This is probably my most visited blog title…PERT EM  HERU.  So I want to revisit it and make addenda, hopefully I have made some personal evolution since I first wrote it.  First,  Pert Em Heru was the ancient book the Africans wrote and many Pharaohs were buried with.  When the european disrespected the burial sites of these ancient Africans, they found these books with them, so they erroneously called them the “Books of the Dead”.  The Africans called them “Pert Em Heru”…Coming forth by Day and Night.  To COME FORTH means you are still evolving.  To come forth by DAY and NIGHT represents BALANCE!  However to move it to a metaphysical state…DAY means knowledge and NIGHT means ignorance, but night can also mean STRUGGLE.  So out of ignorance and struggle, when you are exposed to knowledge…you COME FORTH!  This is why existentialism is so important, because through existentialism your existence and development is completely and totally your responsibility.

So you actually have to be a MASTER OF SELF!  You can’t be a master of self if you have a Pastor or leader over you.  If you FOLLOW a leader your development is based on what your leader knows.  If your leader is deficient on a particular subject, most likely so will you,  how you come to conclusions will be how good a student of this leader you are.  You must see YOURSELF as God, as a master who is in the process of BECOMING.  If you think this type of thought process is blasphemy then you might as well stop reading now.  If in your Bible Jesus says ” Ye are Gods, children of the most high God”.  Then what will the children BECOME when they mature?

We all are in the process of BEING, which is the study of Ontology, but what are you in the process of being?  Who are you becoming?  To DEFINE who you are, you must go through DAY AND NIGHT.  From your PRESENT ignorance and struggle…. you must seek knowledge.  However many of us run from struggle, we seek least resistance.  We never want the winter of our own existence, we want the days to be always sunny.  When you do seek knowledge, it’s not about reading a fucking book….YOU BECOME the book!

Adam and Eve who ate from the Tree of Knowledge, HAVE BECOME like US,  knowing good and evil, this is God in Genesis talking.  God for some damn reason gets upset with this news and puts them out of the garden of Eden.  Now why the fuck would God of the Bible have a problem with his children BECOMING like him?   Unless like a REAL devil he wants ALL to remain ignorant so he can continue to RULE over them.  Pert Em Heru is the human BEING through the law of cause and effect, through success and failure, through ignorance and knowledge, they are learning how to exist.  They are learning how to BECOME greater than they were yesterday.  They are not afraid to be a MASTER OF SELF.  They have come into existence to BECOME a God!




ARCHAEOLOGY….The study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts.  Now when we think of archaeology we think of old white men digging into the EARTH looking for LOST CIVILIZATIONS.  However, everything has a physical and SPIRITUAL meaning.  True archaeology is not the digging into the earth for evidence of LOST CIVILIZATIONS but rather the digging into the SELF and into the MIND.  Particularly  for African people,  finding that LOST CIVILIZATION of self.  You have to be the Archaeologist and the EARTH is the MIND!  For to long we have been using  the wrong tools for the excavation!

For centuries the Europeans have  been the ONLY archaeologist doing all the goddamn digging into the minds of African people. They have mined the most valuable resources as if  he was digging for fucking diamonds and gold!  The Europeans have not PAID for the immense wealth that he has excavated from your mind.  To illustrate my point, take the movie INCEPTION. This movie  is deep on so many levels,  while people are SLEEPING someone comes in and takes as much from their conscious and subconscious mind to USE against them.  To protect yourself from this you had to put in certain bulwarks to keep people out of your UNGUARDED MENTAL!  Your mind is yours, it is absolute sovereign territory and should be treated as such.  So why the fuck does the European have UNLIMITED access to it?  You don’t even protect your mind because you think there are NO valuables there, and for the most part due to our total destruction as a people by the European…. that unfortunately is true.  We don’t study we don’t read, so there are no gold mines there,  no ancient civilizations to study.  Only a pile of shit because he has been our ONLY teacher, we have been under his tutelage for over 2000 years.

Our African minds has been used as a fucking dumping site for pure WASTE!  So reality shows, images of self hate and Religion has filled this vast site called the mental.  After 500 years just here in America,  he STILL has free and unequal access to it.  So the first thing we have to do is to stop allowing him to fill your HOLY site with shit!  Clean and purge your holy site so that it may be filled again.  Once it is thoroughly cleaned then fill it with the knowledge of self, which is the MOST valuable resource that one can have.  Then the holy site must be PROTECTED, put guards at the entrance of the mind, don’t let any filth have free access to it again.  You must ALWAYS be wary of what you consume mentally.  You truly are and BECOME what you eat.

If you are going to be a GREAT archaeologist, you must have the PROPER TOOLS to dig with.  The proper pic, the proper shovel, the proper drill and tractors for that HEAVY  lift.  When you tell me about a fucking Jesus or the Jews built the pyramid, I know your TOOLS wont even scratch the surface.  When you tell me about this so called Greek philosophy and that Space Ghost is holding up the world with his INVISABLE hand, I know you are using your FINGER NAILS to excavate!  You must have the proper tools to be a great archaeologist, and I can tell how great an archaeologist you are by how OLD your civilization you DIG UP.  I can tell how deep you have dug by the EVIDENCE that comes out of your mouth.  When you tell me of a 2000 year old hippy, I know you have more digging to do.  When we do carbon dating and look at the structural strata of the Earth{MIND} you have been mining, we find we cant use any of the fossils {Bible scriptures} as evidence because it lacks historical sagacity.

So month after month and year after year and all the funding {charity} that has been raised for your research, we still don’t have any concrete evidence, which is why FAITH is so important, because evidence is not a necessity.  So my suggestion would be, lets find a different site to MIND, lets get better tools {history} and lets get rid of the useless tools we have been using {religion} because they have not produced the VALUABLES we have been searching for and have not even scratched the surface of the Earth [THE MIND]                      RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE



What happens after we die?  I cant tell you how many times I have been asked this question.  But look at the ENERGY of the question…”What happens AFTER we die”?  So much energy and quest for the question that can NEVER be answered IN TRUTH!  Anyone and I mean anyone who says they KNOW are fucking lying!  In the so called conscious community people lecture on the soul and the spirit.  What a soul is and what a spirit is and WHERE they go after death.  Pastors and preachers the same damn thing, ALL are liars!  How the hell can any of them possibly know?  Its all conjecture and bullshit.  No one even knows if we even have a soul or spirit or if its just our MENTAL ANIMATION and we call it soul, we damn sure don’t know the address of it after we die.

So when I am posed with the question of what happens after death, I simply and always say “I don’t know”.  I counter with, instead of using all that thought and energy on SPECULATION of life AFTER DEATH, why don’t you try and figure out how to LIVE and live well!  Look at the CONTRAST in energy, where do you go after death and how to live well in abundance?  You and I will only LIVE a short time compared to how long we will be dead.  It would be prudent and expedient for us to figure out how to live than worry about what happens after death.  I will be dead and dead for a long time, so who gives a fuck about after death.  But while I am living, I plan on living LONG AND WELL!

I do ponder how many years I have on earth.  I will be 54 next week, do I have minutes or tens of thousands of millions of minutes?  When you are young {which I still am lol} death rarely comes to mind, but as you get older you ponder it more frequently.  My mother said she saw my brother who passed 5 months ago.  His back was to her, but she KNOWS it was Jerol.  I told her EVERYONE should have THEIR OWN form of spirituality.  If you say you saw Jerol, who am I to say that you didn’t.  Everyone has their own experience, just because my brother didn’t show himself to me doesn’t mean my mother didn’t see him.  I do talk to him occasionally, especially during football games, that’s when we would call one another and joke over games and plays.  I do Astral Travel to visit him in the “Spirit World” but I have yet to see him in this physical world.

So what happens to us after death?  Its ALL belief and postulation, but in religion when they say there will be no more pain, no more sickness, no more getting older.  This actually is true, so death actually is the REAL ANSWER!  In death you will not get a day older.  In death sickness can no longer touch you.  In death there will be no more pain.  In death you will be there for eternity.  In death you will be with other love ones, because eventually…..WE ALL DIE!  But why do indigenous cultures NOT FEAR DEATH?  In fact much of their spirituality was built around what was on the other side.  In ancient Kemet they looked forward to death and what was on the other side.  Buddha at death, turned on his RIGHT SIDE and told his disciples to carry on with the work and to remember him as the one “who awakened”.  But according to mythology, he never feared death.  Not so with the European, they TALK about heaven  but they want nothing to do with the shit.  When the vicar of Christ {The Pope]  got popped, he didn’t say let me die so I can see Jesus, neither did punk ass Reagan.  From Botox, cell and body freezing, so called longevity pills, heart transplant and all kind of new technology to keep them here, not see death and the other side.

I guess all the HELL they have been causing and producing on earth IN THIS LIFE, to see what is on the other side terrifies them.  Shit I would be too if I was them!   RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE!