In part two we will go over the European concept of how to get close to god. In the bible, authorized by King James, the open homosexual who never not once took a fucking bath and who’s favorite meal was sheep’s head with the wool still on. It says this…”the beginning of wisdom is the FEAR OF GOD”. So this is gods prerequisite, before I give you wisdom I need you to FEAR ME. Now what if your moma was like this? what if your teacher was like this? Before I can teach you anything you MUST first FEAR me! Let me show you some more from the HOLY book…god has come to test you, so that the fear of god will be with you to keep you from sinning, serve the lord with FEAR and rejoice with trembling, the FEAR of the lord is PURE. God says to satan.. “have you considered my servant Job? a man who FEARS god and shuns evil”. Here god is making a bet or GAMBLING on his servant with satan. Even if you fuck up his life I BET he (Job) wont forsake me. Now that is some devilish shit to PURPOSELY fuck up someone’s life over a bet just to proof you have someone totally in your pocket! This religious god is so fucking PARANOID that the BEGINNING of wisdom is the fear of him! Not the LOVE of god, the service of god, the belief of god but the fucking FEAR of him! Look THEY (adam and eve) have become like US knowing good and evil! what the fuck is the problem god with this? why is he so damn threaten of the human being? So back to the question…which makes more damn sense..KNOW THY SELF OR FEAR OF GOD? So the question is did this book bible come from GOD or did it come out of the mindset of the European? Because fear is his biggest game, fear has been his biggest tool. He makes you suspend common sense and rationality and motivates you with fear. One must understand his history of a people coming out of an ice age and the mentality that will be produced because of it. In the book THE ICEMAN INHERITANCE written by a white man,( only way the negro will believe) but in his book he says this of the Caucasian ..the western man suffers more sexual reproductive aggression and frustration due to GLACIAL ADAPTATIONS conflicting with sexual ones. Love is that middle ground between aggression and the ability to reproduce. Love is that place where we can feel UNTHREATENED in sex. He goes on to say the Chinese don’t even have a word corresponding to love. The ancient Egyptians two favorite words and concepts ANKH(LIFE) and DJED(STABILITY)  so what he is saying is love and sex were the pause buttons that were used to keep them from killing each other, now since we don’t know our own CULTURE we have adopted THEIRS and look what we are doing. Also in the book he says nuclear war, environmental pollution, resource RAPE, all are primary threats to our survival and ALL are the result of peculiarly CAUCASOID BEHAVIOUR , CAUCASOID VALUES, CAUCASOID PSYCHOLOGY. There is no way to avoid the truth. The problem with the world is the WHITE MEN. Now I didn’t say this Michael Bradley said this and he is a white man. The BIBLE OR QURAN didn’t fall out of the goddamn sky, they came out of the minds of men from their culture and background. Find yours afrikan man and woman and LIVE IT….HOTEP RA FOR LIFE!