the white man is literally hunting black men like it is a fucking sport!  how many times can this beast say “he grabbed my gun?”  ” I thought he had a weapon?”  “my gun went off accidently?”  its almost like these 3 excuses are in a hat and he just picks one out of the hat. what is so crazy is week after week, month after month afrikans are killed and we wait for the OFFICIAL reply by the ENEMY!  the enemy comes among us with a press release and says …we are going to give the officer PAID time off while we investigate OURSELVES!.  then we put on our most comfortable shoes and go MARCHING.  we get a bic lighter and have a candle light vigil.  we ask for the chief of police to be removed and his fucking cousin becomes chief!  this is just madness on our behalf! and why the hell are these black men running from the fucking police? why are u running?  if u fear your life is going to be threatened then what the fuck is running going to do?  turn and fight the beast!  at least u literally have a FIGHTING chance!  then lastly we get on our knees and pray that Jesus or Allah forgive them for they know NOT what they do.  they been killing us for 500 yrs , they know EXACTLY what they are doing! at some point we as afrikan people have to decide what is the WORTH of our family dying UNJUSTLY at the hands of an enemy.  this question HAS to be answered.  what is our WORTH?  worn out shoe soles?  empty bic lighters?  sore knees?  what is our WORTH?  when an enemy oppresses a people, they figure out  ” ok THIS is the threshold of brutality we CAN NOT pass”. if we do we will have to pay HEAVY consequences from THEM!   but we don’t have no fucking threshold!  they push us beyond what a people should tolerate because they know what the REACTION is going to be.  the reaction is going to be TWO things… NONVIOLENCE or TEAR UP OUR OWN COMMUNITY. both of these carry NO THREAT to the enemy!  financially or physically do any of these carry a threat where they should change killing black people. so we have tried these two reactions, every time without hesitation.  now, is there ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE that we have NOT used  that will strike FEAR in the enemies fucking chest that will stop this world wide black man killing by white overseers?  what could that be? I would never use the social media to lay out a plan where the enemy can openly read but this question needs to be discussed among the afrikan nation and then at home and abroad carried out among the LIONS among us!  show me a time in history where black people became FREE, I mean really free by walking and having candle vigils and praying to Jesus or Allah?  DONT WORRY I”LL WAIT!  then I will show u HAITI!  where afrikans used ARMED resistance against the MOST POWERFUL MILITARY  in the world at that time which was France. them afrikans sent them DEVILS to their mystery GOD!  and they didn’t ONE TIME call on Jesus, Muhammad, Jehovah or Allah!  it was their afrikan gods and ancestors who came to their assistance. so all praise to the afrikan gods known and unknown. all praise to the ancestors, known and unknown!  let us as afrikan people SANKOFA or look back and see what was successful for us against those that have been aggressors toward us and adopt those tactics for success today!  HOTEP,  RA FOR LIFE!