The believe in an afterlife, where did that come from? The believe that your family members ACTUALLY GO TO ANOTHER form of living in ANOTHER realm did not come from Christianity.  In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was actually God here on earth….its the same damn concept of Jesus here on earth, a man who is God in flesh.  So when the Pharaoh died, his followers wanted to be LITERALLY WHERE HE WAS.  

Its the same shit in religion, but the belief in life after death was REAL AND WAS LOOKED FORWARD TO WITH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN. Not like today where niggas say they want to go to heaven….. BUT NO ONE WANTS TO DIE!  If Jesus is your Father and he looks after you while he is in heaven….This concept comes from the belief that our FATHER\MOTHER (ANCESTORS) looks after us also from an etheric realm.  Its the same concept. …ONE IS EUROPEAN AND ONE IS AFRICAN.

You are a contemporary human being, you are living in the NOW,  but in your DNA is the genes of your Ancestors from over a million years, and it started with the African woman.  So the ENERGY of ALL your ancestors are within SELF.  So the “voices or communication” that you hear speaking to you is your ANCIENT SELF SPEAKING TO YOUR PRESENT SELF!  If you are in your AFRICAN CULTURE they will be clear and unambiguous, but when you dont know self your ass could be crazy!  

It is a continuous line, they speak to you from a SPIRITUAL REALM that we cannot precieve because they are now PURE ENERGY that was at one time ENCASED in flesh.  The line will continue when we leave this earth and join the ancestors and WE WILL SPEAK TO THE LIVING!  It’s not a PLACE IN THE SKY,  its FEELING THE ENERGY ALL AROUND YOU!  The Tree, the Rock, the Bird, the Stream.  This is why the ancient African called it NETER,  from which the word NATURE comes from.  The word NETER meant God or Divine,  EVERYTHING AROUND US IN NATURE WAS DIVINE!

So the AFTERLIFE is not a place that is literal,  where your ancestors are is a continual line of communication from the living to the spiritual that you can FEEL AND HEAR when the CULTURAL LINES are OPEN AND CLEAR.  But for that to happen one needs to leave the devils way of thinking and his form of spirituality.