Mythology is what our ancestors used as a form of spirituality in antiquity.  The ancients knew that the POWER of mythology was the ability to EXTRACT the deeper meaning from the mythology to empower self.  When the Caucasian came among the African, he was and still is void of spirituality so he took what was supposed to be mythology and made it LITERAL.  The beauty about mythology is there is no REAL meaning, the individual thru their OWN interpretation comes up with their OWN meaning.  Unlike religion, no one can say that THIS HOLY BOOK says that it means this and you MUST accept this meaning.

If we begin with the first story of the bible, we have Eve having a conversation with a snake.  Now any damn fool with just a little bit of understanding would not believe that this literally happen, but if you in the church….you do.  In antiquity the snake represents the kundalini energy.  A base energy that rises from the base root chakra to the pineal gland.  So if Eve is having a conversation with THE SNAKE, it is her OWN rising consciousness, the TREE that the snake was on is her spinal canal, the ancient Africans called it the Djed.  So Adam was content on being a slave to a God that wanted him IGNORANT, but Eve separated herself from him, decided to study SELF and raise her own consciousness and knew the knowledge of GOOD AND EVIL which made it a problem for God and Adam.

The story of Lott’s wife who decided to turn and look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and turned into a pillar of salt.  Now again this has to mean something else and not the obvious.  For me it means one, that EVERYONE is going in one direction, and going in that direction with BLINDERS on.  But Lott’s wife had the strength to go against the crowd and do what others were AFRAID to do, and that takes strength!  The other meaning is that when the bible says THE SALT OF THE EARTH, it means its essence, its life, its goodness……This is what the WOMAN represents.  Lastly whenever you LOOK BACK that is in itself African.  Its called Sankofa, meaning to look back, to remember, to never forget your ancestors, and Lott’s wife was the ONLY ONE who looked back to practice Sankofa!

The word Solomon, who is supposed to be the wisest man in the book, but if you dissect the name SOL AMON, the word Sol means SUN and the word AMON comes from the word AMEN OR AMUN which means HIDDEN.  So the Hidden Sun, what is the hidden sun?  Nothing but the Pineal Gland, its  a HIDDEN SUN,  its covered up thru ignorance but when its open the individual illuminates!  The word Abraham, he is supposed to be the father of ALL THREE religions, well how in the hell can that be possible….that means God is the author of confusion.  So lets again break down the word AB RA HAM,  if we look at AB it means FROM,  RA is the SUN God and HAM means BLACK.  FROM the BLACK SUN, again the Black Sun is the pineal gland.  Everything in that bible is speaking of the SELF, but if you don’t understand you will give the credit to a fictional person or something in the sky or space.

Last point is DEATH.  Through our ignorance we fear death, its natural to want to live long, longevity is wanted by everyone.  So we manufacture a PLACE that we will go after death so as make death more palatable.  So in heaven there is no more SICKNESS, no more getting OLDER, no more PAIN.  You will be where your love ones are for eternity….well that is DEATH.  In death there will be no more pain, no one will get older, no more sickness. And when you die, where your love ones are is where you will be…. and that is in death.  We ALL will be there eventually, but there is no PLACE that you will be.  Lets just think about this for a minute, if there was a place what would you do?  I mean just think on that, what the fuck would you do for eternity? Where would you LIVE for eternity?  That is mythology that has been taken out of context and taken literally.  No family only death is eternal but we all have to submit to it, so until that time make you LIFE one of consequence!   RA FOR LIFE AND MAAT FOR BALANCE         ASE’



The chakras represent the human family.  There is a divine line from bottom to top when you look at the chakra system.  On the bottom is the ROOT CHAKRA.  This represents the Caucasian, this is the animal side of self.  It represents the reptilian self, the instinctual, the physical, the emotional, the chaotic, the undisciplined self.  He is the NEWEST of the human species and on the planet, so he is the MOST UNDERDEVELOPED, this is why he represents the root chakra.

The Second chakra is the Asian.  On a higher level than the Caucasian but still underdeveloped.  The Asian is emotionally not mature and NON EXPRESSIVE, but he has some melanin which gives him more of a spiritual nature than the Caucasian.  The THIRD CHAKRA is the Red man, more developed in the HEART.  He is a Hue Man but on a basic level.  You can sense more of his SOUL than the Asian.  As we go up the chakra system you are BECOMING MORE HUE MAN, the melanin is changing you and giving you more SPIRIT!

The next level of the chakra is the BROWN MAN,  he is highly developed but lacks certain SPIRITUAL FACULTIES that keeps him from being FULLY HUE MAN!  Now the RED and BROWN man can interchange up the chakra chain depending on the level of consciousness and human experience.  Of the HUE MAN family, these TWO are the ones have had the better relationship with the African due to their high melanin content.  So because they are the MOST HUE MAN out of the rest of the species we as African people have gotten along with them well.

At the TOP OF THE CHAKRA SYSTEM IS THE AFRICAN.  Their HIGH content of melanin gives them a spiritual component the rest of the chakras cant develop.  We are FULLY HUE MAN and you can sense it permeate from us more than the rest.  We have MORE HEART, MORE PATIENCE,  MORE TOLERANCE,  than the rest.  This is why when THEIR FAMILY is in a dilemma you find many of us fighting for THEIR agenda, but many times we cant find THEM on scenarios that are germane to African people.  We embrace religion more so than the rest.  Ironically due to our high tolerance to pain and suffering we as African people are the most oppressed.  We embody the CHRIST FIGURE,  we are the BUDDAH HEAD and for this reason we are at the TOP of the chakra system!




The believe in an afterlife, where did that come from? The believe that your family members ACTUALLY GO TO ANOTHER form of living in ANOTHER realm did not come from Christianity.  In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was actually God here on earth….its the same damn concept of Jesus here on earth, a man who is God in flesh.  So when the Pharaoh died, his followers wanted to be LITERALLY WHERE HE WAS.  

Its the same shit in religion, but the belief in life after death was REAL AND WAS LOOKED FORWARD TO WITH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN. Not like today where niggas say they want to go to heaven….. BUT NO ONE WANTS TO DIE!  If Jesus is your Father and he looks after you while he is in heaven….This concept comes from the belief that our FATHER\MOTHER (ANCESTORS) looks after us also from an etheric realm.  Its the same concept. …ONE IS EUROPEAN AND ONE IS AFRICAN.

You are a contemporary human being, you are living in the NOW,  but in your DNA is the genes of your Ancestors from over a million years, and it started with the African woman.  So the ENERGY of ALL your ancestors are within SELF.  So the “voices or communication” that you hear speaking to you is your ANCIENT SELF SPEAKING TO YOUR PRESENT SELF!  If you are in your AFRICAN CULTURE they will be clear and unambiguous, but when you dont know self your ass could be crazy!  

It is a continuous line, they speak to you from a SPIRITUAL REALM that we cannot precieve because they are now PURE ENERGY that was at one time ENCASED in flesh.  The line will continue when we leave this earth and join the ancestors and WE WILL SPEAK TO THE LIVING!  It’s not a PLACE IN THE SKY,  its FEELING THE ENERGY ALL AROUND YOU!  The Tree, the Rock, the Bird, the Stream.  This is why the ancient African called it NETER,  from which the word NATURE comes from.  The word NETER meant God or Divine,  EVERYTHING AROUND US IN NATURE WAS DIVINE!

So the AFTERLIFE is not a place that is literal,  where your ancestors are is a continual line of communication from the living to the spiritual that you can FEEL AND HEAR when the CULTURAL LINES are OPEN AND CLEAR.  But for that to happen one needs to leave the devils way of thinking and his form of spirituality.  




By many it’s called “THE SIGN OF LIFE”. In it’s basic premise it does mean that, but it also means so much more.  In KEMET in many of the temples you will see many of the NETERS or (African God’s) and I have to say AFRICAN because the White man or the Arab does not have a damn thing to do with ancient Kemet. So back to the subject, many of the Neters (Gods) will be holding up the Ankh to the nostrils of the Pharaoh,  symbolizing…I AM GIVING YOU LIFE.  The White man plagerized this and put in HIS Bible ” And God  breathed into Man and he BECAME a living soul”.

So not until God breathed into Man was he alive, but only an empty vessel.  He BECAME a living soul. The word BECAME indicates EVOLUTION.  More on that in a SPIRITUAL context later.  Polarity is one of the laws of Tehuti (THE ORIGINAL MESSENGER OF GOD) the Ankh has dual meaning,  physical and spiritual.  Let’s deal with the physical first.

The Neters puts the sign of life to the NOSTRILS,  in the Bible God breaths into Man, so we are talking about AIR.  Without AIR you cannot BECOME a living soul.  As a baby in the womb of our CREATOR ( mother) we are breathing amniotic fluid but we can’t stay there. We cannot continue to breath that when we come out of the womb.  We must clear the Nostrils of the infant, so the infant can inhale the BREATH OF LIFE.  During meditation it is the BREATHING that allows you to go into different levels of consciousness. And when our time on this planet has expired, we will give out our LAST BREATH that will end our time on our beloved planet. So as an infant, we must take our FIRST BREATH to start our time on the planet, this is the PHYSICAL MEANING  of just ONE of the myriad meanings of the Ankh. The SPIRITUAL meaning in part two.    RA FOR LIFE AND MAAT FOR BALANCE!   ASE’



In part one we have distinguished the dichotomy between the African and the Caucasian based on the law of Mendel, that the Black can produce the White but the White can not produce the Black, this is due to the dominate and recessive laws.  If need be, read part one for a deeper and detailed analysis.  We as African people bring out something in them that other people can not, this is due to the law of opposites and duality.  But I question is there a PUPRPOSE for them on the planet and in the relationship with African people?  I cant answer the question WHERE they came from because it would be conjecture. Even to be honest, what is their PURPOSE? is trying to bring REASON for the insanity of the relationship between us, that after 500-2000 years we have been MORTAL enemies.

Recently there has been this drama of these confederate statues, they only became erected for the most part at two SPECIFIC times in history.  After the Reconstruction Era, when Black people were trying to create a reality after slavery, and during the Jim Crow Era, at the height of segregation.  They were to RE-ENFORCE to Black people, even though we loss the Civil War, you will always be a Nigga and second class citizens in OUR country!  The election of a Black man stripped away the thin veneer of civility of the Caucasian and you saw the OUTRIGHT HATRED of him and Black people during his election.

When Kaepernick took a knee for the ill treatment of Black people by the police department across this wicked nation, again abject hatred was uncovered by them. What is it about African people that MANIFEST in Caucasian people such evil toward us?  The 4 star General Kelly, who was supposed to be the LEVEL HEAD  and HONEST diplomat for the Trump administration, said he would NEVER apologize to a Black woman who is a congresswoman. He lied and spoke ill about her character, and he was supposed to be the HONEST broker in the Trump administration.  Mr. Kelly said referring to slavery, “that you cant judge TODAY so harshly what was COMMON yesterday”.  Meaning White folks didn’t know no goddamn better that SLAVERY WAS EVIL AND INHUMAN.  I am gradually building a case by these scenarios of a hypothetical reason of WHY AND WHAT PURPOSE they are here.

Can anyone please show me the time in ancient history when the ONLY PEOPLE on the planet was African people and during this epoch in time there were war after war amongst the people, mass murder and upheaval amongst the earths population.  Mass extinction of animals due to hunting and sport. Polluted air, water, soil.  The threat of total earth destruction due to weapons of mass destruction and a climate change due to overproduction of waste.  When did this happen prior to his arrival to our planet?

Elijah Muhammad said “He was the WEAKER PART of self”.  In ancient African mythology, SET was a wicked brother of AUSAR, SET killed AUSAR out of jealousy and chaos befell the earth…hmmm interesting.  HERU had to be born to SIT evil SET down and bring harmony back to the earth.  African people you represent HERU, which is harmony, order and peace.  You have to bring this SET type man(kind) to order and bring harmony and peace to the earth. He is a KIND OF MAN, not the original and since he not the original, he brings chaos everywhere he is. He is a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of the LOW SPIRIT OF SELF.  He was brought forth from your MIND, since ALL IS MIND,  we have to MENTALLY find a way to sit his ass down to stop this CHAOS that rules this planet that is in PHYSICAL FORM.

If the FIRST LAW of Tehuti is ALL IS MIND, and we collectively brought forth from our mind a weaker part of us, we don’t need to PHYSICALLY go to war ( though I am definitely not saying not to PHYSICALLY DEFEND SELF)  but what I am saying, that is a temporary solution, a permanent and absolute solution is what is needed.  The same way we produced him is the SAME way we sit him down.  With MIND MAGIK, thru the Law of Attraction, with the MIND WE CAN ATTRACT WHAT WE WANT!  You don’t need a bullet, you can make him disappear with the power of the mind…. MIND MAGIK!  Say he doesn’t exist,  see him not in existence,  believe he doesn’t exist.  One by one, generation after generation the womb will not re-produce such kind, and MANKIND will disappear without a bullet being fired and our beloved planet will IN TIME be without MASS CHAOS as it once was in the beginning.     ASE’  ASE’   ASE’



There is the ORIGINAL MAN, then there is man(KIND).  The ancestor Elijah Muhammad taught that HE (mankind) is not like the original man.  I will explain later in this text.  But Elijah Muhammad said he is called man(KIND) because he is KIND of or like the original man but he falls short.  How did he get here and what is his purpose?  Now at one time on our planet there was only Black. No Brown, Red, Yellow or White.  In the Nation of Islam they teach that the original man over a 600 year period of mating the lighter skinned of our people to the other light skinned, that over 600 years of this manipulation of the gene pool they came up with a COMPLETELY different race of people, a GRAFTED people we now call Caucasian.

There is NO biological or archeological evidence of such 600 year breeding, as they say approx. 6000 years ago on an island called Patmos, this is all religious hearsay that’s based in BELIEF. We cant just teach MYTHOLOGY AS HISTORY to African people, EVIDENCE will always out weigh RHETORIC!  But they do reference a white scholar named Mendel, who taught that there is a LAW of DOMINATE AND RECESSIVE.  That Black was DOMINATE and White was RECESSIVE.  The Black could produce the White but the White couldn’t produce the Black. So to answer the question who is the original man is very clear, the original man and woman were Black.  So there was a time on the planet when that’s all was here was Black because Brown, Red, Yellow and White are ALL recessive compared to Black people.

That is really not what I am driving at but I needed to paint a picture and make a point based in fact and not rhetoric or so called hate.  Now what is their purpose and how did they get here?  Cheikh Anta Diop has a premise that they are a BLEACHED OUT African that left the continent and went into the diaspora of Europe and got caught up in an ice age, lost their melanin and developed keen features that produced what we know as the Caucasian over thousands of evolutionary years.  Again this is only a THEORY.  Dr. Afrika says our chemistry, hair, and bone structure is different from the Caucasian.  Also a study was done where they studied the DNA of the Neanderthal and found it traces back  to the Caucasian but had absolutely no connection to the African.  Well if we are ALL FROM THE SAME FAMILY, then certainly there would have been a connection of the Neanderthal to the African as well.  In part two we will try and answer the question of WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE?  Especially as it relates to African people.  Until next time,  ASE’



In part two we will deal with the God Geb in his relationship with the Goddess Nut. Remember unlike religion, in African spirituality you must have the Male and Female principle…THE DUALITY!  Or else you cant have LIFE!  So to have a MALE GOD ONLY, whether its Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, God, holy ghost…whatever male bullshit you want to call it.  Without the feminine principle you are IMBALANCED!  But first I want to deal with this EJACULATION subject.  There is a SPIRITUAL component to it as well, but since you are under THE REAL DEVIL, you see it on a LOW LEVEL.

So I am just trying to establish the importance of the WOMB of the woman. Because she has the WOMB, she is the FIRSTBORN. She is the true SUPERHUMAN!  Stop telling me about a goddamn Adam here first, he does not have the womb to REPRODUCE!  This biblical story about an invisible god with invisible hands, that scooped up some dirt and made a man is pure madness!  So lets get back to this subject on EJACULATION.  So when the man goes into the UNDERWORLD, HEAVEN, not outer space but INNER SPACE, to produce life he has an EJACULATION.  We will go into the SPIRITUAL component of ejaculation in a minute but as a side note, this is why the ancients were against homosexuality, because it was anti- life, you could not reproduce…it was considered UNNATURAL.  It didn’t have shit to do with SIN or gods disapproval, it was against nature. I am not here to argue the social or political parts of this subject….JUST NATURE!  If you say “who is to say what is NATURAL?” as your argument, that shows the depravity of your thinking!

Back to our regular scheduled program,  We have all heard of EJACULATION, but there is ALSO something called INJACULATION. Let me first say, I heard of this concept thru a conversation with Dr. Lialla Africa,  so I don’t want to take credit for this.  I am just going to expand on it from my perspective.  EJACULATION is the RELEASE of fluid from the body and INJACULATION is the MENTAL UPTAKE of seminal fluid to the PINEAL GLAND. With the help of the ancestors I will try and explain.  When we ejaculate, there is a MASS ENERGY release and drain from the body.  This is why after ejaculation, many times we collapse from exhaustion.  EXCEPT for the woman,  she can have multiple orgasms and continue engaging in sex, again showing you who is the SUPERHUMAN!

But with INJACULATION, its the OPPOSITE.  Again back to the law of DUALITY OR POLARITY, which is the law of Tehuti( an African deity) you cant have just ONE,  you need TWO to be whole and produce. For INJACULATION, at the moment of EJACULATION you SIMULTANEOUSLY envision ENERGY, instead of GOING OUT,  you envision energy going IN AND UP the spinal canal to your PINEAL GLAND.  And just as you feel an explosion of ENERGY going out of you during ejaculation,  you should feel and explosion of ENERGY going up to your CROWN CHAKRA!  So this is the two energies or the two brothers going in OPPOSITE directions, or brother and sister TWINS.  You have the SAME description in the bible.  In Isaiah 14:2 SATAN is called the MORNING STAR, son of the dawn.  In REV 22:16  JESUS is saying… ” I am the bright and MORNING STAR”!  SATAN is EJACULATION and JESUS is INJACULATION!

Lastly let me end with the vagina and the relationship of the God Geb and Goddess Nut.  Geb represents the Earth in ancient Egypt mythology, he is laying down supported by his hand and he has an ERECT PENIS.  Nut (pronounced NOOT) represents the night sky, she has stars in her BLACK BODY.  The term BUST A NUT, comes from this relationship between the two. The God Geb is CONSTANTLY trying to reach Nut, but there is another God SHU who keeps them separated, he is sometimes pictured holding up Nut away from Geb.  So Geb with his ERECT PENIS is always trying to consummate with his divine consort the goddess Nut, thus we get the term BUST A NUT! I hope you enjoyed this subject and always be MINDFUL of the woman and her divinity due to the womb she carries, it should not be a thing to conquer but something to pay homage!   ASE’