Imagine how many HOURS black women have CRIED in 500 years because this fucking demon killed their babies. Count up the hours of crying in 500 years that Black women had to do because a devil UNJUSTLY murdered in cold blood their precious  babies. Imagine the depth of guilt that black men carried as they WATCHED…WATCHED HELPLESSLY as their MOTHERS, WIVES, THEIR GODDAMN DAUGHTER’S being brutally RAPED by this beast during slavery. Black men paralyzed in fear from protecting their women. The BURDEN on their fucking SOULS for not protecting their women.  But you forgot all this didn’t you? What does this TRAUMA do to the mind of a people over a 500 year period? Imagine you as a Black woman and you have babies to feed and you see them STARVING,  but your breast are FULL as you put ANOTHER WHITE BABY on  them to feed, as you see your own child in the corner starving. But you forgot all that didn’t you? Imagine Black man that you and your WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN, out in the fields picking cotton from can’t see morning to can’t see night. From Sunday to Sunday and you come home to eat and all you have is two pigs feet. But you forgot all that didn’t you? Imagine a Black man and woman married with two beautiful children, a White woman says one of them looked at her SIDEWAYS. That night the door gets kicked in, both their children are snatched up in the middle of the night and hanged IN FRONT OF THEM in their own fucking yard! They do the “right thing” and tell the authorities. An ALL WHITE JURY IN 30 MINUTES exonerates them. To compound the shit, their boss tells them…”Even though you just lost your children, I still need you at work tomorrow”. But you probably forgot all this didn’t you? But I bet your black ass remembered what Jesus went thru…… Didn’t you?