There is something called THE GREAT YEAR or it may be called the PRECESSION,  it is how long it takes the SUN or RA to move thru each Zodiac sign.  It takes about 2100 years per zodiac sign or 26000 years for the total, that would be called the Great Year.  We have been in Pisces for the LAST 2000 years which looks like a FISH which is supposed to represent Jesus,  this is why you have been waiting on this mythological creature for the last 2000 years.  We will soon be entering in the zodiac of Aquarius which is the Water Bearer,  Water represents KNOWLEDGE and NEW KNOWLEDGE is being poured onto the planet.  This new knowledge will NOT be religion,  because ALL religions  particularly the WESTERN religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been declining in converts,  this is not an accident.  Poor people in mass have been victims of this  blasphemous concept of waiting on an entity from space that will come back and make everyone feel HIGH!

Christ means consciousness,  one who has been ANOINTED!  Anointed with what?  Somebody putting some fucking Olive Oil on your forehead doesn’t make you anointed.  To come into CONSCIOUSNESS OF SELF is to be Anointed!  The Book says that we are WAITING on Christs RETURN……RETURN!  Where the fuck did he go?  He is UP THERE.  Where is UP THERE?  THINK  for a damn second….UP THERE is where Consciousness resides.  Christ has ALWAYS been UP THERE,  but not in fucking space.  DOWN THERE is where HELL is,  living and performing on a LOWER LEVEL is HELL!  But an ENEMY has told you they are ACTUAL AND LITERAL places of abode,  this is why it has been imperative that you WAIT ON CHRIST RETURN,  no goddamnit you BECOME CHRIST!

The SON is the SUN and the 12 Disciples are the 12 Zodiacs,  everything OUT THERE is in you,  AS ABOVE SO BELOW,  he has not returned because you are looking UP,  you are not even READY for his return because an enemy has made him EXTERNAL,  look within and THERE you will find him.  There is a POWER that is BEYOND the enemies bullets and armies.  Beyond the goddamn chem trails,  nuclear weapons, lead water, wicked police and the rest of his demonic work.  The evil one is going to do what he does,  this should NOT DELAY your resurrection.  The world of MIND MAGIK and the Occult { which by the way the word OCCULT only means HIDDEN,  which is what AMEN means}  the Law of Attraction,  the power of the UNSEEN,  which is the Ancestral World…..ALL are accessible to the SELF.  You can protect the Self from his weapons,  you can produce money where there is none,  you can know his plans while they are STILL IN THE CONCEPTION of his damnable mind.

All this power is WITHIN,  but you must SEEK to find how to produce it for SELF,  but you cant be fucking scared of it or you will never access it.  I have yet to introduce this SERPENT AND DRAGON,  that will be in part two.


Power to the Goddamn People!

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