So this is part two of “What Anointed really means”. Part one was on a Physical tip on the beauty and chosen status to be of African stock and be anointed with the most melanin content of the whole human family. Let me say this as a caveat for the white people who may read this and get into their goddamn feelings and think I am teaching some sort of “Black Superiority”…..whatever the fuck that means. But high melanin content does not make you holy or righteous. A moral standard and good conduct still needs to be cultivated no matter how much melanin one has. But with all that said, African people are still the most Hue-man of the human family. Go read part one to get a proper understanding of what I mean.

So since part one was the physical, part two will be on the Spiritual side of being anointed. Now back to the definition of Anointed. One of the definitions is to be chosen by a divine elector. When one seeks knowledge, it is impossible not to find it. So by seeking knowledge YOU BECOME the divine elector who is doing the choosing. You are choosing to come out of ignorance into knowledge, which by the way is what a Hebrew really is, “One who crosses over”. So a real Hebrew is one who crosses from ignorance into wisdom, or darkness into light. But the bible got you believing in some damn negro named Abraham who crossed from Ur into Egypt and this made him the first Hebrew…..just dumb shit that has no historical efficacy.

So if you are of the Anointed ones, what is your purpose of being Anointed? You are trying or attempting to become “A” Christ. Not “THE” Christ because there is not only one Christ, but you are attempting to become A Christ of many! The problem with African people and the whole human family, but African people in particular because no other people has been traumatized like the African has. And please don’t tell me about the European Jew, six million [which is an elevated number because blacks, gays, gypsy’s, mentally handicapped were also in that so-called six million] but my point is under Rhodesia in southern Africa, a whole country named after a goddamn devil named Cecil Rhodes, he killed over 30 Million Africans! So please miss me with some shit about the holocaust! How many did King Leopold kill in North Africa? Another 30 million Africans, but for some reason we only know when white people loose their lives, but let me get to my fucking point….To think that YOU are capable to BECOME A CHRIST, particularly for African people is to be blasphemous!

When I say Christ I mean “The Anointed One” or the Deliverer! It all is the same thing…its YOU! You are the Christ you have been waiting on but she/he can never come if you are looking UP for a return. Also when I say Christ I don’t mean “Christ Like”. You are not trying to be LIKE no one….you are to BECOME Christ period! And when I say Christ I don’t mean Jesus, because Christ is a highly illuminated being, and Jesus is a goddamn cartoon character!

But the masses of the human family are not ready for that illumination, so they need the “God complex”. They need the “God theory” to lean on or they would be lost in this world without this God to lean on. And what is so sad is they applaud the fact that without God they would be lost, so the bible tells them “Not to lean on your OWN understanding”. Well what understanding am I supposed to lean on if not my OWN goddamn understanding? Now if one is ignorant of something and they lean on their own understanding, then of course this is unwise. This is why seeking knowledge is a cradle to the grave endeavor. But asking Space Ghost to guide you is for the ignorant and for those who need an opiate. So by all means if this is for you, then continue looking into space for your guidance.

Religion are the “guard rails” to keep the human to conduct themselves on a reasonable moral account. But look at the 9 billion people on the planet who are by majority in some form of Religion, and look at the condition of the world as it relates to its moral capacity, then look at the condition of the Earth run by people who are in religion, and tell me has this bullshit theosophy worked for human kind? Now of course the moral and physical condition of the world cannot be blamed on the poor, and the vast amount of the poor on this planet are melanated people. So the dilapidated condition of the people and the planet lies at the feet of the rich and powerful, because you influence both….and these individuals are without question without melanin! Now that statement is not to be taken as racist, that is just a fucking fact! Other than China, the vast majority of those that run this planet with power have NO melanin, so you are responsible for the condition of the people and the planet.

So the world and the people need a NEW husbandman, one who will do a better job at the spiritual, mental and physical cultivation of the human family and the planet, but it cant be under the auspices of Religion, because we have had this shit for over 2000 years and it has not benefitted neither the human or the planet.

Now to wrap this up, to have Knowledge of Self is to be Anointed! Now of course the whole human family needs a knowledge of Self. But the African has been stripped of that knowledge more than any other people, so I have to concentrate on them. When the Mexican, Korean, Arab, Chinese and Indian come to America they come with their CULTURE IN TACT! Their language, their diet, their NAMES, knowledge of their family linage all that shit is UNBROKEN! We as African people have NONE of this, we have been TOTALLY uprooted from SELF….so a proper knowledge of Self is MOST pertinent for us.

One of the definitions of Anointed is to be “smeared or rubbed with Oil”, well on a Metaphysical tip this Oil represents Knowledge! So to be rubbed with Oil is to be Anointed with a Knowledge of Self! But the African has not been rubbed or touched with such Oil. The European has purposely kept the Oil from touching our melanated skin. So our skin has been in the condition of Ignorant Psoriasis, due to the lack of Oil or a proper Knowledge of Self!

The fact the Ancestors explicitly gave us the instructions of “KNOW THY SELF”! They made the shit so simple….Know thy Self! But you out here studying every goddamn thing but the “Study of Self”!

NO ONE is going to teach you the proper Knowledge of Self….NO ONE! The reason is because NO ONE CAN teach you the proper Knowledge of Self. The European, the Arab, the Chinese, the Mexican, the Korean CANNOT teach an African a PROPER Knowledge of Self…what tools will they use to pull from? This is an endeavor that must be done by the SELF….YOU must choose to be Anointed! You must choose to put this Oil on the skin! NO ONE will smear or rub this Oil on you but the SELF….and THIS is what the word Christ means……MY ANOINTED! It is YOU! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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What does ANOINTED really mean? [part one]


My last few posts have been on some personal shit that needed to be said in defense of Queens, so lets get back to Metaphysics. To be ANOINTED, what does that really mean? Now the definition of Anointed is “To rub or smear with Oil or oily substance”. Or to CHOOSE by “Divine” election. Now that is a mundane explanation that has no basis in Metaphysics. To give a metaphysical exegesis it has to connect with Spirituality.

Now since it is a metaphysical meaning, it can go in a myriad of paths, so I am going to give my thesis of what being Anointed really means. Now in part one I am going to give a Physical meaning and in part two it will be more of a Spiritual one, remember balance in ALL things…..MAAT, MAAT, MAAT!

See the source image
AFRICAN GODDESS MAAT [where the european concept of the ANGEL came from]

So if ONE of the definitions of Anointed is to be CHOSEN by DIVINE election….what divine thing is doing the choosing and to choose you for what reason? Now of course the divine elector under Religion would be “Space Ghost” and these charlatan preachers are always saying God chose ME to tell YOU some shit. So my question is always “Why is Space Ghost telling YOU some shit that was meant for ME?” And when God does talk to them, its always in private and alone. Religion is a scam, its a goddamn “Ponzi Scheme” where the Pastor is at the TOP of the pyramid and the damn congregation is at the base. As you go up the Ponzi Scheme you have Cardinals or Deacons who are higher up the Ponzi scam than the regular base followers, but are beneath the Pastor, Preacher, Imam or Pope who sits at the TOP of the Ponzi scam. Stop allowing these charlatans to rule over you and learn to lead SELF!

There is nothing wrong with listening to or even “following” the example of a sage or wise person, but the door of wisdom is a door that every person must walk through alone, and always alone!

On the physical note of this OIL that is smeared on the body…..this is Carbon or Melanin. Those that are European that may read this, don’t take this as racism or bias. This is a Metaphysical exegesis that you can disagree with, but get out of your feelings when shit is not centered around you. Melanin is that Anointing Oil that African people have that has been smeared or rubbed on us by a Divine Elector who CHOSE us. And who is that Divine Elector? That divine elector is RA or the Sun!

See the source image
AKENATON AND THE GOD ATEN OR RA [the RAYS of the Sun stimulate and energize Melanin skin]

The European are the only people on the planet who was not chosen by this divine elector to be anointed with this Oil called Melanin. The rest of the human family has melanin, but African people have been blessed with the MOST Oil! Now I don’t say that to say in some colloquial way that African people are “better” than everyone else, I say that to say if the word HUMAN is dissected to HUE-MAN and the word HUE means “to have color”, then African people are the MOST Human people on the planet!

But so much damage has been done to the psyche of the African, at home and abroad that we feel ashamed of our anointing and will attempt to bleach out our oil to look other than Self. We have been so miseducated on our divine pigmentation that the people who really want to be like us, to have that anointed oil, have used reversed psychology to make US want to look like them, when in reality it is they who want to look like US! Sun tan OIL and tanning machines are a multi-billion dollar industry, if whites were so beautiful then why the attempt at manufacturing Melanin? Not to mention butt injections and lip injections.

You are the MOST IMITATED people on the planet, but that is not my subject so lets move on. Your melanin and kinky hair are a physical manifestation and representation of who are the Original people on the planet. Meaning Black skin and kinky hair is a Dominant feature and can produce every Color spectrum and every hair texture on the planet. But anyone who does not have these two dominant features are considered Recessive or weak. The Recessive cant produce the Dominant, but the dominant can produce the recessive. These are fucking facts that are indisputable and cant be taken as some form of racism due to ones hurt ego.

So now that you have the Melanin and have been chosen, what have you been chosen to do? Just imagine a world without African people? Now most racist white people would say “That would be a world without crime, because black people do most of the crime”. Now that comment is out of pure EGO and lack of history. Of course every people commits crime, BUT and there is a goddamn but, based on the numerical numbers of Caucasians on the planet….your injury to the planet and the people on it, far out stretch what you numerically represent. Meaning NO ONE comes close to what the European has done as far as damage to the human family…..NO ONE! World War One, World War Two, Holocaust, African Slave Trade, Chinese Opium War, Slaughter of Native American, Australia Ab-Originals, Total genocide of the Tasmanian people, countless killing in Vietnam and Korea, Britain’s murderous rampage in India, untold murder of people in Central and South America and this is ONLY in the last 400 years! So please don’t clown yourself by saying Black people do most of the crime!

But a world without African people would be a world without Mathematics, Religion, Writing, Science, Medicine, Music, Philosophy, Art, Speech, Cooking, Cooking Utensils and the strata of human life itself. African people produced ALL of this and more when there were no one on the planet called White, European, Caucasian, Greek, Roman or Asian. But of course people would say eventually the human being through ingenuity would produce ALL the above over time. Maybe or maybe not, but my question would be without the African….at what level would ALL these things come into fruition? That is the goddamn question, what exactly would you have produced from nothing without the historic influence of the African? Honor your father and mother so your days may be long on the Earth……….ASE’

This is part one on what it really means to be Anointed. This is only on a Physicality viewpoint, but in part two we will go over the Spiritual component of what it really means to be Anointed. ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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AND THIS ONE IS 4U [part 2]


So in part One we went over Mind and Gender manipulation of the Black woman to make her [against her will] to be an independent instrument to be used by the European, and to be an agent of confusion towards her African mate.

The fact that the Black woman is the most unmarried woman on Earth is not a coincidence. So now she has been conditioned to believe “she doesn’t need a man”. This mindset does not come out of a vacuum, this mind has been inculcated and put on its axis to rotate in automatic mode for hundreds or even thousands of years….verbatim words by the white slave master Willie Lynch.

It will stay on that automatic rotating axis, unless a more powerful energy comes and moves it off its rotating axis. That powerful energy has to be our African Culture! Religion, and religion in ALL forms have perpetuated the goddamn rotating axis. In Islam it has made women into second class citizens, where in some Islamic countries they cant drive or receive higher education. Now I know the polemic defender of Islam will say “That is not Islam, but Arabic culture”. The Arabic culture is what brought the goddamn religion, this is why Islam that is practiced in Africa by Africans, is distinctly different then how it is practiced by the Arab in Africa. The woman is still suppressed but not at the chronic level that she is with the Arab, so you can miss me with that Arab culture not the religion bullshit excuse!

In Christianity the Black woman says “The only man she needs is Jesus”! Or the prolific saying from her that she wants a “God fearing man”….what ever the fuck that means, but how about a man that has a goddamn job? A heterosexual man that respects women? These are concrete attributes that go further than saying a “God fearing man”. Well why cant a woman have a God fearing man AND all those attributes? Well you go to church every fucking Sunday, why cant you find this goddamn unicorn? Because ALL good men are NOT in the goddamn church!

So back to part one and the saying from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad…”There is no such thing as a no good woman, every no good woman was made that way by a no good man”. I just want to give a few examples of no good men fucking over good women. Lets start with Jay-Z, how the fuck do you have a woman like Beyonce and fuck over her by being with another woman? What the fuck was this nigga thinking about? I mean how more successful and beautiful does a woman have to be for a man to stay faithful? Lets go to Magic Johnson. Now no one knows how many women this nigga went through, but he brought a deadly disease back to your faithful wife, but did Cookie leave that nigga? NO! She had every right to stab that nigga 60 times in his forehead for that foul shit! Next O.J. Simpson. When he was in college, it was a Black woman who cooked for his ass and helped that negro with his college classes, but when he got that paycheck he bounced her ass. Michael Jordan and Lionel Ritchie did the same scenario when they were in college to the paycheck. What about Bill Cosby? Now I don’t believe Bill did ALL that foul shit that these white women accused him of, but Bill did some of that shit! But what about his wife Camille? She still stayed with him…even now she is with him. Lets go to his Highness Martin Luther King, even though he was a preacher, he was slanging ding-a-ling like he was a pimp! And his faithful wife Coretta?…..never married again and kept his legacy going in his absence despite knowing of his infidelity.

Lets just keep going. Nelson Mandela went to jail for 27 years, and while he was in prison his wife Winnie kept fighting on his behalf. She was beat, raped and couldn’t get a job because of who she was married to. When Nelson Mandela got out, the white man said Winnie was to much of a rebel, so you have to abandon her if you want to be President of South Africa. Now just imagine the fucking hurt that Black woman had to go through to be abandoned by Nelson after all the fucking hell she went through while he was locked up and to be now cut loose to appease the enemy of BOTH! What was the mental condition of Whitney Houston before she ran into a no good man….Bobby Brown? And what was Whitney’s mental condition after being with that same no good man, even when people kept telling her to leave him? The point I am making is the Ancestor the Honorable Elijah Muhammad saying “There is no such thing as a no good woman, that every no good woman was made that way by a no good man” resonates so well with these few examples. Now of course I am not saying Black women have not done some foul shit to Black men, particularly the false rape charges against high profile men, but the point I am making is the way Black women have stayed the fucking course with us through our most foul times.

The current state of mind of the black woman will stay in its frigid condition unless a stronger force moves it off its current course. As I said that force has to be our African Culture. The Ankh is an actual pictorial form of the unity of the African female and male. It is the sexual union of the female and male parts. The Top portion is the womb of the woman and the bottom vertical part is the phallus of the male. The so-called “Star of David” is the same goddamn symbol! It is an African symbol, it comes from the African deity Djehuti and his 7 Laws…. the Law of Correspondence “As above-So below”. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with a Judaic religion. It is TWO interlocking Pyramids. The Pyramid on Top is the yoni or female womb, and the Pyramid on the bottom is the lingam or phallus entering the womb. The African Culture was always trying to promote a healthy heterosexual union of the female and male through symbols and mythology and through proper compatibility and not through competition.

See the source image
See the source image
666= 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons which is carbon/melanin. But you also the Pyramid pointing down is the womb and the Pyramid pointing up is the Phallus.

The game of Checkers is an African game that was taught to the child on how to balance your male ego or energy with the complimenting female energy. So when one player moves this way, the other player moves their piece that way as a balance act, so the child would learn through a “game” how to compliment an energy that was different from his or her. We have lost this knowledge and see it as a damn game because you learned the damn game from someone who didn’t understand the culture when they stole the damn game!

In Ancient Kemet when the deity Heru brought the deceased to his father Ausar to be judged for his earthly deeds, standing on each side of the God Ausar was his wife Auset and her sister Nephthys to make sure that Ausar’s judgment and decision was honest and fair. In religion, and under ANY religion there is only the Male God doing the judging, again showing the balance in our mythology so everyone from child to adult could duplicate this in real life. When the Pharaoh first took his seat to rule the people of Ancient Kemet, he asked the female deity Seshat to give him the “Apple of Wisdom” to assist him in his rulership. The European took that mythology and fucked it over and corrupted it into Eve beguiling Adam into eating the apple when male God told them not to.

See the source image
The deceased being lead by Heru to be judged by his father Ausar with his wife Auset and Nephthys present

The point I am making is we are NOT enemies, we were made into that. Black woman YOU are the key to our relationship being put in its proper place, but you have to be aware of the destructive mind that have been interpolated in your precious psyche. We as men have our own responsibility and mind correction also, but you Queens are the First Fruit! You are our first teacher, nurse, guide and God! So lets build together! This One was for you! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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