What is God?  Is it the name of the almighty that knows everything and sees everything?  That IDEA is just to simplistic for me.  I just can’t get with the idea that this ethereal being that KNOWS all and SEES all, that made the whole universe and all that’s in it, decided to send A BOOK.  ONE BOOK to teach humans how to behave.

God is a NAME that is used over and over again because we have HEARD it over and over again, but what does the NAME mean?  Well generically it means The All knowing, all wise,  the all in ALL!  But again, what the fuck does that mean?  That is just to vague for me….FOR ME!  So it is said God is just to vast to know what he REALLY IS.  He is  to vast with wisdom and knowledge that He sent two books and three different religions, and now due to this so called vast wisdom there is vast confusion and mass killing in the name of this God.

He unfortunately  was not WISE enough to EXPLAIN himself better than he has yet being in existence for billions of years.  That explaination is to weak for me.  So I will manufacture my OWN idea of who is God by my OWN EXPERIENCE.  I had an incident that I have only told ONE PERSON since the incident has happened about 20 years ago.  I was leaving Christianity and studying Islam, but I didnt know what sect of Islam to follow.  I was stuck between Orthodox Islam and the Nation of Islam.

I was at home one evening and it was raining and storming, I asked God to send me a SIGN of which way to go.  I said “If you are REAL, I need you to send me a sign”.  I was looking out of a window as I was making my request to God, and this is not an exaggeration….the moment I asked those words, lightning struck the tree in my backyard (I actually saw the lightning strike the tree) a piece of bark came off the tree and struck the window where my face was as I was looking out the window!  Now I want you to read that paragraph again and tell me the odds of that shit being a COINCIDENCE.

I immediately went to the nearest corner of the house and crawled into a little ball.  Shaken to my core I didn’t know what the fuck I JUST DID!  I JUST DID!  When people say be careful for what you ask for, shit is so true.  I NEVER called on Allah or any PERSONAL God, I was generically asking GOD TO PROVE HIMSELF to me that He exist.   But for the last 20 years it has beleaguered me about him and his existence.  If you go back and read the last paragraph, you will see I was asking a question about God, BUT I was talking to MYSELF.  So what the fuck did I JUST DO?  The First Law of Tehuti ( The African God of Intelligence) is ALL IS MIND.  I was asking SELF to prove to SELF the existence of God…..and immediately  I GOT AN ANSWER!

In ancient Kemet the Gods were called Neters, from which the word NATURE derives from.  So God was equivalent to Nature and Nature was DIVINE.  So if ALL IS MIND, then the mind is connected to ALL, particularly that which is Divine  which is Nature.  But as you know the European does not consider Nature Divine, so he does not KNOW GOD!  So the answer to God I was looking for was the SELF!  And since the SELF is connected to Nature, which is the Divine….IT LISTENED and showed ITSELF TO THE SELF!

God is not some etheric being that lives in space, it is the DIVINE MIND connected to Divine Nature.  There is a disconnect, so we only get glimpses of the WHOLE.  That is why that incident has not happened again for 20 years.  MY disconnect to Nature and the Inner God does not allow me to access this POWER on a regular.  So it is up to ME to find that connection so I may DUPLICATE this power over and over again until it is the NORM for SELF.  I have to FIND and make a REQUEST to God again!   RA FOR LIFE/ MAAT FOR BALANCE!