As men, this one may be a little hard to take due to our male ego’s. There is a NEW paradigm that is happening in the world, its subtle but if you open your eyes you can see it coming. The awakening of the feminine energy! It is on the horizon and slowly but surely it is taken over. The male dominated system in RELIGION and politics is coming to an end. The patriarchal system is the MALE dominated system that has come into fruition under the Caucasian. By nature he is homosexual, so he prefers a male dominated system where the woman is his subordinate. To this very day the woman is paid less on average than her male counterpart for the same position and that is by design. Because she has the WOMB, she is the TRUE superhuman, true GOD, true creator, the FIRST BORN. We as African men have some responsibility for allowing this change in system also. I am not even going to go into the NEW SHIT … Jehovah, Jesus and Allah all MALE, but even in ancient Egypt when we came into contact with the Greek and Persian we started to move away from the FEMALE DEITY to male deities. Before RA, before AMEN, before OSIRIUS(AUSAR) there was HATHOR, MAAT, and NUT. Many of the Egyptian priest started to replace the female deity with male, but again this was due to foreign influence. This is why you should NEVER EVER let the devil in your spiritual system. In Africa, your name was traced and linked to your MOTHER, now who is your last name linked to? When you get married who’s name is the last name? We don’t even think of this shit because its so NORMAL for us to assume the MALE WAY is the right way. Lets go over a little history when the FEMALE was GOD and our little ego’s as men didn’t have a conflict with it. The cartoon Wonder Woman comes from ancient amazon BLACK WOMEN who were warriors that protected the female sages and priests that ALL came to for knowledge, they changed the shit and made her a WHITE woman. The picture on the Starbucks coffee is really the African goddess YEMAYA, which again they changed the shit to a white woman. I don’t give a damn what a Muslim say, before the god Allah there was the goddess Allat. Before Eve in the bible, there was the woman Lillith. Now check this out, she was NOT born from Adam’s rib, she was CREATED the SAME time Adam was. Adam attempted to boss her around and make her submit but she refused. She said to Adam “You don’t tell me what to do, I was made the same as you.” Don’t that shit sound like a sista?  During sex he said to her she had to lay on her back while he mounted her on top and again she refused the subordinate position. There was nothing Adam could do with her so he asked God take her ass out of here and give me another woman. He said this time make her submissive, thus came Eve and even she really didn’t want shit to do with his ass. In Catholicism, Mary is called THE MOTHER OF GOD! When the Jews left Egypt in the bible and created that COW of gold and Moses got mad at they ass, that cow was Hathor the African goddess that very cleverly  got you hating as evil and pagan. We will go over part two soon. RA for life, MAAT for balance.  HOTEP