African people have been and still are, so totally destroyed as a people that we are only a SHELL of who we really are. We live in a culture that PERMITS us to rise as high as the dominate culture ALLOWS us. We try to emulate a culture that if we compare it to African people,  have been in existence only a few days. How much elevation can you truly rise under such a people?  Our minds have been TOTALLY ENCAPSULATED and kept totally dysfunctional that by default and ignorance we have ADOPTED a religion that was GIVEN to us, or should I say FORCED UPON us like a RAPE!  So we don’t REMEMBER who we are or who we WERE.  So every period of time that goes by, a teacher has to REMIND us of our greatness.  Some will say “To teach Black people of their greatness is just a SEDATIVE for a people that is failing in every endeavor”.  But it is not  a SEDATIVE, we act the way we do because we are VOID of who we are, and that was done on PURPOSE!  When we KNOW better, we will ACT better and DO better.  A DEAD man and woman will ACT like a dead man and woman. We can be no more than what our PRESENT condition is, the question is HOW DO WE GET OUT OF IT?  No one is coming to save you, despite what you have been indoctrinated to believe for half a millennia.  SAVIOR IS SELF!  We MUST GO STUDY OUR ANCIENT SELF!  If you start this study and there is a thing as RELIGION…E.g.  Christianity , Judaism, or Islam  you need to go FURTHER back in history.  If you start this study and there are Caucasians on the planet, you need to go FURTHER back in history. If you start this study and you end up in Europe, your ass is definitely way off course. It must BEGIN in AFRICA and there must be NO ONE else on the planet but AFRICANS, then you go from THERE FORWARD!  I can only give you suggestions, your SPIRIT must guide you to truth that resonates with you so you can be concrete in your thoughts.  Once you have studied your ancient self, before religion, before the Caucasian then you can RE-MIND self of who you are.  I say RE-MIND because your MIND is not yours. He has your mind, so you and I have to RE-MIND ourselves to become ONE with self and RE-CLAIM our minds from him to BECOME what we once were. Who are you?  when you say ” I am Jackson, Culpepper, Johnson, Washington, O’reilly, I know you don’t know who the fuck you are! When you say ” I am democrat, republican, Christian, Jew, some fucking GREEK fraternity I know your are clueless. Once we RE-MEMEBER who we are, we can RE-CLAIM self. I say RE-MEMBER because we have been CUT UP AND DISCARDED in the waste land of ignorance.  Once we RE-MEMEBER our disfigured and cut up minds, we can RE-CONNECT the BRAIN to our once useless members and become WHOLE again.  I know you FEEL what I am saying because I can SENSE it.  So let us as INDIVIDUALS and as a PEOPLE…RE-CLAIM, RE-CONNECT, RE-MIND AND RE-MEMBER SELF!    ASE’    POWER TO THE GODDAMN PEOPLE!    RA FOR LIFE AND MAAT FOR BALANCE!