All praise to our Ancestors, those that are known and those unknown. Praise to the Elders that will read this and those that will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born!

The title of this blog comes from the title of a book, I have not read the book, but I hear its pretty good. Now the definition of Conspiracy is…”A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” Now I have 3 in particular that I want to talk about. These 3 are NATO, an engine that runs on water and the Monkey Pox hysteria. First let’s start with NATO. Now that is an acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It was formed after WW2 and refused to let Russia in it. So, basically it is a bunch of countries that banned together and have promised each other that if there is an attack on one of the NATO countries, it was an attack on ALL of them. So, basically it is a bunch of fucking gang members!

Now this concept is NATIONALISM at its finest! But Nationalism is only a bad word when black and brown people attempt to do it, White people practice the shit ALL THE TIME! Now what is the conspiracy about NATO? Let us look at the countries that are in NATO. The United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Albania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain and Turkey. Now, now, now you take another look at all these countries, and you tell me what stands out to you? They are ALL European or White countries! ALL of them! Now again the premise of NATO is to ONLY protect those in the gang! But the conspiracy is there are NO Black or Brown countries, because if a Black or Brown country was in NATO, and it was attacked, ALL the NATO countries have to protect and defend them. So, Africa is NOT in NATO. Japan, China, Mexico, India, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba. And to show you that the shit is racist motivated… Canada, the United States and Mexico are ALL ONE CONTIGUOUS continent, but they have shrewdly and purposely left Mexico out of NATO.

Now you may say…”What about Russia, they are a European country?” But Russia, which was the Soviet Union at the time was a military competitor, so they couldn’t include Russia. So, you have a Military monopoly of WHITE countries that rule this fucking planet, and ALL the Black and Brown countries dare not fuck with ANY of these NATO countries or receive their wrath! And from1948 when it was formed to this day…ALL White countries are in NATO, but None Dare Call It Conspiracy!

The next conspiracy is an engine that runs on water. A Black man named Aaron Salter Jr. was a retired police officer that was killed by a racist demon in Buffalo back in May along with 9 other black people. Now he had produced an engine for cars that run on water! Not only regular water, but also sea water! This Black man never finished college or had an engineer degree, just shows you the genius of black people! Now what was so fucking crazy about this black man’s invention was it never needed replacement parts; the engine lasted a lifetime! Now just ponder that you have a car engine that never needed to be taking for repairs or parts…poor people across this planet would benefit!

This brother’s invention was making so much noise, that the goddamn Pentagon had heard about it and wanted to meet him! Now you read THAT PART again and tell me when has this no-good damn government meant any good for Black people! So, here comes the conspiracy part, he was one of the 10 people killed in the mass shooting in Buffalo. Now of course “None dare call it Conspiracy!” The ignorant will say… “It is just a coincidence that he was killed among the other 9 people, and there are other people who have made a similar design for an engine to run on water.” My answer to that is…”Did the goddamn Pentagon want to meet them?” And did their invention need parts or repair? Then shut the fuck up! Now you can believe whatever the hell you want, but for me I don’t believe in coincidence when it relates to this no-good damn government! And lastly, since his death what has happened to his invention? Where did it go? Who has control over it now? None dare call it conspiracy.

Now the last one is this Monkey Pox shit! Every few months, there needs to be a new boogy-man to occupy the ignorant! “Look over here!” While I dangle shit to capture your attention, while at the SAME TIME I am plotting shit over here! This Monkey Pox has affected a few hundred people on a planet of almost 8 billion, but it has inspired an inordinate amount of attention. So, this so-called Monkey Pox THEY SAY has originated in the Congo…always fucking Africa! Now it being so-called originated in the Congo is extremely important. They said it is spread through mucous contact, but it is primarily affecting the homosexual community…WHY?

I am here to tell you this shit is remnants from the contaminated AIDS virus that they purposely infected over a million Africans by injecting them with the polio and smallpox vaccine.

It was colloquially called the AIDS virus, but in reality, it was the SV40 VIRUS! Now I don’t have time on this blog to go into detail of the SV40 virus and its AIDS connection, but in part two we will go into the connection and history! We will tie all this shit up and expose this demon, the real virus on this goddamn planet!


May we as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY!

And may we as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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