Mary McLeod Bethune said “the strength of a people must be measured by the character of its women”. she is the NUCLEUS of this organism we call life, without her there is no such thing called LIFE. I am not saying this as a come up for black women  to inflate their heads. I am merely trying to show the power of black women before the influence of religion and the Caucasian. as I said in part one, for 500yrs our people have been bombarded with this white woman being idolized  and iconic as the goddess of beauty. with that amount of time, that image will be burned into our psyche and it will take god all mighty to undue the mental damage. not god in the sky but SHE right here on earth! so when integration comes this black man charges head first looking for a white woman, now what does the GOD (the black woman) have to do to combat this? to compete with the beast she must CHANGE and ADAPT. due to the black man temporarily losing his goddamn mind by preferring blond and straight hair. she straightens her hair, she lightens her skin, she chops off her lips, trying to force the black man to turn his head around back toward her. during the sixties of the pro black era, we wore dashikis and afro’s, the men and women. black beauty was uncompromising and BOLD! black women embraced every aspect of their African self. lips, hair, hips, skin tone and the white woman became an aberration. then the devil, which was aware of this flooded the communities with drugs and we became smoked out and lost our identity. in this lapse in judgment our black women have tried to be more white at the expense of their own identity just to compete with this white woman for the attention of her black man. but even the devil has to have his moment in time before his falsehood must submit to real truth. something is happening in the MINDSET  of the god(black women). something that will FORCE the black man to ACCEPT this NEW STANDARD of what beauty is. if the black woman waits on the black man for a NEW STANDARD  she will wait another 1000yrs. more and more black women are turning AWAY from the blond and straight hair!  in the last 10yrs I have seen more and more black women wearing a more NATURAL hair style. she is REDEFINING  what beauty is! she has been doing this uncompromisingly! not giving a fuck what the white man or black man thinks about it. she is embracing her dark skin again, her full lips, that fat ass, her kinky hair and she looks so fucking amazing when confidence is attached! the black man will have to RE EXAMINE self and what beauty REALLY looks like. now what ramifications will come with this new REVELATION? the untold millions of dollars that go into Korean hands will come to a fucking halt, and we can re- pool that back into our own community. the white woman’s super inflated ego will burst when she sees black women no longer wanting to emulate her. her so-called beauty will be put in its 10% place on the planet! I believe more and more black women will take that shit out of their hair and come home to SELF!  the true creator will do this on her own and there is nothing the devil can do to stop this new revelation from coming into fruition!   HOTEP…RA FOR LIFE!