Mythology is what our ancestors used as a form of spirituality in antiquity.  The ancients knew that the POWER of mythology was the ability to EXTRACT the deeper meaning from the mythology to empower self.  When the Caucasian came among the African, he was and still is void of spirituality so he took what was supposed to be mythology and made it LITERAL.  The beauty about mythology is there is no REAL meaning, the individual thru their OWN interpretation comes up with their OWN meaning.  Unlike religion, no one can say that THIS HOLY BOOK says that it means this and you MUST accept this meaning.

If we begin with the first story of the bible, we have Eve having a conversation with a snake.  Now any damn fool with just a little bit of understanding would not believe that this literally happen, but if you in the church….you do.  In antiquity the snake represents the kundalini energy.  A base energy that rises from the base root chakra to the pineal gland.  So if Eve is having a conversation with THE SNAKE, it is her OWN rising consciousness, the TREE that the snake was on is her spinal canal, the ancient Africans called it the Djed.  So Adam was content on being a slave to a God that wanted him IGNORANT, but Eve separated herself from him, decided to study SELF and raise her own consciousness and knew the knowledge of GOOD AND EVIL which made it a problem for God and Adam.

The story of Lott’s wife who decided to turn and look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and turned into a pillar of salt.  Now again this has to mean something else and not the obvious.  For me it means one, that EVERYONE is going in one direction, and going in that direction with BLINDERS on.  But Lott’s wife had the strength to go against the crowd and do what others were AFRAID to do, and that takes strength!  The other meaning is that when the bible says THE SALT OF THE EARTH, it means its essence, its life, its goodness……This is what the WOMAN represents.  Lastly whenever you LOOK BACK that is in itself African.  Its called Sankofa, meaning to look back, to remember, to never forget your ancestors, and Lott’s wife was the ONLY ONE who looked back to practice Sankofa!

The word Solomon, who is supposed to be the wisest man in the book, but if you dissect the name SOL AMON, the word Sol means SUN and the word AMON comes from the word AMEN OR AMUN which means HIDDEN.  So the Hidden Sun, what is the hidden sun?  Nothing but the Pineal Gland, its  a HIDDEN SUN,  its covered up thru ignorance but when its open the individual illuminates!  The word Abraham, he is supposed to be the father of ALL THREE religions, well how in the hell can that be possible….that means God is the author of confusion.  So lets again break down the word AB RA HAM,  if we look at AB it means FROM,  RA is the SUN God and HAM means BLACK.  FROM the BLACK SUN, again the Black Sun is the pineal gland.  Everything in that bible is speaking of the SELF, but if you don’t understand you will give the credit to a fictional person or something in the sky or space.

Last point is DEATH.  Through our ignorance we fear death, its natural to want to live long, longevity is wanted by everyone.  So we manufacture a PLACE that we will go after death so as make death more palatable.  So in heaven there is no more SICKNESS, no more getting OLDER, no more PAIN.  You will be where your love ones are for eternity….well that is DEATH.  In death there will be no more pain, no one will get older, no more sickness. And when you die, where your love ones are is where you will be…. and that is in death.  We ALL will be there eventually, but there is no PLACE that you will be.  Lets just think about this for a minute, if there was a place what would you do?  I mean just think on that, what the fuck would you do for eternity? Where would you LIVE for eternity?  That is mythology that has been taken out of context and taken literally.  No family only death is eternal but we all have to submit to it, so until that time make you LIFE one of consequence!   RA FOR LIFE AND MAAT FOR BALANCE         ASE’