before I get into part two of the black woman being god, let me say I am not using this as a come up for black women or trying to blow up the heads of black women for some cheap applause. I truly and honestly do not recognize a god in the sky, space, universe, or wherever. because the woman has the womb which allows her to procreate she IS THE SUPREME BEING. I know many will disagree including women but that’s what spirituality is all about… it allows for self expression and no codified doctrine. not to bash but let me point out something. in the nation of islam teachings the question is asked “who is the original man?” the answer is ” he is the maker owner cream of the planet earth god of the universe”. the question is never asked who is the original woman? now if the man is the maker the owner of the earth and god of the fucking universe where the fuck is the woman at? these two mentalities cant co exist. one is god of the whole universe and the other is just here. definitely one is going to be exploited and as u can see the condition of women on the planet is due to religious indoctrination. black woman u have men telling u how u should dress in the church and the mosque. really sisters? u need a man to tell u how to dress? u are the child’s first teacher nurse disciplinarian but u cant dress self? u are an intelligent being u know what’s classy and what’s trashy. stop letting men tell u in order to be pious u must dress in this manner. now when we talk of god semantically speaking, something u cant life without and it gives life to all then this is the sun or RA. without the sun nothing exist. no trees no whales no human no bees not even earth itself. it all dies without the sun, so when u talk about the life giver to all then this is RA. every indigenous culture recognized this except the religious white man. he did it in a sneaky way, if u look at the pictures of jesus there is a SUN behind his head so he knew just didn’t recognize it. so RA is the true god semantically speaking but from a human perspective we only have one creator. everyone has a personal one she is named mother. everyone on the planet has a personal creator and she had a personal creator all the way back to the first mother. now this first mother had to be black because due to the law of dominate and recessive, the dominate can produce the recessive but the recessive cant produce the dominate. meaning white CANNOT produce the dominate yellow child. yellow CANNOT produce the dominate brown child and brown CANNOT produce the dominate black child. but black people CAN produce every color spectrum including albino who can have blond hair and blue eyes. now what came first the chicken or the egg? it couldn’t be the goddamn egg cause something had to produce and something had to happen in order to have an egg. the chicken produced the egg. I say that to say who came first the man or the woman? the man didn’t produce his damn self and save the bullshit about an invisible hand scooping up some dirt making a man, tell your children that story. my brother asked ” well who made the sun, moon and stars? the birds and trees? I know what pastor said but my answer is I DONT KNOW who made all that shit and don’t care. it was here long before I got here and will be here for a long time after. that was not my instructions by the ancestors to find out who made the sun, they gave me one in three words… KNOW THY SELF! it behooves the human being to know self instead of trying to find out who made the sun. knowledge of self is more rewarding. last part… part 3

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