THIS IS SET.  How do you handle them?  For the LESSON is how you TRANSFORM on the other side, so Set is not an enemy….he is a teacher!  The term Hell was not a place where bad people go, it was for PURIFICATION!  It was a NECESSITY not a punishment.  If you fail to go thru it, you never have your transformation. Most times the failure is due to TWO THINGS…. FEAR OR IGNORANCE!  The muscle cant grow if it is never stressed, only thru the stressing and tearing of the muscle can it grow.  This is what Set means, when the SELF goes thru the vicissitudes of life he/she is building a stronger resolve.  The bigger your adversary, the bigger the Grand Rising of the SELF!

If you don’t have  opposition in your life, you can never ascend.  So why the fuck you trying to be friends with everyone?  This is how you MAKE MAJIK, when shit happens in your life, right away your mental should be ” Ok what do I have to LEARN from this?”  “What majik  do I have to perform to get to the other side?”  Not have the mind-SET of “why does this shit always happen to me?”  It happens to you because you keep failing to RISE up to the challenge of the time.  So when life is going well and all is good…..look for some shit to happen.  This is the ebb and flow, Heru and Set, rest and work, night and day, this is the nature of things.

This is why spirituality is so much better than bullshit religion, because it FORCES the transformation of Self.  In fact the African story of Ani in death being led by Heru to be judged by his father Ausar, is a beautiful story if properly understood.  In the mythology{which is why it is imperative to learn mythology} when you die the SOUL stays with the deceased and the SPIRIT has to go thru 42 SECRET DOORS before it meets the God Ausar for judgement.  Each door has a RIDDLE that you must be able to solve to unlock the door to get to the next door that has a DIFFERENT RIDDLE.  If you cant solve the riddle, then you cant proceed to the next door which of course means you cant meet with GOD.

This is not talking about a dead person meeting with God, its the LIVING who is ignorant of SELF!  It is YOU going thru the drama of life and each one is a RIDDLE….how do you figure it out?  How do you unlock this riddle until the next one enters your life?  Each time you SUCCESSFULLY go thru it….you answer the riddle!  But as you progress thru life ultimately you will run into more shit or riddles and you must use your majik to figure out how to unlock the riddle of life.  Now check this out, as you answer riddle after riddle who are you getting closer to?  THE GOD you have been seeking your whole life!  It is YOU, it has ALWAYS been you but it needed to be DISCOVERED, and this is the purpose of SET!

But if you crumble under the conditions of life and refuse to answer the riddle, you stay at that DOOR.  You never progress to the next door, you stay in the SAME STATE, THE SAME CONDITION, with no progression forward, so ultimately you never meet GOD!