there are 20 things that I am guilty of. I want to warn the reader that some may be offensive and may not agree with some of them but agree to disagree with your brother. here is the infamous list.

1. do not believe in, rely on, count on, ask for assistance from a or any god. guilty

2. rely on, ask for assistance, for protection, for guidance from afrikan ancestors. guilty

3. don’t believe revolutionaries have to be poor and have to run and hide from the goddamn police. guilty

4. believe afrikan people should be gun carries. guilty

5. believe amerikkka, Israel, and the united kingdom are the wickedest countries on the planet. guilty

6. believe women are the only true creators in the universe that we know of. guilty

7. believe homosexuality is a liability in the afrikan community. guilty

8. believe religion is the biggest slave maker ever created. guily

9. believe integration has not benefitted afrikan people as a whole but only a select few. since integration we are less educated, less entrepreneurial, have less morality, less love for self. guilty

10. believe no president from Abraham Lincoln, j. kennedy, bill Clinton, teddy Roosevelt, and including barack  Obama had black people as a whole in their interest but used them as political pawns to further their personal political agenda. guilty

11. believe that despite who is president if afrikan people had control of their own media, schools, banking institutions, regional politicians, neighborhoods, businesses, outlets where we spend our capital, our very minds there wouldn’t be a need for us to ask or need help from anyone. guilty

12. believe that other than being in the company of a beautiful queen, heaven is the practice and knowledge of self. guilty

13. believe no people in the annals of time have caught more hell for more time than afrikan people. guilty

14. believe no people that came to the continent of afrika and came in contact with our people whether it be the European, arab, or Asian gave a damn about them except to exploit. guilty

15. believe there will never be any relative peace on the earth until the devil is taken off the earth or corralled in a way were his power is mute. guilty

16. believe that the earth is such a beautiful place that if one would get out and explore the planet instead of being land locked in your own little neighborhood trying to get to heaven would be a moot point. guilty

17. believe that we have to change our mantra of thinking “find something to DIE for”. no change it to find something LIVE for”! guilty

18. believe self preservation is the first law of nature. guilty

19. believe NATIONALISM should be the only religion we practice. guilty

20 truly believe that if afrikan people are going to get themselves out of this wretched condition that we were purposely put in by our enemies we cannot rely on jesus coming out of the sky on a big white unicorn horse or Muhammad on a damn magical carpet or some goddamn spacehip that’s going to kill amerikkka it will be by the ingenious of our minds and the toil of our black hands as our ancestors guide us to our glorious future. hotep



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