There is the ORIGINAL MAN, then there is man(KIND).  The ancestor Elijah Muhammad taught that HE (mankind) is not like the original man.  I will explain later in this text.  But Elijah Muhammad said he is called man(KIND) because he is KIND of or like the original man but he falls short.  How did he get here and what is his purpose?  Now at one time on our planet there was only Black. No Brown, Red, Yellow or White.  In the Nation of Islam they teach that the original man over a 600 year period of mating the lighter skinned of our people to the other light skinned, that over 600 years of this manipulation of the gene pool they came up with a COMPLETELY different race of people, a GRAFTED people we now call Caucasian.

There is NO biological or archeological evidence of such 600 year breeding, as they say approx. 6000 years ago on an island called Patmos, this is all religious hearsay that’s based in BELIEF. We cant just teach MYTHOLOGY AS HISTORY to African people, EVIDENCE will always out weigh RHETORIC!  But they do reference a white scholar named Mendel, who taught that there is a LAW of DOMINATE AND RECESSIVE.  That Black was DOMINATE and White was RECESSIVE.  The Black could produce the White but the White couldn’t produce the Black. So to answer the question who is the original man is very clear, the original man and woman were Black.  So there was a time on the planet when that’s all was here was Black because Brown, Red, Yellow and White are ALL recessive compared to Black people.

That is really not what I am driving at but I needed to paint a picture and make a point based in fact and not rhetoric or so called hate.  Now what is their purpose and how did they get here?  Cheikh Anta Diop has a premise that they are a BLEACHED OUT African that left the continent and went into the diaspora of Europe and got caught up in an ice age, lost their melanin and developed keen features that produced what we know as the Caucasian over thousands of evolutionary years.  Again this is only a THEORY.  Dr. Afrika says our chemistry, hair, and bone structure is different from the Caucasian.  Also a study was done where they studied the DNA of the Neanderthal and found it traces back  to the Caucasian but had absolutely no connection to the African.  Well if we are ALL FROM THE SAME FAMILY, then certainly there would have been a connection of the Neanderthal to the African as well.  In part two we will try and answer the question of WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE?  Especially as it relates to African people.  Until next time,  ASE’