my first post will be about the lack of respect for our afrikan ancestors. in religion particular Christianity, there is a lot a talk concerning what jesus has done for us. they run down a litany of things he has suffered and ultimately shed his blood for us. in particular having nails put through his hands and feet. being whipped a few times and pierced in his side. now certainly this is rough for a human being to go through but this is no remote way comes close to what our afrikan ancestors went through at the hands of some real live devils. let me paint a small picture of what they had to endure. imagine an afrikan woman with 4 children under the wicked auspices of slavery. two of her babies are sold off to another plantation and she knows not where they are. imagine the grief she is going through, now she has two more with her and she is doing all she can to cater to this devil owner not to sell anymore of her children. but instead of selling her children one is a boy and one a girl he is raping them daily. the boy is five and the girl 8. the mother every night is hearing her two babies crying for her and she can do nothing. imagine as a man u hear your babies calling out daddy while this beast is raping them and u cant even protect your babies because not only has he raped your two children he has raped your woman also. this behavior is not an isolated one this goes on for 300yrs for afrikan people. after awhile the mothers just for their own sanity start to distance themselves from their children. begin not to show love, does not hug or kiss them. shuns any kind of emotion so if they are sold they can try and keep their sanity. what has been the residual ramification today for a family that has not been able to form for 300yrs as we look at our current condition? and u have white folks who have the fucking audacity to say “look at these people and how they act”. you may say that is terrible but that is emotional, jesus went through physical torment.well imagine a black woman 9mo, pregnant and a white beast takes a machete  and cuts from vagina to sternum and lets the black child just fall to the dirt then take his black boot and crush the skull of the baby. imagine a black woman 9mo pregnant and having all four of her limbs tied to horses and making the horses go in four different directions and rip the baby from her full stomach. imagine a black man being boiled alive and taking the fat from the corpse and rubbing on their white body as a sexual stimulate. imagine cutting off the ears, penis, fingers, toes and keeping them as good luck charms. imagine setting a black man on fire while alive then taking a picture of the charred body and selling them as post cards. imagine whipping a slave until the flesh is mangled and hanging off then cutting the flesh and rubbing salt and hot pepper in the wounds then tying the slave to a post over an ant hill. imagine digging a hole and putting a slave in it where only his head is above ground then pouring molasses over is head and letting the ants eat him alive. no your jesus has not come close not even remotely close to suffering what our ancestors suffered. truly they have paid they price that I may live. they have carried the cross, been persecuted, and shed their blood. so much so that today I am covered by the blood of our ancestors. I will never forgive or forget. the daywalker

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