There are 2 forms of wisdom that come from 2 different schools of thought. One is Afrikan and one is European. Our Afrikan ancestors gave us  VERY SIMPLE instruction for our time on this planet, and that was 3 words…KNOW THY SELF!  Not who made the sun, who made the fucking beetle, did the snake used to have feet. Dumb shit about where is the address of god and religious folk LIE every fucking week and say “ITS UP THERE” and paint the ignorant this vivid picture of golden streets, milk and honey, and sheer white pajamas. I really don’t want to be mean spirited but some of the shit I see grown ass adults believe in is worse than little children! Its one thing to have a huge deficit with no evidence but to compound that with a lack of historical veracity is almost fucking criminal! I am off my subject for a moment but BLACK PEOPLE U CANNOT, U CANNOT, U CANNOT, U CANNOT live on a continent for over 3 million years, have your own form of spirituality. get kidnapped by a bunch of demons, be their slave for over 300 years. Then replace your spirituality with their religion! Afrikan people didn’t practice no fucking Christianity, Judaism, or Islam two thousand, four thousand, six thousand  years ago….STOP LYING! Back to the subject, the ancestors made the shit UNCOMPLICATED….KNOW THY SELF!  Just do that negro. You will NEVER know who made the sun, the address of heaven and space ghost (god), who made the beetle, where is Atlantis. This is all periphery shit that will not resurrect self from the muck of a chaotic world. The study of self will be an on going concept that one will never reach the end of this infinite road. If you ever stop studying self you will either be dead physically or you will be dead mentally. Either way you will be DEAD!  What does know thy self entail? How do your muscles work? How does the 9 systems in your body work? What foods benefit self? Which one are liabilities and which one are beneficial for people with melanin? How does the environment affect melanin? What is the HISTORY of the Afrikan? and ultimately how do you raise the consciousness of self? How does the self relate to the CREATOR…. the Black woman?  now how long will one take to answer just these questions let alone the ones you yourself will come up with? Now how the fuck does who made the sun mean any damn thing to you? where is Atlantis? dumb shit! That’s why the ancestors gave us this instruction to “know thy self” because they know it would take a lifetime to study such a myriad of questions. So they didn’t burden us with irrelevant so called knowledge. Then you have the European theory that is about a PARANOID GOD. This theory comes out of the mind of a people who have come from a scary place and history…THE ICE AGE. From this environment produces a mental doctrine that manifests in their religion. When a people conquers another people they infest their mind with their own maladies. So a god that kills, and murders, and rules by FEAR AND burns you or drowns you if you don’t listen to HIM comes out of the MIND of the European. This concept has never been the spirituality of Afrikan people! The concept ” a lake of fire” is an afrikan one that the white man stole and took the shit and with his mind corrupted it and made it into torture. The afrikan concept comes from a volcano in north afrika and the lava that pooled at the foot of the volcano was the lake of fire. In the mythology you would walk thru the lake of fire for PURIFICATION of sins. Not as a fucking punishment. So in part two we will go over the European concept of FEAR OF GOD is the beginning of wisdom….just madness!   HOTEP…RA FOR LIFE!