In part two we will deal with the God Geb in his relationship with the Goddess Nut. Remember unlike religion, in African spirituality you must have the Male and Female principle…THE DUALITY!  Or else you cant have LIFE!  So to have a MALE GOD ONLY, whether its Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, God, holy ghost…whatever male bullshit you want to call it.  Without the feminine principle you are IMBALANCED!  But first I want to deal with this EJACULATION subject.  There is a SPIRITUAL component to it as well, but since you are under THE REAL DEVIL, you see it on a LOW LEVEL.

So I am just trying to establish the importance of the WOMB of the woman. Because she has the WOMB, she is the FIRSTBORN. She is the true SUPERHUMAN!  Stop telling me about a goddamn Adam here first, he does not have the womb to REPRODUCE!  This biblical story about an invisible god with invisible hands, that scooped up some dirt and made a man is pure madness!  So lets get back to this subject on EJACULATION.  So when the man goes into the UNDERWORLD, HEAVEN, not outer space but INNER SPACE, to produce life he has an EJACULATION.  We will go into the SPIRITUAL component of ejaculation in a minute but as a side note, this is why the ancients were against homosexuality, because it was anti- life, you could not reproduce…it was considered UNNATURAL.  It didn’t have shit to do with SIN or gods disapproval, it was against nature. I am not here to argue the social or political parts of this subject….JUST NATURE!  If you say “who is to say what is NATURAL?” as your argument, that shows the depravity of your thinking!

Back to our regular scheduled program,  We have all heard of EJACULATION, but there is ALSO something called INJACULATION. Let me first say, I heard of this concept thru a conversation with Dr. Lialla Africa,  so I don’t want to take credit for this.  I am just going to expand on it from my perspective.  EJACULATION is the RELEASE of fluid from the body and INJACULATION is the MENTAL UPTAKE of seminal fluid to the PINEAL GLAND. With the help of the ancestors I will try and explain.  When we ejaculate, there is a MASS ENERGY release and drain from the body.  This is why after ejaculation, many times we collapse from exhaustion.  EXCEPT for the woman,  she can have multiple orgasms and continue engaging in sex, again showing you who is the SUPERHUMAN!

But with INJACULATION, its the OPPOSITE.  Again back to the law of DUALITY OR POLARITY, which is the law of Tehuti( an African deity) you cant have just ONE,  you need TWO to be whole and produce. For INJACULATION, at the moment of EJACULATION you SIMULTANEOUSLY envision ENERGY, instead of GOING OUT,  you envision energy going IN AND UP the spinal canal to your PINEAL GLAND.  And just as you feel an explosion of ENERGY going out of you during ejaculation,  you should feel and explosion of ENERGY going up to your CROWN CHAKRA!  So this is the two energies or the two brothers going in OPPOSITE directions, or brother and sister TWINS.  You have the SAME description in the bible.  In Isaiah 14:2 SATAN is called the MORNING STAR, son of the dawn.  In REV 22:16  JESUS is saying… ” I am the bright and MORNING STAR”!  SATAN is EJACULATION and JESUS is INJACULATION!

Lastly let me end with the vagina and the relationship of the God Geb and Goddess Nut.  Geb represents the Earth in ancient Egypt mythology, he is laying down supported by his hand and he has an ERECT PENIS.  Nut (pronounced NOOT) represents the night sky, she has stars in her BLACK BODY.  The term BUST A NUT, comes from this relationship between the two. The God Geb is CONSTANTLY trying to reach Nut, but there is another God SHU who keeps them separated, he is sometimes pictured holding up Nut away from Geb.  So Geb with his ERECT PENIS is always trying to consummate with his divine consort the goddess Nut, thus we get the term BUST A NUT! I hope you enjoyed this subject and always be MINDFUL of the woman and her divinity due to the womb she carries, it should not be a thing to conquer but something to pay homage!   ASE’