This is part two of the rise of Ausar,  please read part one to connect both together mentally.  99% of the Black family here in North America have come up in the church,  my Christian family who may be reading this I want to show you the ancient African tie that Mary has with Auset,  the only thing is Auset pre-dates Mary by thousands of years.  So why honor the COPY when you have the ORIGINAL from your ancient family.  Whether it  is Mary or Auset,  our resurrection as men and as a NATION is directly related to and proportional to the resurrected woman.  In Christian mythology Mary{ and she was a MYTH} just like Ausar,  Mary finds Jesus laying dead on a slab,  but in the European story the woman HAS TO BE MARGINALIZED.  So when Mary gets there to see the body,  the MALE GOD has already resurrected,  he has resurrected HIMSELF without the help of Mary.  Beside the bullshit of a story,  let me show you the subtleties of the POWER of the woman.

When Mary goes to his tomb,  she goes there for the SOLE  purpose to wash his body,  put incense and oils on the body to hide his stench.  Now at the SAME time these 12 lazy niggas  who were supposed to be his closest friends and disciples are HIDING from the Romans.  When Jesus is getting crucified,  the ONLY ones at the crucifixion are the WOMEN!  When the Romans got a hold of Peter and asked him 3x do you know this man Jesus?  Peter said  ‘ I don’t know that nigga!’  Within 3 days they have all forgotten and moved the fuck on from the SON OF GOD,  but not the WOMEN!  In European mythology the MAN is the savior,  in Snow White THE WOMAN is laying on the slab waiting on the man to resurrect her.  In Cinderella,  the man is looking for the damsel in distress,  it is ALWAYS the man as the center piece.  In African mythology the Goddess Seshat is the one that gives the newly crowned pharaoh the fruit of WISDOM,  which the European demonized and changed the shit to a SNAKE beguiling Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.  It is the Goddess Nut who sustains and births RA as he moves thru the night sky of her BLACK melanated body.  The Goddess Nu in her FIRST creation is Atum, while the Biblical MALE GOD’S first creation is Adam,  which again is just plagiarized shit from a much older African story.

So just like Ausar,  WE Black men are dead and laying in a CULTURAL TOMB.  The way that WE conduct ourselves in public and on T.V. is evident that we are dead,  so we are waiting on OUR MARY to come to OUR TOMB to anoint us with oils and wash our filthy bodies.  The enemy has the Black man on a CULTURAL CROSS and we need Black  Mary to come and weep for us and take us down from our cross.  Sisters the European has us on a Cold Cultural Slab like Ausar and we are UNABLE to REMEMBER our loss mental faculties that have been cut up into pieces.  So Black woman turn yourself into a BIRD and float over our GOLDEN PENIS that represents the Pineal Gland and breath life BACK into our lifeless body.   ASE’  ASE’ ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

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