final chapter to this very deep subject. so now the man does not have the tools necessary to produce life if he was here first on our planet. naturally the question is asked “well what about the woman here all by herself”? I think any intelligent person will agree that the womb of the woman and the mind of the woman are connected. even the white man knew this. during slavery the white man would get all pregnant afrikan women together and would single out one. he would cut them full belly open and let the baby fall to the ground and stomp the unborn fetus but he would make the women watch as he did this so that the FEAR  she had at seeing this would go right to the unborn child. so when the child was born at BIRTH he or she would have a natural inclination of fear for the beast. this is how powerful the woman is so it is so dangerous to mistreat a pregnant woman for u know not what u are producing. now imagine this black woman on the planet by herself. she desires companionship she needs security she needs help for maintenance of the planet. u and I under the auspices of the Caucasian have a very limited thought process of what the mind can achieve. after our 500 yr sojourn here in amerikkka we only know what he knows and u are talking about a man compared to the original people have a very short time of history on the planet. now this original woman she has no mental limits, her mind is full and she knows what’s and needs. the mind is a womb as well as her physical one and her mind is pregnant with possibilities. since they are both connected she pushes these newly conceived brain cells and tells her womb what she wants. her womb submits and this goddess impregnates self. now look at the science of what she produces. she needs security so she produces something bigger and stronger than her. she produced the man to protect the god to secure the god. she couldn’t produce something with the same physical attributes that’s unwise but because the man doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t know self, he uses his physical attributes to control and exploit instead of serve. the god is suppose  to be put on a pedestal and the man to serve and protect and in return she would bless us with peace and calm of mind. but look at us, self included. we got shit all turned around and upside down. now she don’t need a man and niggas are hanging out and spending most of their time with other niggas. goddamn jesus syndrome. man hanging with 12 other niggas no woman around. she is the god, there is no other. u can use any powerful telescope and u will find no other god in a white rob, sandals and a white long beard. so lets honor her, cherish her and even kill for her. our god of gods. hotep.

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