All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the Elders, those who will read this, and those who will not. And praise to all the African Queens and Kings…yet to be born. ASE’

This is part two of “Anunnaki Madness”. In part one I went over a brief history of the madness. Space cadets coming millions of light years, which shows vast technology that is evidently superior to ours, but they can’t get the damn gold they came here for, so they have to breed with humans and use these 10 tall, manufactured humans to do the work that they couldn’t do. Shit is straight from a damn science fiction movie, that they have now concretized into a damn religious cult!

Now, if you look at the image above you will see humans that are immersed in gross mythology. The shit just is not hard to understand. An African, I know he is African because I am looking at that nappy ass hair and beard! He has morphed his head into the body of an animal. This shit is classic African mythology. It is NOT from a fucking space man! If you look at the African God Heru, he has a body of a human and a head of a hawk. The God Tehuti has a head of an Ibis bird and body of a human. Does it mean THEY also came from outer space? But this also shows the relationship between African cultures. There mythology will be similar, because Kemet and this so-called Sumer civilization are geographically close, so of course their mythology and cultures will be similar and close.



But let’s entertain this dumb shit. If they have been around for thousands of years monitoring earth, what is taking them so long to show themselves? And what makes you think that they even give a damn about your human ass? If they have been around for thousands of years, and we only see them flying around in spaceships, evidently they don’t give a damn about us. But just like Jesus, they are waiting on a special day and time before they come and intervene.

Let’s talk about these idiots who don’t know history and say that Sumer, the place where they landed is the oldest civilization. When you ask these clowns how old Sumer is? They say about 5-6 thousand years old. Now, right away this shows you they don’t know a damn thing about history. The Sphinx has water damage at its base, the last time such water damage or flooding that could have cause such damage at the base of the Sphinx is around 25 THOUSAND YEARS AGO! So, Kemet is already 5X older than this damn so-called Sumer civilization. But the shit gets deeper, Dr. Ben our great Ancestor, said that Kemet or Egypt is the daughter of Kush its ancient African name, or Ethiopia its contemporary name. So, if Kemet is the daughter of Kush, and Kemet is over 25 thousand years old, then how old is fucking Kush? So, to say that Sumer is the oldest civilization…is just bullshit!

Now, the person who is really pushing this spaceship bullshit, and that Sumer is the oldest civilization is a negro named Billy Carson. He has a large following and a broad audience. He tries to use technology jargon to impress and use as evidence of these niggas from space. His language is non-threatening, so white folks love this negro. Now, I say all this because he says he has found evidence that ALL the Ancestors and Elders…couldn’t find! I am going to give you a list of scholars that collectively have OVER 500 YEARS of scholarship, but they NEVER brought up some Anunnaki shit. Through ALL their going back and forth to Africa and surrounding areas, they never mentioned the shit…BUT Billy Carson found the shit that THEY could not find….nigga please!

Dr. Ashra Quesi, Dr. Ben, Dr. John Henry Clark, Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Van Sertima, Dr. Khallid, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Chancellor Williams, George G.M. James, John G. Jackson, Dr. James Smalls

Now, again collectively this is OVER 500 YEARS of scholarship and NONE of them ever spoke of a goddamn Anunnaki, but this negro Billy Carson found evidence that THEY couldn’t find? Stop with the bullshit!

Stop peddling this bullshit to African people! Anyone that peddles this type of pseudo teaching to African people, I consider them an enemy of African people! The reason why is you are using bullshit teaching to move them away from their REAL ancient history, and that is an enemy!

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop said that Egyptology was invented to take the African OUT of Egypt. I believe this Anunnaki shit was invented for the same purpose, to manufacture a false narrative and concept, and teach it to move African people AWAY from their real history. If the other side wants to believe the shit…let them but let Africa and its ancient history and mythology be for the African…home and abroad!



May WE as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY.

And may WE as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths, our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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