I once said EVERYTHING is about race.  That may seem a bit hyperbolic but I want to just explain EXACTLY what I mean.  African people MUST remain on the bottom.  In every facet of life,  we must remain at the bottom.  And we must CONSTANTLY be reminded that we are not on the level of the Caucasian.  SUBVERSION IS EVERYTHING!  In Beauty the Caucasian woman must be in all the beauty commercials.  In the movie she must be the beautiful damsel in distress.  She must sell cars in a bathing suit.  The hair commercials must show her Golden hair flowing around in the wind.  In Education the Caucasian Male must have ALL the inventions, he must be the ORIGINATOR of philosophy and higher thinking.

They must show him clean shaven with a Lab coat or suit and a JFK haircut.  In finance he must talk about the POWER of the dollar and how great HIS economy is.  Because is is doing so well, he talks about how much CHARITY America gives around the world to these poor Black and Brown THIRD WORLD countries.  In Religion he is the MOST PIOUS,  the most forgiving.  The TV must show White people doing acts of altruism to Black and Brown strangers and also make movies of such acts.

While at the SAME TIME, show African people as Unattractive, Overweight, playing the clown, fearful, Ignorant, the sidekick in movies.  The Black woman as aggressive, loud, and single.  That we ADOPTED other religions and BECAME civilized by our proximity to the Caucasian.  The African NEEDS charity for survival, for without it we are doomed to be just above the animals of the field.  SUBVERSION IS EVERYTHING!  We are CONSTANTLY being bombarded with  superhero WHITE imagery and those of downtrodden negro ones, because REPETITION SCARS THE SUBCONSCIOUS!

To make what I am saying crystal clear, I want to talk about something that may seem mundane but is ROOTED in African subversion.  The Electoral College.  America is a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY.  Let me say that again, America is a REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY!  What I mean is this, in a Democracy  the PEOPLE AS A WHOLE rule and make the decisions for the country.  This is the reason why Hilary won the POPULAR VOTE but loss the election, even though the populace voted for her and not Trump.  But in a REPUBLIC, a FEW are nominated to RULE THE MASSES!  NO WHERE in the Constitution does it call this country a Democracy.  TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS( remember singing that shit) The devil….and you know who I speak of, didn’t want a MAJORITY RULE, they were afraid that someone would sway the masses and push them out of control.

So they formulated a scheme called a REPUBLIC.  Now to be honest, other societies have had something SIMILAR to a Republic, but the unique thing was that among the indigenous people it was INTERDEPENDENT, meaning the Chief of Leader ruled ONLY by what the PEOPLE wanted and he was ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE.  The European is INDEPENDENT, he rules independent of the people and the people are unable to make him/ her accountable, particular with a fraudulent Electoral College.

In the INFANCY of this country, most White folks lived in the North, Philadelphia and Boston.  In the South it was less populated with White folks, just farmers, laymen and slaves.  So the MORE people you had, the MORE REPRESENTATION.  Well the Devil’s in the South were upset because they knew when it came to voting and laws, the North would always win because they had more REPRESENTATIVES than the South.  So the Devil’s in the South said “We want to count OUR SLAVES to increase our numbers which would increase our REPRESENTION.  Well, the Devil’s in the North said ” You can’t count them niggas!” So they COMPROMISED, they BOTH agreed to make African people 3/5 of a human.  You can’t count that WHOLE NIGGA, because he/she ain’t FULLY HUMAN, so only 3/5th.  So the WHOLE ELECTORAL COLLEGE was based on SUBVERSION of African people, and it was a COLLABORATION of BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH White folks.   So this is the ORGIN of the Electoral College, remember EVERYTHING IS THE SUBVERSION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE!    RA FOR LIFE/ MAAT FOR BALANCE!   POWER TO THE GODDAMN PEOPLE!

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