We all have read or heard about the story of Noah.  Dumb ass story about him building a boat in the middle of no-where and every animal of every kind marched in a single file line onto this damn boat.  Even a child would question such a silly ass story, but of course not you as an adult, it makes so much sense to you.  So lets delve deeper into the story and find some wisdom in it.  First the name NOAH has an African origin, it is MA-NU.  The MA represents the Cosmic Womb, and the NU represents the embryonic seed floating in the cosmic womb.  Right away you see the African origin is so much deeper than the biblical shit.

The cosmic womb is NOT space, the cosmic womb is the MIND!  The NU or seed floating in the cosmic womb is the THOUGHT!  This represents the African God Atum, not Adam of the bible.  Atum is the first thing created and comes up out of the cosmic womb of the Goddess NU, who is the great mother.  But of course the European could not handle the feminine aspect of the story so the female Goddess MA-NU was turned into the male prophet we know as Noah.  So in the African story this vast cosmic water represents consciousness, and the boat floating in the water is the IDEA coming up out of the dark waters of the subconsciousness mind.

If the idea is small or does not have buoyancy, it will sink in the subconscious,  but if the idea is grand it will stay afloat in the vast perilous space of the subconscious.  The two animals of all kinds to repopulate the earth represents Polarity which is needed to reproduce new ideas.  The more polarizing the idea, the more and imaginative the new growth will come out of the subconscious.  As the flood waters of the subconscious subsides, the MIND will reveal the new ideas and revelations that have been HIDING in the vast subconscious mind.  As the flood waters of knowledge recede from the cosmic womb, you look over the landscape of the mind and you see what has been hiding in the darkness.

Noah’s Ark is NOT a physical boat, this is why they have NEVER found the damn thing,  it is a stolen story from the PHYSICAL BOAT found called Khufu’s Solar Barque {A REAL BOAT] from the pharoah who built the first pyramid.  But those who look for Noah’s physical boat miss the deeper and esoteric spiritual meaning behind the Noah boat story.  For some of us our mind is so turbulent,  no new ideas or higher forms of thought can survive in these rough seas of the mind, so our own mental boat keeps crashing along the shores of our own mind, and we have no polarizing ideas that can reproduce themselves to produce new ones.

Once Atum rises in your cosmic womb,  make the seas of your mind calm and steady,  so the idea can evolve from a Boat into an enormous SHIP!   ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!