BLACK WOMAN U GOD (part one)


before I get into the meat of my subject, let me lay a foundation for this supreme deity which is the black woman. before the Caucasians 3 western religions became dominant among afrikan people. the 3 I speak of are Judaism Christianity and islam, in ancient kemet dr.ben said before the worship of the deity ptah the afrikan worshipped the goddess hathor. there is a book by a merlin stone called “when god was a woman”. the woman being god is only foreign to u because we have all been indoctrinated with white male fear, masochistic, insecure, uncivilized behavior. the big problem with this psychosis is he has put this mentality in his religion. lets begin with Judaism. all the problems of this world begins with eve’s fuck up. she takes a bite from some so called fruit that we cant find and no one knows where we can find one, subsequently from that moment all hell breaks loose. it gets worse, adam was minding his business when eve beguiled him into eating the fruit. when god asked adam why did u eat this punk ass nigga said ” it was HER, she deceived me”. I wrote a whole story in defense of eve I may share at a later date but this story lays such a heavy burden on the strong shoulders of women. lets go to Christianity. jesus said man is the head of woman and god the head of man. now here god the all wise and all mighty has just set up a hierarchal system where the woman is on the bottom and man and god is standing on her back. in 2nd Corinthians god says in church woman is to keep her mouth shut and if she is to know something she can learn it from man. I know many u sisters that go to church probably didn’t read that part in the holy book. what woman is following this damn madness? believe me many. lets go to islam. in many Islamic countries the women cant drive cant own property have to dress like a goddamn ninja or a super hero where only her eyes show. if u die a martyr for allah u will receive 40 virgins in heaven. what does the woman receive if she dies a martyr? not a goddamn thing. in the nation of islam they will say “that is not islam that is arab culture”. ok lets go to the N.O.I. teaching, they teach when allah self created HIMSELF he saw there was a SECOND self this second self was woman. since allah does not have no associate or partners he had to create the woman a little less than him because nothing is equal to him. let me say as bluntly as I can, black woman u are second to no one and was not created less than anyone this is all religious bullshit! so as u can see in all three there is a hatred for womanhood. but as I said this comes out of the psychosis of the Caucasian. he just allowed his woman to vote in 1920. the church during its DARK AGES had tens of thousands of women murdered due to their so called insolence to the church. called them witches and outright murdered them with an all male jury. you may say well many black men have been murdered due to some disrespect or some rape charge by a white woman and in their defense white men killed black men. it was not in the defense of their “dainty” white women it was penis envy. the white man is so insecure of the black mans penis he feared that if sexual intercourse ever happened with the black man and his white woman that his women would leave in droves for her dream man TALL DARK and handsome that he had to instill fear in both to keep this from happening. the ironic thing to all this is that all 3 have a history of a consort or partner with their respective gods before the white man decided to fuck things up. in Judaism the god el or Yahweh had a consort named ashera. in Christianity in the book of MARY that didn’t make it in your holy bible(I wonder why) mary is Jesus’ main disciple above all the rest and also in the book gave jesus an open mouth kiss. now u now damn well they thru that book in the nigga pile. in islam the god allah was paired with the goddess allat and when Muhammad wanted to bring that only allah shit the kurish ran his ass out of mecca to medina. so now the black woman as god. I will continue this in PART TWO. HOTEP

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