All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders who will read this, and those who will not. And praise to ALL the Queens and Kings….yet to be born!


In part one I went over the history of a Nomadic people. The barbaric nature, the affinity for violence and the lack of education or knowledge, due to the constant search for food and water.

Now, in part 2 we contrast that nature and behavior with that of a Sedentary culture. Now, for the African, we can’t assume ALL Africans were a Sedentary people. So, we will go to the Culture that has the longest recorded history on the planet, and that is in ancient Kemet or what is now called Egypt. NO ONE has a longer recorded history than that of ancient Kemet. Now, I didn’t say oral history, some cultures have a so-called long oral history, but they don’t have a recorded one where it was written down. And we all know when you say one thing to a person, then to the next and the next person, the original story gets diluted. But the fact we are talking about the oldest written and recorded history, tells you that it is a Sedentary culture.

Now, the term Sedentary means to sit or be stationary. So, a sedentary culture means one that is NOT roaming around, but in the same area over great periods of time. It does not have to roam and search for its food because its food and water is in the same area in abundance. When a people and culture does not have to constantly move looking for food and water, it can now concentrate on higher thinking and higher vibrational things. So, the idle time of simply gazing at the Universe and pontificating on the vast universe, eventually leads to a science. So, from this universal gazing came philosophy, astrology, astronomy, mythology and religion. The longer this particular people and culture can stay in a sedentary lifestyle, they will be able to pass on the new knowledge and science to their progeny. Then that progeny can add to the cipher and even take the science to another level.

So, just imagine an African Culture and society living thousands and thousands of continual years via Dynasties to constantly build and pass on to the next generations…only then can you get a glimpse of what African people were able to do. The amount of knowledge that would be acquired would be phenomenal.

Along the Nile, water and food was in abundance. The weather was perfect for a melanated body. All the resources they needed was all proximal to them. So, due to this they flourished physically, mentally and spiritually. Though they had weapons and armies, this was NOT their forte, because everything was in abundance, so continual warfare and conflict was not necessary. Their children were not a liability, so there was no mass female genocide. Now, of course there would still be situational conflict with a neighbor, but there would be rules of engagement even in warfare, unless your opponent refuse to follow those same rules.

So, if you read part one and see the lifestyle of the Nomadic people and contrast that with the Sedentary people, you will see why and how the Nomadic people were so much MORE aggressive, barbaric and depended on their weapons as part of their lifestyle, as compared to the Sedentary people because they didn’t need them as much. So, the question of “how did a barbaric people conquer a much more sophisticated one” is now easily answered. Along with being a Sedentary people, will come a more peaceful people, and with a Nomadic people comes a much more aggressive and combative people.

As I said, the contemporary time does NOT change the mindset of each people, the Nomadic people in antiquity will STILL have the same barbaric, aggressive mindset, but TIME would have given them the ability to develop it, so it does not have the appearance of being aggressive. The media is the powerful platform used to confuse the optics of what is being done. So, the aggressive can look like the peaceful party, and the innocent will look like the aggressor!

J. Edger Hoover said Martin Luther King was the MOST dangerous man in America…a perfect example of media indoctrination!

Goddamn demon…rest in urine!


So, I hope you were able to see the huge difference between a Nomadic and Sedentary people and culture. Understand where yours come from and why your enemy acts and conducts themselves as they do.

May We as an Individuals and as a people, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY! And may We as Individuals and as a people, embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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