You are the Mothership!  You are the Alien running the ship….it is called Astral Travel.  Looking for a Spaceship is like looking for Jesus.  It always has to be some shit in the sky, OUTSIDE of SELF!  You are the Mothership, you are the Alien, you are the Pilot of the ship.  It is YOU who is astral traveling.  You are the Inter Galactic Traveler.  When you dream or engage in Astral Travel, you are in the mothership.  If you can CONSCIOUS DREAM you can go wherever you like, other dimensions and planets.  You are the mothership, you don’t need a breathing apparatus to go into OUTER space, its all INNER space…THE MIND!  The devil got you thinking of getting into a PHYSICAL CONTRAPTION to go somewhere he can never go!  Everything has to be PHYSICAL with him, he is void of the spiritual.

Even if there was a UFO…. what the fuck does that have to do with you?  What can you do with that knowledge?  The ancestors gave you instructions…KNOW THY SELF!  Now you looking for spaceships.  First it was Jesus, then Muhammad, now its spaceships.  The African has been on the planet for over a million years and these aliens haven’t picked your black ass up one time… so what the fuck are they waiting on?  After 400 years of the worst beast like, brutal, carnage invoked on a people and one would assume that these so called aliens are intelligent, they TOO never interceded on our behalf to help and assist?  No not for me, an alien NEVER better come to me and pick me up.  I am tearing every goddamn thing up on the ship and at the same time asking “Where the fuck were you at when we needed you?”

I am not saying that Spaceships or even Aliens don’t exist, but what I am saying I have more germane things on my agenda than their existence.  If you want to Space Travel learn to be CONSCIOUS while you are dreaming during sleep.  When you are dreaming practice to ask yourself is this a dream or real, once you realize its a dream start to maneuver where and how the dream interacts with the SELF.  Learn what Astral Travel is and you can practice this while in the conscious mode.  You can go WHEREVER you like and talk to whomever you like, this is not PLAY this is science that we have lost as melanated people.  So if you want to get in the Mothership….Relax, concentrate, breath and TAKE FLIGHT!       RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE!