All praise to the Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this, and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born.


I have been posting on Facebook images of Baphomet and other dark images. My purpose is to change the thinking and energy of the uninitiated. Our minds are so religiously corrupted and indoctrinated, that when we see such images of Baphomet or images related to that, we immediately think evil or wickedness. Your mind makes that discernment. There are no physical descriptions of Satan in the bible so, where the hell did you get the idea that Baphomet was the devil or Satan? You and I have been indoctrinated through movies that these images are evil, and Satan related, though your bible does NOT describe him.


This image is purely metaphysical. The two horns on his head represents power. They also represent right and left hemispheres of the mind that are balanced! His hands that point up and down represent the Law of Correspondence. As above, so below…this shit is NOT evil! In the bible it says, “They will take up wings”, so you see the wings in the depiction. In his abdomen area you see two serpents rising up. This represents the kundalini energy that rises to the Pineal Gland, and above his head is a lit torch, which is a fully illuminated being that is awakened! The shit is NOT evil, but television and movies made you think as such.

The early Christian took images from Greek mythology and demonized them. Go look at the image of Pan and you will see an image that is half goat and half man…now juxtapose that image with the image of Baphomet. The image of Pan has horns on his head and feet of a goat, so in the movies this is the typical depiction of Satan, so as you can all the shit is mythology and not real. Also, the African goddess Hathor is a Cow with horns on her head, this also was demonized!

PAN THE GREEK GOD…do you see where they got the shit from?

African Goddess Hathor…notice the horns on the head!

In the bible it says that the mark of the Beast is 666! So, we erroneously conceive in our mind some “Omen the movie” madness about the number 666 in a child’s head…. just madness! 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons is carbon, the basis for melanin. And melanin is chaos, meaning it is constantly changing…constantly evolving! African people have the MOST concentration of carbon or melanin than any other human on earth… so, we as a people are constantly changing and evolving! This is the reason no matter the shit they pour on African people, no matter the disease they manufacture in their wicked laboratories, they will NEVER be able to calculate the constant changing of the melanin that will change to protect African people!

So, 666 is melanin or the Beast that courses through your veins, blood and body like a possessed monster! Michael Jackson in his monster mini movie “Thriller” said to the girl… “I am not like other guys”. Melanin makes African people unlike the rest of the human family! When Jesus says to Satan “Get thee behind me”. This is a metaphysical statement… “Get behind me where no one can see you”…stay hidden! This is melanin, its source is hidden. Melanin or Satan is the dark side or the hidden side of Self! It is the Beast or monster inside you that is pure chaos, and it evolves based on the amount of concentration inside you. The more the concentration…the MORE the evolution!


Dr. Laila Africa said the Pineal Gland, which produces melanin, that it regulates the rhythmicity of the body. Carl Yung talks about the dark side or the shadow Self. This is what the images of monsters are, they represent the dark side or the shadow Self. It is the hidden Self, which can be a monster if not controlled, but on a metaphorical level it also represents the melanin, which also is hidden. So, this monster or Satan is really YOU! But religion got you scared of the shit, so when you see Baphomet, your mind makes you run from your own Self!

So, just like the monster in the movies, when does the monster come out? At night! When is melanin produced in the Pineal Gland? At fucking night! It comes to get you in the middle of the night…this shit is ALL metaphysical, and you are running from it! Without melanin you have no balance, no rhythm or order. So, stop being afraid of the images of the monsters, they are only YOU metaphorically, 666 is that monster that courses through your veins…at night! Hotep


May We as Individuals, and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY.

And may We as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!

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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders, those who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born.

NOTHING is really real. The reason why is because we have to insert our own bias into the equation. And because we insert our own bias, the truth suffers and is not the FULL truth. Especially when we are the one charged with wrong behavior or actions, when it’s our turn to tell our side of the story, we make sure we sanitize the version, so the real truth suffers.

Now, what about when it comes to telling the truth about religion, politics and racial identity and history? We as individuals will taint or corrupt the story we tell or side with the group we identify with. This is actually normal, because this is what is called…Self-Preservation! And because self-preservation is the FIRST law of nature, our ability to be completely honest and truthful will be slanted.

There can be a story on Fox news and on CNN, it can be the same exact story, but how it is explained on each show will be diametrically opposed to the other. How the fuck is this possible? Because we as individuals are naturally bias and incapable of telling the entire truth because it goes against our self-preservation.

One can be a Christian, and irrefutable evidence can be placed in front of them that goes against their believe system, and they will still decline and refute the evidence because it causes cognitive dissonance and fucks up their self-preservation mentality, so no matter the evidence that is before us, we will reject it if it is not in alignment with our rabid doctrine or believe!

Now, there is nothing wrong with self-preservation, it only becomes wicked when it is used to oppress another. So, when it comes to racial identity, religion or politics it’s natural to have bias, in fact it is impossible not to be bias, because the human psyche is so fragile it will always search for self-preservation for its existence.

Where one becomes wicked is when you take your innate bias and catapult it to racism and oppress another person/people based on your bias towards them…then you become wicked and a goddamn devil!

Now, what happens if you are a people that comes to the conclusion that you don’t have the demographics numerically to stay in power, what do you do to stay in power? What if you are European, and you are outnumbered on the planet 11to 1 to melanated people? What do you do to stay in power and keep your influence? When your innate bias then turns to oppress…you are on your way to becoming DEVIL!


Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said the threat of genetic annihilation is so powerful in the mind of the European, that the physical extermination of melanated people, particularly the AFRICAN is a must!

As I said it is natural to practice self-preservation, but we as individuals and as a people must be vigilant that it does not bleed into racism. We must always be aware of our cognitive dissonance. It is ok to hold on to what we perceive and believe to be truth and factual, but at the same time be mentally pliable to change when greater knowledge and truth is presented to us. This is why I am not a republican or democrat, I listen to BOTH sides and critique what is said and make my own decision based on the weight of each argument.

I follow NO religion, because I know they all are man-made and are made in the image of the one who is promulgating the religion, so I much rather study mythology and spirituality and form the results in my own image instead of someone else. Now, what about your racial identity? Now, this is the most difficult one, because it goes to the heart of self-preservation.

Now, of course self-preservation relates to racial identity, it only becomes demonic when you plan to oppress and murder an opposing people because numerically your own may be in decline. Now, to be honest is the European aware of his numerically declining numbers on the planet? And is the European actively and historically killing melanated people…particularly the African? So, what the hell would you CALL such a people that engages in such acts? Mean people? Mean does NOT properly describe the wicked mentality of such a people.

So, to live in harmony with melanated people is the ONLY choice, because to purposely attempt to injure them may only exacerbate the tension and anger, and those evil machinations may cause the melanated people to galvanize together against the European, which will only make things more dire than what it already is.

It is a shame that I even have to say, “to live in harmony is the only way”. That shit should not need to be said, but that is where we are. It takes high mental and spiritual vibration to access our own personal blinds, and evaluate our bias honestly and never let it get out of check, so that we are living in harmony with the human family.


May we as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE and POVERTY.

And may we as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…Our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!

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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this, and those who will not. And praise to ALL the Queens and Kings….yet to be born!


In part one I went over the history of a Nomadic people. The barbaric nature, the affinity for violence and the lack of education or knowledge, due to the constant search for food and water.

Now, in part 2 we contrast that nature and behavior with that of a Sedentary culture. Now, for the African, we can’t assume ALL Africans were a Sedentary people. So, we will go to the Culture that has the longest recorded history on the planet, and that is in ancient Kemet or what is now called Egypt. NO ONE has a longer recorded history than that of ancient Kemet. Now, I didn’t say oral history, some cultures have a so-called long oral history, but they don’t have a recorded one where it was written down. And we all know when you say one thing to a person, then to the next and the next person, the original story gets diluted. But the fact we are talking about the oldest written and recorded history, tells you that it is a Sedentary culture.

Now, the term Sedentary means to sit or be stationary. So, a sedentary culture means one that is NOT roaming around, but in the same area over great periods of time. It does not have to roam and search for its food because its food and water is in the same area in abundance. When a people and culture does not have to constantly move looking for food and water, it can now concentrate on higher thinking and higher vibrational things. So, the idle time of simply gazing at the Universe and pontificating on the vast universe, eventually leads to a science. So, from this universal gazing came philosophy, astrology, astronomy, mythology and religion. The longer this particular people and culture can stay in a sedentary lifestyle, they will be able to pass on the new knowledge and science to their progeny. Then that progeny can add to the cipher and even take the science to another level.

So, just imagine an African Culture and society living thousands and thousands of continual years via Dynasties to constantly build and pass on to the next generations…only then can you get a glimpse of what African people were able to do. The amount of knowledge that would be acquired would be phenomenal.

Along the Nile, water and food was in abundance. The weather was perfect for a melanated body. All the resources they needed was all proximal to them. So, due to this they flourished physically, mentally and spiritually. Though they had weapons and armies, this was NOT their forte, because everything was in abundance, so continual warfare and conflict was not necessary. Their children were not a liability, so there was no mass female genocide. Now, of course there would still be situational conflict with a neighbor, but there would be rules of engagement even in warfare, unless your opponent refuse to follow those same rules.

So, if you read part one and see the lifestyle of the Nomadic people and contrast that with the Sedentary people, you will see why and how the Nomadic people were so much MORE aggressive, barbaric and depended on their weapons as part of their lifestyle, as compared to the Sedentary people because they didn’t need them as much. So, the question of “how did a barbaric people conquer a much more sophisticated one” is now easily answered. Along with being a Sedentary people, will come a more peaceful people, and with a Nomadic people comes a much more aggressive and combative people.

As I said, the contemporary time does NOT change the mindset of each people, the Nomadic people in antiquity will STILL have the same barbaric, aggressive mindset, but TIME would have given them the ability to develop it, so it does not have the appearance of being aggressive. The media is the powerful platform used to confuse the optics of what is being done. So, the aggressive can look like the peaceful party, and the innocent will look like the aggressor!

J. Edger Hoover said Martin Luther King was the MOST dangerous man in America…a perfect example of media indoctrination!

Goddamn demon…rest in urine!


So, I hope you were able to see the huge difference between a Nomadic and Sedentary people and culture. Understand where yours come from and why your enemy acts and conducts themselves as they do.

May We as an Individuals and as a people, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY! And may We as Individuals and as a people, embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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ALL praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born.

When it comes to Culture, you either have a nomadic or sedentary one. Out of each culture comes a particular lifestyle, diet, behavior and religion.

People always say…”If African people were so great and grand, and the European was so barbaric when they met, how did the European conquer the African”? This is a legitimate question, but it all goes back to my topic…If they were Nomadic or Sedentary?

Before I get into the difference between the two, Dr. Llaila Afrika once told me that “All nations and kingdoms just like people eventually die”. So, no matter how grand or great a nation or kingdom is…they ALL eventually die.

Now to the subject. Let’s start first with people who are from a Nomadic Culture. So, let’s go to history of the Indo-European and west Asiatic cultures, which ALL come out of a Nomadic Culture. Now, when I say Nomadic what do I mean? A Nomadic people are a people who are constantly moving. So, you have a people coming out of the Ice Age, now this is VERY important because coming out of the Ice Age there is no food and no water around you. So, you have to move from place to place to find food and water.

Since you are constantly moving practicing Self Preservation, you have no time to build schools or libraries or learn writing skills because you are trying to survive. Your culture is fear based because you don’t understand the nature around you, and you fear nature around you, so you become anti-nature! Since your culture is fear based, your God becomes a killer and murderer…and so do YOU!

To quell the cognitive dissonance of you killing everything around you, you start to manufacture a God that kills everyone and everything, so in your MIND if your God is a mass killer, it’s ok if you are a mass killer. So, when you read the Old Testament, you see this behavior in their God…which comes out of a Nomadic MIND!

When you look at the interpersonal relationships of a Nomadic people, you will see paranoia and fear. Again, there is no water and food, so children become a liability, especially the female child, since the female child could not protect or hunt…they were killed. Now, due to this there is a lack of women in the society. This collapse of the society causes them to practice polyamorous, now not wives and husbands, but women having 2-5 men as mates. The men could not find enough women to go around so they had to share the women.

But now you have the male child competing with the men for mates, so the male child was sleeping with their mothers and killing their fathers due to the competition of women. Now, this is where you get the “Oedipus Concept”, this practice comes straight out of Nomadic culture! This is why today you see predominantly White young women having sexual relations with their young male students, this is Oedipus behavior which comes from Nomadic culture.

All this is NOT by mistake, it comes out of their history and culture. Now, if you are coming out of the Ice Age and there is a lack of food, there becomes a distrust and paranoia of what will the neighbor do to me for my food? So, xenophobia comes out of the MIND of a Nomadic people. Since there is no food, they have to become hunters, so they become proficient in warfare and weapons! So, when you look at the European and White countries TODAY, it is NOT a coincidence they these same White countries spend MORE money than the darker countries on weapons! Again, this comes from their historic Nomadic culture.

Since they become proficient in warfare and weapons due to their lack of food and water, they become conquerors and murderers! All this comes out of the mind and culture of a Nomadic people. Now this mind and culture does NOT change from antiquity to now, they just become more proficient as they evolve and perfect their ability to kill and murder on a mass scale, due to their evolution in their weaponry.

This is the Nomadic Mind and culture; next we will contrast and juxtapose this culture with that of a Sedentary culture.


May WE as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY.

And may WE as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF PRESERVATION!


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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to our Elders, those who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings….yet to be born!


Even though this is entitled “Serpent in the Wilderness”, this blog will be on the spiritual system called the Kabballah, but specifically the back of the Kabballah called the “Qliphoth”. Now this is rarely taught because the Kabballah Tree is what is what is taught to the masses. But on the opposite side of the tree is what is called the Qliphoth. This represents the dark side of the Self. This is NOT evil, but energy! It represents the shadow Self or the Left-Hand side. ALL of us must know and be acquainted with our shadow side or know about the left-hand system. It is portrayed well in the Star Wars movies. The Jedi represent the front of the Kabballah tree, and Darth Vader represent the back side or the Qliphoth side of the tree. You lack balance if you know only one side, this is why Yoda was more powerful than both the Jedi and Vader because he knew both sides. Jacobs Ladder represents the same system. The bottom portion of the ladder touches earth, and the top of the ladder is where Jesus or the Christ resides. The reason the bottom part of the ladder touches earth is because that represents the Low Vibration and primal thinking. The higher up one climbs Jacobs Ladder, the higher your consciousness. Christ at the top of the ladder because Christ represents Christ consciousness. It’s the same system, just different names.


If you look at the 3 pyramids of Giza, this is the same mythological story of Jesus and the 3 thieves on the cross. If you notice 2 of the pyramids are in perfect alignment, and ONE of them is off from the other two. Many people didn’t know that one pyramid is off set, what does this mean? Someone just made a damn fictional story of this REAL phenomena. So, two pyramids are in alignment, and one is not, the story goes that ONE of the thieves was in alignment with Jesus and one was not. So, two are in perfect alignment and the other is not. One thief says to Jesus “When I get to heaven, can I be on your right side”? While the other thief says to Jesus ” If you are the son of God, why don’t you get yourself down off the cross”? So, you see where they got the damn story from, except the pyramids are REAL and Jesus and the thieves are fiction!

Also, if you notice one of the thieves is positive and the other is negative. Again, this is a fictional story that points to the higher Self. In the body you have a sympathetic nerve and a para-sympathetic nerve. They both have opposing energies…positive and negative, just like the two thieves. One is for fight or flight, and the other is for being in a relaxing mode. Now, in the middle of both is the Spinal Canal, and who does THIS represent in the story? This is Jesus, he represents the spinal canal in the middle, and the two opposing nerves, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nerves on each side represent the two thieves with opposing energies or views…this shit is not hard to understand.

This is ALL metaphysics, but you will NOT understand it coming from a religious mindset. Everything is in occult or hidden language, but it will STAY hidden to the uninitiated MIND who refuses to learn or change their thinking. The Serpent in the Wilderness has nothing to do with evil, but everything to do with the raising of your mental consciousness!



May WE as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY!

And may WE as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this, and this who will not. And praise to ALL the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born!


This is part 3 of “Serpent in the Wilderness”. In part two we went over the significance of the number 7, and we will continue along those same lines in part 3. I mentioned that in the bible the number 7 is said over 700 times, which shows you its spiritual significance. In part 3 we will continue to show the metaphysical meaning of the number and how it relates to the Chakra and Kabballah system. When you talk about the Kundalini Energy, the Chakra system, the number 7 and the Kabballah system…. IT’S ALL THE SAME spiritual system, but under different names.

In the far east it may be called Kundalini Energy, in ancient Kemet it may be called the Uraeus or Goddess Wadjet. Now, the Jewish community was introduced to what is called the Kabballah. I say “introduced” because it was first introduced into Spain by the AFRICAN in the 12th century. Let me say that shit again, it was introduced into Spain in the 12th century by the AFRICAN! Now I say the 12th century, but the African had come to Spain in 710 when it conquered it, but it couldn’t introduce the Kabballah spiritual system to the European in 710 because they were to damn barbaric to understand it at that time. So, it took another 500 years before they were civil enough to understand the system. Now, this African who came to Spain and ruled, civilized, taught, educated and intermixed with the European was at that time called the MOOR! He was there from 710-1492, now look at that damn date again…and what happened in 1492? That is when your boy Chrisopher Columbus decided to go to the “New World”, now do you think that is a damn coincidence? AFTER they were educated by the Moors, in 1492 Spain decided to expel the Moors and colonize the WORLD! A fucking lesson to learn for African people!

See the source image

Now, you can tell the word Kabballah has an African origin by its name. KA-BA-LLAH, in the word shows you its ancient Kemetic origin. Now the Moor is a descendant of ancient Kemet, they were forced into Islam by the threat of the sword if they didn’t convert, but the Muslim will tell you that there is NO COMPULSION in Islam…which is historic bullshit!

In ancient Kemet we had a spiritual system called KA BA. The Arab stole the damn concept, and came up with a damn Cube House where God lives, not understanding the REAL KA BA was the Spirit and the Soul of the human being…not a damn brick house!



Now, back to the Serpent in the Wilderness. So, you have the SAME system, just told in different names. If you look at the Chakra system and juxtapose it with the Kabballah, it is the same…the rising of the Kundalini Energy concept. Don’t get caught up in the name of the system, just the CONCEPT of the system! At the lower end of the Kabballah Tree, it represents the low vibration and primal instinct of the individual. As you go up the Kabballah Tree, the higher the vibrational energy of the individual. About 3/4 up the Kabballah Tree in the center circle you have something called the Daath. This is where the Heart Chakra would be at…again same system. It represents the doorway to the higher consciousness.

So, just like the Chakra system, once you go pass the Heart Chakra you pass into the doorway or Upper Room or higher consciousness…YOU enter the realm of God or the knowledge of the Self! On the back of the Kabballah is what is called the Gliphoth Tree, this represents the dark side of the Tree, or the dark side of the Self. In part 4, we will go over the Gliphoth and its meaning.


May WE as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY! And may WE and Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!



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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings yet to be born. ASE’

This is part 2 of “Serpent in the Wilderness”. In part one I went over the esoteric meaning of the biblical story of Moses lifting up the Serpent in the Wilderness. I went over how it relates to the rising of the Kundalini Energy, and the corresponding body chakras. Part two will be more related to metaphysical stories of the Kundalini Energy, the body chakras and the significance of the number 7. As I said in part one, the number 7 is mentioned more than 700 times in the bible, which shows you its spiritual significance. In Revelation 1:12-13 John speaks of this vision of Jesus standing among 7 candlesticks. Let me say over and over again, when the bible speaks of Jesus, it is NOT speaking of a man in history. There never was a man in history named Jesus, this is occult language. When it speaks of Jesus, it means Christ, and Christ means “The Anointed One”….which is YOU! So, the 7 candlesticks among Jesus is your OWN 7 chakras, and it is your responsibility to LIGHT each candle. To light each candle is to raise your spiritual vibration or your kundalini energy! Not only must you be careful of what you consume physically, but consumption is also mental.

You cannot raise your spiritual vibration consuming a shit diet, that is a constant diet of madness on the television. But not only is it what you consume physically and spiritually, but you must put into practice what you have learned on a spiritual level. You can’t just read books, but practice the things you read and make them part of your practical living. This is why real magic is practiced on the SELF! This is where real transformation takes place. The bible talks about 7 churches, and that the church being the bride of Jesus, and he being the groom. This is all deep esoteric shit, but one has to delve deep into its hidden meaning. The bible talks about Jacobs Ladder. This is NOT a real damn ladder, this is also referring to the Kundalini Energy that goes from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra. And like a ladder…you have to climb it! The whole bible is speaking of the spiritual ascension of the individual, but you are reading it like a damn history book.

In Genesis it speaks of a Snake, but by the time you get to Revelation the Snake becomes a Dragon! Again this is YOU! Your mental and spiritual energy is coiled down in the Root Chakra like a snake, but you must become a Dragon! The Dragon has wings and it flies above the earth. The earth represents the ignorant masses who are tethered to the earth because they don’t have wings, so their actions represent low level and vibrational energy! The dragon breathes fire, and fire is for purification! Your words coming from your Throat Chakra are to purify a putrid mind! But you have to become a Dragon, it does not happen automatically.

The bible talks about the earth being unformed and without shape in the beginning, and God took 6 days to make the earth. YOU are the earth and YOU are the God. The earth here that is unformed, is a mind that has not taken shape yet. It is relying on you…The God, to give shape to the earth because it is void, due to its ignorance of Self.

Lastly you have the Serpent in the tree. The Snake was NOT at the base of the tree, it was up high where the fruit is…damn! The fruit here has a dual meaning. In one sense it represents the female yoni or vagina, this is why it was Eve who had access to the apple first, then offered her apple to Adam. Once Adam partook of Eve’s apple…their eyes opened! Their eyes opened…this is the divine union of the female and male energy. When both female and male are on a higher consciousness, and they physically unite with one another, they both partake of each others apple.

On another sense, the apple also represents the Pineal Gland, when male and female are conscious, and they engage in sexual union, they will speak to Satan in the tree! I know many of you scared of this shit, but I am talking about two illuminated beings raising their sexual and Kundalini Energy through sex… that is some powerful shit! This is energy, this is polarity!

This is the Law of Correspondence, Jesus represents one form of energy, and Satan represents the other form. So, when feminine and masculine energy come together, they represent the union of Jesus and Satan…this is only polarizing energy coming together!

Get out of the religious construct of good and evil to understand what I am saying here. Read your bible and Quran in a different light. Get out of concrete interpretation, and let your understanding “flow like water”, as our brother Bruce Lee said.


May We as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY. And may We as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…Our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!



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All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born!

In the bible there is a verse in John 3:14-15, it talks about Moses lifting up a Serpent in the Wilderness. Now let me state this so-called John in the bible never existed, and neither did this Moses figure. Its easy to say “John” wrote the damn verse, because when it comes to a generic and common name, it does not get more common than damn John! So, the religious convert will say “Well, back then they didn’t have last names“. Well, let me say to all of you that is bullshit! If that were true, then tell me why Julius Caesar had a damn last name? His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar, and he lived 140 years before Jesus, John and the rest of them 12 counterfeits, so just stop with the lying and bullshit! No one knows who wrote the verse, and attributed the verse to some negro named John to give it some religious validity.

Now, back to the verse John 3:14-15. There is a Serpent that needs to be lifted, and it is in the wilderness. All this is very high spiritual shit! Whenever you see serpent, snake or dragon, this is occult language for the Kundalini Energy! I say occult, because occult means hidden! It has nothing to do with evil, devil or wickedness, this is religious dogma that is said out of ignorance!

It is written in occult or hidden language because the ignorant do not have a foundation yet to understand the hidden message inside. But once one does their active and diligent study, that which was hidden will reveal itself. So, the Serpent or Kundalini Energy is in the wilderness, why is it described as in the “Wilderness“? Those of us who function and live on a lower level will be wild and primal, and we will need to be risen out of the wilderness…Are you getting this shit?

YOU are the serpent, but you are coiled down in your lower level or ROOT CHAKRA, and this is where you conduct your life! I can tell if you are STILL in the wilderness by the way you conduct your lifestyle and what comes out of your mouth! Go look at the music artist you admire, and tell me if these negro’s are not still in the damn wilderness, and their serpent needs to be risen up. But there is no Moses to come and do the shit, that is YOUR responsibility!

In the bible, the number 7 is mentioned over 700 times. This is a sign to the wise that the number 7 is a very important number. The number 7 when you see it in the bible, represents the Chakras in the body. Anytime you see the number 7 in the bible, it is describing the chakras and the Kundalini Energy. But as I said, it is written in occult language to hide its intent, until you are ready to fully understand it. As long as you read the bible or Quran in a literal sense, the shit will STAY in occult language because you are not worthy of its interpretation.

God makes the Earth in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. Joshua marched around Jericho for 7 days, and on the 7th day they blew 7 trumpets and the walls came down. Lets break all this shit down. The God that makes the earth in 6 days and then rested on the 7th is speaking of YOU! YOU are the God and you are the Earth that is being formed! As your Kundalini Energy rises from the wilderness and up the chakras, the Earth or your mental consciousness is being formed. The sixth chakra is the Pineal Gland, and the 7th chakra is the Crown Chakra or God consciousness!

At this point there is total illumination, so this is why the bible said “God [YOU] rested” on the 7th day…the earth or mental illumination is complete. Now this does NOT mean that you know all, it just means that awareness and illumination of Self is full and bright!

Now to Joshua, YOU are Joshua and you are Jericho. Listen to me again and again…I have said many times, if the shit is outside of Self…THIS is religion! So, if you understand this Joshua as someone else, and you believe in a physical Jericho out there…you will never get this shit!

Joshua walking around the city of Jericho, this is the rising Kundalini Energy coiling around the spinal canal. Like a snake or serpent it wraps around and climbs the spinal canal on its way to the Pineal Gland and eventually the Crown Chakra! So, the spinal canal represents the city Jericho, and YOU are Joshua walking around and UP, until you reach your final destination…which is the 7th Chakra or the Crown Chakra!

The bible mentions 7 trumpets. Each trumpet represents each chakra. They are described as a Trumpet because as you go from chakra to chakra, a different energy is let loose or sounded off that is different from the previous chakra. These are just some of the hidden messages that is couched in overt language of the bible or Quran, but your Pineal Gland needs to be open to see behind the curtain. In part two we will go over more occult language on the number 7.


May WE as Individuals and as a People, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY. And may WE and Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!



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